Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celesta - Earth's Cousin!

Yesterday I was on my evening walk in the neighboring park. It was 8pm and the Sun was still shining brightly. I was thinking as to how the sun-set time increases as summer approaches and how it slowly decreases as winter approaches. And this phenomenon has been happening for eons. And it also stuck me that this movement of the time is a perfect sine wave. Every year it gradually increases as summer beckons and decreases at almost the same gradient as winter arrives. Other than possibly small deviations, this pattern has been the same for ages. A clean parabolic up and down curve along time. And all this with no planned design. My thoughts then strolled across the other fundamental constants in the universe. The acceleration due to gravity being approximately constant across the globe. The escape velocity being constant. The seasons being constant. The temperatures showing constant patterns. The distance of moon from earth is constant. The distance of earth from Sun is constant. The speed of earth's rotation is constant. Its revolution is constant. So many constant values in this universe which does not change in random.

One might say, all these fundamental values being constant are the only reasons life thrives in this planet. And I said to myself it’s gotta be too coincidental for all of this to have happened naturally. To the extent that humans know, there can't be a more-conducive place in this whole universe than our own earth. But yet again, universe is too big to be scaled by our technology or by our knowledge. For all we know, we might have another galaxy with similar planets like ours and there might still be life. Or even humans. And they may have formed later than us. Or earlier than us. What if that happens?

Let’s say, for a moment there is a galaxy called 'Coffee Way' like our own Milky Way. And let’s say there is a planet called 'Celesta' in the galaxy. And if 'Coffee Way' has a solar system and if that planet was formed precisely around the same time as ours (around 4.5 billion years ago) there is every possibility that life exist in 'Celest'a today. And life might mean humans too. And that leads to the fact that those humans might have grown scientifically and technologically just about the same level as ours. That being said, if 'Coffee Way' is more than few trillion light years away from our own galaxy, it is too far to be seen by any of our most powerful telescopes. And we would be too far for them to track us. This very fact only supports the concept that 'Celesta' might exist and we are totally unaware yet. But, day after day or in fact minute after minute, our technology/knowledge is consistently growing. One day, we'll reach farther than we can today and we may find that 'Celesta' does exist. And sooner or later, 'Celesta' might find us too. And for all we know, 'Celesta' might have people who communicate just like we do. I mean, using languages.

Initially we'd appear to be aliens for them. And they would for us. But once we understand, it’s gonna be non-stop fun. There can't be a better break-through for our space research than this. We can explore that part of the universe which would be completely new. Though one can never tell how far the universe goes beyond that, it'd be like having a watch-tower farther than we can reach. Collectively, Earth and Celesta can be a powerful combination because of their celestial positions. We can have nice knowledge-exchange programs, vacations, visits, onsite-offshore models across planets. That'd be the coolest thing! And my imagination says there might be a few other such planets, where life exists. Though it all sounds too hypothetical, this can’t be denied totally. Maybe it’s too improbable to have humans exist elsewhere, but it is highly likely that life exist. Just that we can’t see them yet.

The park by then had almost grown dark. The sun had sunk. I knew its time for me to go home. And continue my mundane lifestyle - browse, eat, call and sleep. As I walk back, I silently keep my fingers crossed, for one day we might hear about 'Celesta' in the news. Or maybe 'Zest'. Or maybe 'Yoquest'. Whatever. We'd know only as time and our knowledge advances.

Till then, imagination is ecstacy, I say!


Wicked Taurus said...

engeiyo poitel! :D

me thinks...parallel universes are a possibility as well. reminds me of that movie Stargate. :)

Jayaprakash said...

why precisely you call Celesta as earth's cousin...shouldn't it be a sister ??? :-)

Prashanth said...

Two things...

1. People in "Celest" might already be tracking us. I heard tht some one from Celest has arrived here on one of the asteroid passing near by. Most probably he is setting up a fraud hedge fund in NYC.

2. The land prices in "Celest" is not as high as here. "Its a gud investment"m I hear a realtor say.

Anonymous said...

\\ And I said to myself it’s gotta be too coincidental for all of this to have happened naturally.\\

Absolutely! :)

Narayanan said...

Mars is the cousin ??

Arun Sundar said...

Wicked Taurus,
Parallel universe with life is definitely very likely.

Celesta is earth's cousin coz she belongs to a different galaxy. If Celesta is in Milky way, she'd hv been a sister. Got it? :)

Or maybe they write blogs too ;)

Yes mam.

No. This is total fiction expected to happen one day ;)

Gayatri said...

lol.. park la walk ponadhukku ivalo build up-a?

