Sunday, December 30, 2007

I think I'll wed the TV..

Yesterday, I spent 11 and half continous hours of TV watching. I started watching TV as a resort to do nothing, but I kept watching movies, serials and other factual variety programmes for almost full of the day. I started at 10am and continued till 11.30 pm(ofcourse with breaks for necessities). After a point, I continued just to test my endurance and my prolonged enthusiasm. I enjoyed every moment of it and never felt bored. I think I really love the television and I'm thinking if I can marry it. A few reasons I could think of supporting my thoughts :

1. I enjoy the company of TV always.

2. I can mute it anytime I want to(or atleast the volume control is with me).

3. I can change channels whenever I want to(or the thoughts of TV).

4. I dont have to take it wherever I go.

5. And above all, I can switch it off, whenever I feel it's enough.

[Just that I get some headache if I keep seeing it. That's anyways a known compromise!]

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Great Debaters...

Let me start with the rating : 9 on 10. Yup, "The Great Debaters" is the movie I just saw this evening. And it is fantastic! It is basically a movie on life of black people in 1930's, but it includes a lot of other cognitive contents like inspiration, encouragement, courage and ofcourse involvement. I felt this movie was similar to a few of my other favourites like "To Kill a Mocking bird", "12 Angry Men" and the like. But taking such a movie in today's scenario is definitely a great attempt. The movie is based on debate competitions and how the team from a little school in Texas(with only colored people) goes on to win other colleges and ultimately even Harvard, under the able guidance of Mr.Melvin Tolson(Denzel Washington).

And I was surprised when I heard that it was directed by Denzel Washington himself, in addition to playing one of the lead roles. Denzel Washington is proving that he is a great actor again and again. I was impressed with his previous movie "American Gangster", where his performance with effortless ease made me wonder. And this time around in "The Great Debater", he has shown the necessitated variation and the docile on-screen appearance. From a gangster to a school professor - he proves that he is one actor who deserves more than a couple Academy awards.

The movie was a little slow at times, but it for sure demostrates what winning is all about. The last 15 minutes of the movie, where this final debate happens, the students from Texas talk about Gandhiji and Satyagraha, affirming Civil disobedience is right. And hearing our country's name more than a few times gave me a trivial proud feeling. And above all, the movie is based on a true story!

I only wish we make such movies in Kollywood or Bollywood...

Thursday, December 27, 2007


What can we do about them? If somebody wants to see how barbarics from ancient days would have lived in today's world, these guys are the perfect example. Or for understanding purposes, they can still be taken backwards in time and be compared to "Rakshasaas" from our epics. The only country, which is so keen to kill themselves and be completely oblivious of all other positive growths in this world. And US administration over them is like a rat hunter looking out for a dog in a pig's cage.

Maybe its time Pakistan changes the color of their flag to Red rather than green.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and my weekend...

What a weekend had this been?? My activities in a nutshell:

1. Paid a visit to New York City - Realized I still love my home away from home
2. Watched National Treasure – Understood treasure hunting is a little better than software industry!
3. Watched Mamma Mia Broadway show – Best thing that happened to me, of late
4. Met my friend on his bday – Got him a surprise gift, only to be surprised that he got the same gift for himself a day ago!
5. Tried Puerto Rican food – Made me realize I love India
6. Portrait of my face – After 20 mins of motionless stature, I saw the painting to realize I couldn’t recgonise myself. Phew…but one thing became clear: how difficult it would have been for Kate Winslet in the movie ‘Titanic’ (yaa yaa, so for DiCaprio)!
7. Went to Saravana Bhavan – Felt Puerto Rican restaurant was better
8. Watched Final Destination 3 and Poseidon – TV is the best invention in this world!
9. Watched 'Oram Po'(tamil movie) – Chennai Auto-rickshaws in street-racing! Enjoyed watching it.
10. Drove to Pittsburg on Christmas day – Had a darshan of Lord Balaji and lots of desis. No traffic in the freeway :)
11. Sad part - Did not watch even a single episode of Everybody Loves Raymond these 4 days :(

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saravaan Bhavan at New York...A Curse!

I think this is my 15th or 20th visit to Saravana Bhavan at Lexington Avenue, in New York city. I have been one of their regular customers and an ardent connoisseur of their food, from the day of their inception. But nowadays, I'm starting to feel otherwise. I see their quality, service and the organisation deteriorating pretty consistently. It is difficult to maintain that kind of a consistent 'down-slope' in the performance and Saravana Bhavan gets an easy 10 on 10 on that. During my last 3 or 4 visits I have been experiencing that 'untold desi racism against desis' and a lucid display of attitude issue among the waiters. It is pretty disturbing to think of it. And today when I went in for lunch, it was 3pm and thanks to the crowd, me and my friend had to wait for over 15 mins after writing our name in the 'waiting list'. Then we got the call to get inside. We also witnessed the OPEN neon lights changing to CLOSED during our wait time. All the waiters were in absolute hurry and the moment they gave us the menu card, they instantly asked us to order the food. Maybe they expected us to know the menu by heart.

