Saturday, March 28, 2009


...certainly does not fall under the genre they say it belongs to. I hate sci-fi and the likes, but I loved this one.

That too, since the whole concept was close to what I once pondered, this movie made a whole lot sense to me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love you, man!

The hero has never had boy friends in his life. As his wedding approaches, he realizes he needs a 'best man'. All his attempted 'man-dates' flop.

He then stumbles upon this cool guy who seems as careless & irresponsible a person God has ever created in this planet. He drives a vespa, looks for single divorcees, sleeps around and deliberately refuses to clean up after his dog. 

The hero and the cool guy become friends, have fun, then fight and part and then finally rejoin. 

Hilarious movie, definitely for men. Cranks out the 'men laughter' in them, as I call it!

Duplicity... a story of how two seemingly smart people (spies turned corporate agents) end up as utter fools.

Needless to say, Julia Roberts was elegant. Other than that, the movie is a total thu! 

Friday, March 6, 2009


"Good morning, sir" the 60-year old security guard wished me as I entered my workplace this morning. "It is, isn't it?!" I replied, with all enthusiasm.

Today is certainly one of my happiest days - this evening, I'm leaving for a 10 day road trip across America. Anywhere anytime , I crave for driving, photography and travel. If I do this trip right, it would be sort of like three birds in one stone!

I have always been an enthusiastic planner - at times I even wonder if just the planning would give me enough satisfaction, even without doing whatever I was planning for in the first place.

This cross country trip is no exception - I sort of completed all my planning activities diligently. In the last few days, I have spent evenings sitting on my couch, staring at my laptop, persistently trying out multiple route options in Google maps, optimising the driving distance, choosing the best hotels to stay, selecting the right places to visit and jotting down the entire itinerary in a google spreadsheet. Ofcourse with the able help of her.

As much as I'm excited, my friends and colleagues at my workplace have been too. They have been suggesting places to visit, restaurants to eat and knowing me, a list of 'dont even think of doing that' stuffs!

After having heard all that and trying to curb the ever growing anxiety, I'm all set for the trip now. I'm hoping to write my daily experiences here. Do follow the action!

Cant figure out why, but I feel like a Pirate now!! Aye!