Venkat said...

Watch/read Kevin Spacey's K-Pax

"I shall miss Earth, it has great potential. " - Prot,the K-Paxian (Spacey)

Preeti said...

Annnaaaaa! Nijama neenga rocket ulla gudhichi engayoooooooooooo poiteenga! :P

I'm thinkin the existence of Celesta shud be kept under wraps...Lest my parents figure out there r guys there too and start their boy hunt there! :-/

Or wait, maybe that isnt such a bad idea after all...? ;)

Ela said...

what happened to u? no mentioning about the 'Celesta' women in the post? or are we to expect another entire post about that soon?

@Prashanth...that was a good info...thanks...could u also direct us to ur real estate agent?

Arun Sundar said...

Park'la walk'ey imagination dhaan ma.

So, am a lunatic now.

There might be guys. But remember nothing can beat 'earthly' guys :)

Earth's women are the sweetest. It'd be injustice if I talk about women from other planets.

Preeti said...

Haha! Yea, down to earth does sound a million, billion times better than down to celesta! ;) :D

Rayees Ahamed said...

One day , we will excel in technology and in a time machine will go back to history and save JF kennedy / Mahatma Gandhi, One day we will travel inside out of sun :P ...

extra terrestrial fictions etc., they are mere imaginations of a few.

speaking such stories makes us get real curious, wondering "aaaaaa" , "ooooo" like those child hood fairy tales :D

Physics today agrees mass can be destroyed, in a nuclear reactor mass is converted to energy , in other words , time and space are generated.

If we travel through the universe in a search of finding its edge we may never reach it, coz the more we go the more the space and time will be generated.

in the other way round , all the objects we see today as universe has the possibility to shrink back to zero space and zero time , all these stuffs we will never understand when we ourselves being an object :) ...

I just remember a song of kannadhaasan

veedu varai uravu ,
veedhi varai manaivi,
kaadu varai pillai,
kadaisi varai YARO ...

we see our freinds die, our grand parents die, It is for sure we all have to die some day, It would be real worth to think about what happened to those who died and what is gonna happen to us :)

Absconding said...

I have reasons to believe that there might be a Celest/e/a. Why do I say that? My reference is the BIBLE. Genesis 1:1 says that God made HEAVENS and earth in the beginning.

But He made Eden only on Earth. Why? Because he thought that he'd be content with those two and that they will obey him forever and ever. (Boy! Was he wrong!!) Since that wasn't the case, He was forced to throw them out of the garden!

If you were in place of God, you would want children who love you whole-heartedly, right? That's every parent's wish and dream. Who is to say that He didn't make another 'PLANET'(in this case, Celeste) in the 'HEAVENS'? I bet He made another Eden there.

So the state of Celeste today: There are only two people who reside in there. God cursed woman of painful labor on EARTH, but He did not have to curse the woman on Celest/e/a because there was no snake to tempt the woman since it had already been cursed. I bet they have a close relationship with the Almighty as well!!

God might be PRETTY upset about the greedy earthlings that I highly doubt that He will ever let us be in contact with the Celestlings. He probably had never told Celestlings about earthlings either...curiosity kills!!!!

Arun Sundar said...

It indeed does. For now atleast :)

Adhaavadhu Neenga oru Ph.d? ;)

Yebbbaaaaaa....is all I can say. But your explanation makes sense. And for sure, Curiosity kills. I at times wish I was born some 100 years later than today - I could have seen better advancements in human knowledge on the Universe. I hate it when I hear humans are yet to find stuffs about universe.

Absconding said...

:D Hahaha...I love the new 'nick'! :D

What does "Yebbbaaaaaa...." denote?

It's good that you hate to be identified as a person who has yet to know more about something. That might drive you to learn more and more..it's better than sitting back and just accepting everything as it is!!

P.S. You will never be able to know EVERYTHING. There will always be something that you are missing out. Just because you are born 100 yrs from now doesn't mean that you'll know much about how the advancements have progressed over the years!! Blah!

Arun Sundar said...

"Yebbbaaaaa..." means "Am in awe at such explanations!" And I did not say I'll learn EVERYTHING after 100 years. I would know better, as a lot would be explored by then. Just like I'd not have known much about satellites/space had I took birth as Tipu Sultan or Rajaraja cholan.

Absconding said...

Well..if you were born after 100 years, there would STILL be room for more explorations and inventions, right? By that time, there might be NEW things in the table that you might want to expand your knowledge in! So..at the end of the day..you might say that you want to fast forward until the day before armageddon! :D