We ordered for South Indian thali. The quality of the food was good and as usual. But they did not serve us water thru-out. Nobody even bothered about it. And while we were having our food, I was able to sense the 'hurry' in waiters. One guy even asked me once if I'm done, when I was not even half-way thru. It was a little embarassing to tell him that I was still working. He hurried to the next table and asked the same question. Maybe he was hoping that people would finish off and get the hell outta there ASAP. And they did not ask us if we would like any desserts and they gave us the checks in moments.

I asked for suggestion book, which they did not have obviously. They surprisingly asked me why do I need one. I said I have some comments and the waiter told me write the comments on the back-side of the check. I knew it would be in vain to write, but still I did, atleast to satisfy myself.

If they want to close the restaurant, why don't they put the CLOSED sign in advance? I feel they should treat the customers well, no matter what time they come in(during the closing hours or opening hours). They just can't hurry people in having food. I hope they become aware that they are not doin us any favor and they are serving us for what we pay. In not learning that, they are only losing customers.

There have been days where I have recommended Saravana Bhavan to many of my friends and colleagues.

But now I'm saying - McDonalds, Burger King and Chipotle serve you much better!


I happened to goto one of the famous Broadway shows in NY this weekend. In spite of the fact that I was a resident of New York city for almost 3 years, I never got a chance to make it to one the shows. But now that I moved to Pennsylvania and came down to spend this weekend at New York, I made it to "Mamma Mia", one of the famous shows running for over 5 years. Maybe the adage "Nearer the temple, lesser the devotion!" held true i my case. Whatever.

And my reaction to the show was nothing short of a gaped "Wow!!". I have seen many stage plays in Chennai, both at the amateur level and at the professional level. As a matter of fact, I have performed myself in many stage plays and skits during my school and college. But what I witnessed at the Winter Gardens was nothing close to whatever was even in my imagination. I got a strong feeling that you gotta stock more talent in yourself to act in a Broadway show than in Hollywood movies. People say Broadway shows are the stepping stones to Hollywood. I felt it should be the other way round.

The on-screen co-ordination the artists show, their choreographed movements, their musical gestures, their dialog flow - everything was stupendous! In the two hour show, there wasn't a single speck of flaw, whatsoever. If the on-screen artists contribute 40 percent to the success of the show, the orchestra contribute another 40 percent. For this was a musical show, the entertainment and enthusiasm would be null, sans good music. The orchestra, who were under the stage were in complete sync of the show on the stage, under the able direction of the Conductor/Music director.

Almost all the songs were a hit already and the way the orchestra played them made the audience go foot-tapping most of the times! And the remaining 20 percent of the success is contributed by the lighting and the stage organization. Yeah, be it an island or a bedroom or a dance bar, they were able to depict it as-is on the stage. And if the heroine dreams in her sleep, they were able to delineate that as well. All with just lighting and characterization. Wow!

And the last 5 minutes, every single person in the audiences was clapping in sync and I knew most of them were doing that involuntarily, falling trap to the music and the entertainment. They were completely glued to the stage, as the characters made their final appearances and bowed to the audience. Most of artists received standing ovation and am sure they deserved it.

Overall, when somebody spends 8 to 10 times the cost of a single movie for a Broadway show, they do expect ENTERTAINMENT and the Broadway show folks make sure they do!

To say in a simple sentence, "I felt the purpose of my birth"!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Heights of desperation!!

I recollect the other day, when I was driving towards Chennai from Pondicherry (100 miles south of Chennai) after attending one of my friend's wedding. It was May and a little earlier than peak noon. And that is the period Chennai would try its level-best to beat any of the blistering cities and try to claim herself as the "hottest city in the world". And it appeared to me, as if she almost won that day. Thanks to the AC in my car, else I would have to squeeze my little brain to recollect whatever we call as "Pleasure of driving!" The tarmac on the coastal road was literally boiling, burning my tires and persistently keeping my urge for a sip of tender-coconut on the crescendo. Just then, I passed (or rather overtook) a crawling Pulsar motor-bike (one of the so-called ‘powerful’ bikes in India) and the guy, who rode was making not more than 30 kph. I wondered for a second, why would a guy ride so slow in the scorching weather, that too in the freeway with sparse vehicle flow. And then I saw thru my rear-view mirror that he had a girl in the pillion, both of whose hands were almost touching the handle-bar of the bike, creating a temporary illusion of four hands driving the bike. I realized she must be hanging onto him like a lizard on the wall, leaving enough space behind her to take one more person (which created an illusion as a single-rider bike, a few seconds earlier before I overtook them!). And her dupatta was not seen at the normal place as well, I mean it did not server as a burka. It remained, where it is supposed to.

