Thursday, November 20, 2008


Work is the only known entity, which can make one feel miserable and mirthful, both at the same time, most of the times. As dubious as it sounds, I wonder why I like what I do with fervor. When I step into most meetings at workplace, I feel like a Gladiator stepping into an arena. I have no idea of what might come from which door.

I work in an environment which demands agility, responsiveness and deftness which would otherwise be required only in the Space station building team at NASA. But I don’t work for NASA. And we aren’t building a space station. Yet I strive.

These days, I have started wondering how much of a fit is the verse 'Life comes at you fast' to my life. More surprising is the fact that this statement fits like a charm when the word 'life' is replaced with 'work'. 

I'll not be the only person in this world if I say I look forward to vacation desperately. And I'll say exactly this when asked any time of the year, no matter how the days look like. Apparently, seeking vacation seems like a universal birth right. 

An average IT professional gets about 2 weeks of vacation an year. At times, I wonder if it'd make one happier when work and vacation switch roles.  That is, every year one should be granted about 2 weeks of work and 50 weeks of vacation. 

Though hypothetical, would one have enough stuff to do for 50 weeks an year and call all that as part of vacation? Doing nothing in life is as challenging as keeping oneself sane while being busy. I reckon doing nothing has to be one of the toughest things in life. 

My imbecile brain invents that humans hate idling as much as they seem to love it. One needs to be occupied in their life. The seek for vacation and the thirst to slug is shallow. Being busy is the solace. 

To earn or to learn, one needs the brain to be put to use!


aru4912 said...

You're asking for too much dude .. 2 weeks work / 50 weeks vacation job package .. hmmm ... to me,10 weeks work/ 42 weeks vacation seems to be fair :-) ...

hmmm .. looks like u r all set for the Wyoming trip ... !!!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I need a break from vacation. I want stress, deadlines, running around, dreaming of vacations back :(

Anonymous said...

The last line appeals to me as I study!

adi said...

quotes mannan aayta nee...

Jegu said...

Doing nothing is a challenging task but at the same time doing too much is also a difficult one. Skip some of the meetings... :-)

-=A.R.N.=- said...

the 2weeks-work-50weeks-vacation Kinda sounds cool but it eventually wears you out.
I recently had a change of job recently and I was so bored I started taking up extras.

SK said...

GOod one Arun.
Vacation makes sense only if we have been busy for a while. Ask any of the house-wives. Being home all day long - getting to do waht you want - not so much fun.

U can appreciate vacations only if you havent had a break for awhile

maxdavinci said...

I'm terrified of meetings coz no matter how much i twirl my pen, or how many time i sip water i still manage to fall asleep!

that god your back to posts in excess of a paragraph!

Ela said...

"To earn or to learn, one needs the brain to be put to use!"

Damn uuuu....with this revelation, u put all of the neuroscientists out for a life long vacation!

Arun Sundar said...

Yaa yaaaa. Wyoming!!

Vela venumaa sollu..

Yaa I can understand :)

Thanni'a pottaa apppadiyae varum.

YAAAA RIGHT!! Skip meetings it seems :)


Thats my point too!

I told I'll be back. hehe.