They must have been discussing something very significant about Global warming or their immediate future or something of pressing importance. Whatever. But it takes a lot to enjoy such a drive. And they were completely oblivious of the physical fact about the increase in the heat generated, when two materials fray in prolonging. I completely understand if it was North-American autumn/fall where that sort of a rub could get the warmth, for both the mind and the body. But this one in Chennai summer…

What else can I call that than "Heights of desperation"!

And a few minutes later when I stopped for my favorite tender-coconut, I saw the same motor-bike yet another time. It was more like déjà vu, for they remained the same and so did my thoughts about them!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are you with me?

He : "Its ok, lets go for it."

She: "C'mon, I am not with you. I know where you are heading towards?"

He : "Oh, you don't have to be bothered."

She: "Are you nuts?

He : "Hey, there's nothing to be scared of. This is what people do!”

She: “I know. Guys are always like this” *sighs*

He : “Hey dear, please…”

She: “You don’t have to beg like this. Just think about it once”

He : “Yaa, I did think. It is perfectly fine"

She: "Did u even forget that I'm elder to you?"

He: "I'm sure its ok"

She: "How can it be ok?? What would the world talk about it? That too on the christmas eve"

He : "Why do you have to think about the world. It always talks"

She: "No way, I am not doing it"

He : "Hey, I'm sure it'll remain a secret between us"

She: "Secret. How come? Somebody in the house would definitely see us"

He : "Nope. I'll make sure that nobody sees. You don't have to think this much"

She: "How can I not think?"

He : "Just look at me once. It is me who's asking"

She: "That’s what is making me think"

He : "Please…"

She: "Are u sure it'll be only once?"

He : "I swear to God, it'll be only once"

She: "You sure we'll not get into any trouble later?

He : "No, not at all. I'll even forget that we did something like this"

She: "Ok then. Just this once. Lets do it"

He : "Yes!!!"

And the kids arranged the stool and started stealing the christmas candies from atop the fridge.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Me, my smile and girls...

Now that my previous post was on Christmas and my wedding, Venky asked me if my next post would be on New year and my divorce! Ohh, Divorce has become a sequence to marriage, just like New year to christmas. That appears funny to me, but what is bothering me right now is the following:

I have always wanted to ask, why don't these "chennai-girls-at-a-foreign-country" remove the crowns off their head? Maybe they have an orotund feeling that they are a couple of notches more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai... Or maybe they think they have some sort of a 'halo' around their head...And that too, when you happen to pass by them and God forbid, you offer a smile as a courtesy, they don't return your smile and instead give that "Don't look at me!" kind of a weird look.

Though they clothe jean or formal-suits or any of those "I-think-I'll-look-good-on-this" attires that they haven't even thought of at home, they forget to realise they are still the same "Churidhar_wearing_vethu_figure" inside.

I can only pity them!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas and my wedding!

This is the festive season. The apartment I stay, all houses that I see during my commute and even my workplace is completely embellished with flowers, lights and of course the Christmas tree. Though I don't celebrate Christmas, this whole decorations gives me a feeling as if I'm very much a part of this. And all my colleagues are busy spending their evening and weekends, shopping. They ask me ideas and I suggest them a gift or two. Most of their objective is to give their kins or friends, a big surprise. They wanna make sure it's the right gift and something their friends or kins would love. They simply wanna see the recipient happy. But the one who receives the gift wouldn't know until the gift is opened.

My parents casually ask me, if I'm ready to step into the "Marriage market". They want to see me "Settled in life". I wonder how come this word "Settled" in all Indian family lexicon means the same - "get married and have kids". I don't know how come they equate "getting married" and "Settled". For me, the word "settle" presents a different meaning altogether. I simply can't think of it as getting married, for I would still have a lot of things to do even after wedding. But when I think a little hard, I understand that "Settle" is a subjective term. And one can call themselves "settled", only if they don't have any more desires to be satiated. And i presume getting settled is more like counting till infinity once. And I tell my parents that I need some more time, maybe a year or two. They say they are absolutely okay with it. Once i give the green signal, they'll spread out my "jaadhagam" and my profile to strangers. It is more like uploading your Resume in job sites. And it doesn't stop there. I need to see the photos of those "matched" profiles and I'll have to serve as a HR guy, recruiting the right candidate. Or perhaps not to hurt "Bharathi Kanda pudhumai penngal", let me rephrase the word "Recruit" to "Merger". So, I'll have to select the right company to have a merger. And "equality of rights" is evident from the fact that rejections are likely from both the ends. All these, just by looking at something called "profile" and a "photo". I would never know who or what or how the bride would be, unless I marry her. But my parents say they would get the best(huh?) girl for me. They simply wanna see me happy.

But nobody would know unless it happens.
In more ways than one, I think Christmas gifts and Arranged marriage looks the same to me

I'm yet to see both! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend - OB

My latest cacoethes is this: I cannot pass even a single day, without watching, at the least one episode of "Everybody loves Raymond". I simply love Debra! Only if I get a wife like her...Hmmm.....Well, I might probably be the 135, 367th person to think so! And what a weekend, without watching atleast one tamil movie. And I saw two this weekend :

1.Evano Oruvan: Story of yet another tamil brahmin, turning into a terrorist in an attempt to cleanse the society and screw his own life up royally! I don't know why the film directors target brahmins for such roles(In the lines of Gentleman, Anniyan, etc.). Maybe to prove some stupid point like "Saadhu Mirandaal, Kaaadu thaangaathu" or something. Whatever...but not worth writing a big review. Still Sangeetha, as Maddy's wife and a middle-aged aunty was ccuuuuuutttte :)

2. Kalloori: It took me a while, to find out who the hero of the movie was. But a natural movie, characterizations were apt and the story, as the name says is of a group of college students. The movie, I think is taken as a dedication to the poor college students at Dharmapuri(in South India), who were burnt alive, during one of the political riots, a couple of years ago. Heroine, like a lone flower in a garden was pleasant to watch and this movie is recommended for "Nothing_Else_To_Do" saturday noons. I anyways hate tragedies :(

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Legend!

I am of the type, who can't enjoy Fiction movies . But "I am Legend" is one movie, which gives you the edge-of-the-seat excitement, almost thru-out the 2 hours of the movie. And Will Smith, as an actor has done an exquisite job. If this movie turns out to be a success, 80% of the credit should goto this man. I would compare his performance to Tom Hanks' in "Cast Away", for the role of Will Smith in this movie is a little complicated, taking into account the expression of fear and the survival traits he shows. He has meticulously handled a lot of close-up shots and some for prolonged durations, posing the perfect expressions. He is for sure maturing as an actor, movie by movie. If his performance in "Pursuit of Happyness" was good, "I am Legend" it is very good. He gets a 9 on 10 for sure. For most part of the movie, Will Smith and his sole-comrade, German shepherd run the show. Dr.Robert Neville(Will Smith), being the sole human survivor in New York City, after an incurable virus attacks the world, tries to survive and find a cure too.

The graphics in the movie is impeccable and I have not seen New York city in such a dilapidated shape in my dreams too. My eyes fell for it. But the only thing I don't understand is why wild Animals get into New York city, when the city becomes devoid of humans for 3 years(because of a virus attack). Other than that, I found every aspect of this movie captivating. The movie has got a clean logical story line, threatening sound effects and the right screenplay to be called a horror-fiction entertainer. Now I want to read the book written by Richard Matheson, on which this movie is based.

"I am Legend" is for sure, worth a watch. My rating : 8 on 10.

What the hell??

I miss home, when I go to work. I miss work, when I stay at home. I miss homefood, when I eat at the restaurant. I miss the eatery food, when I attempt home-cooking. I miss my old friends when I hang out with my new friends. I miss my new friends, when I spend time with my old-friends. I miss web-surfing, when work presses. I miss being busy, when I do too much of browsing. I miss my ex-girl friends, when I think of my futile life. I miss my vain life, when I think of my ex-girl friends. I miss being single, when I imagine getting married. I miss married life, when I realize I'm a bachelor. I miss alcohol, when I tell to myself that i am a teetotaller. I miss being an abstainer, when I think of alcohol. I miss sex, when I remain a virgin. I miss virginity, when I dream of having Sex.

What the hell is this word "Miss" all about??

And the word "Miss" being complicated and unmarried women addressed as "Miss" - is that coincidental??

Back Ground Music...

Why dont ya'all stop chewing, while on call. Please educate yourself that conversing on phone with somebody is synonymous to keeping your mouth upclose to their ears(literally) and talking. And when you chew a gum or your tasty food, that 'chouwk chouwk' sound you generate is not something close to a pleasant BGM from ARR or IlayaRaja.

It's just plain "uuwwaaackkkkkk!!".

Fried Rice - Harbinger of Violence

I'm finding it tough to communicate to those "No-English-still-living-in-this-country" morons. It's an ordeal to order a Veggie fried rice thru phone to them. And it is all the more difficult to make sure that I dont need egg in that.

They better learn english soon and I'm gonna Nuke them one day...

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Thou shalt give me the Remote Control

or I wish be killed in Thy hands...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Anger in "Vishwaroobam"!

I feel devastated and I race to the apex of irritation. I run out of words, to speak nor to type. I feel numb. Ire on a crescendo. I hide it under my thoughts. Something tells me if I let it go, it would explode with the strength of tsunami to the power of 10. I don't want to make my frustration contagious, for I know that's where this is heading towards.I fume like hell. And like a smoke engine of the 1930's. But I let out lesser than what the "Hydrogen-Honda-Civic-2008" lets out.

I observe silence and feel better.

[For i let it all out now!]

Monday, December 10, 2007

I still cry...

He makes funny faces like he is crazy.
He speaks like he is still learning to speak.
He points at the moon and he sings and dances.
All this to make me laugh And I still persist to cry..

[If I have a 6-month old baby author a 4-line story, guess this is what he might write!]

AI - Artificial Intelligence or Apprehension Imminent!

As I had nothing to do this Saturday, I sat down in front of the TV and was browsing thru the channels. I heard somebody ringing the calling bell. Since my room-mates were out, I opened the door. Two handsome men (in their mid 40’s) dressed up in suits and nice coolers were standing there. They then asked me if I’m Neo, the software programmer. I nodded and they handcuffed me and took me with them. In less than a minute, it all happened. I was completely flabbergasted by their actions, as they neither did answer my questions nor did they treat me like a human. Since they looked more powerful, I didn’t resist. As we neared the parking lot, a lady in black attire approached in a fast-bike and even before I could see her completely, she shot the two men down and they died instantly. She then aimed the gun at me. I was sh*t-scared for a second and after all, I wasn’t prepared to die at that moment. I closed my eyes-tight and she pulled the trigger, without any mercy. The bullet tore up the shackles and knocked off my handcuff. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She came near me and told in my ears “Hey Neo, I’m Trinity. We both have to save this world together. Those two men are not humans, they are AI machines!” My eyes went wide open. I enthusiastically said “Oh, I’ll be happy to save this world!. So, what is our next plan of action” I waited for her reply. “Oh! You want to save the world now? Wake up and have some coffee you dumbo! After all, you have started speaking in your sleep too nowadays! Are you Keanu Reeves??” this was my room-mate. Pppppuuffff, it was all a dream!!

I had my coffee and I was thinking about the movie “The matrix”, I watched this noon. Though I had seen it twice already, this third time somehow made me think. And it made me believe that something like that is quite sure to happen to this world and to humans. I just couldn’t digest the fact that I may not get a chance to see the world, as late as 2199. That gave me a weird feeling and an urge to imagine that world today. Maybe that’s what caused my dream. Looking at the way the technology grows in today’s world, we may not be surprised if Artificial Intelligence rules the world, much before 2199. Movies like iRobot, Island, Matrix etc, make me look like a believer in all these concepts. It would certainly be nice, if we have machines living with us/helping us. But just when these movies show how the world goes astray, with over-utilization of technology, a chill runs down my spine. Involuntarily, I start worrying about my grand-kids and their grand-kids. It is for sure they’ll undergo all that they show in these movies, yet uncertain as to how and when. As much as I love Technology, I tend to hate it.

The calling bell rang again. I went to get it and I saw two men in suits, not very handsome this time. I still prepared myself to say "No", in case they asked me, if I'm a computer programmer. Of course, dreams play that kind of a trivial role in my mind all the time. They introduced themselves as the new security folks for our apartment building. I smiled and thought to myself that it is no era of Artificial Intelligence yet! I'm so happy that I live with humans!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Year 2055...

I think of my fav food - I get it.
I think of my fav place - I'm there.
I think of love.
I keep thinking.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I wish I save some snow...

I peek out of my office window. It snows in a gentle, smooth fashion. Some drops fall onto the tarmac. They disappear at the blink of an eye. Some drops rest on the branches of the trees. Those must be the happiest. They sit tight, hoping the weather doesn’t get any warmer and wishing they live forever. They know pretty well that it’s only matter of hours before they die away. The trees, devoid of all their leaves still feel the energy deep within. Seems to me they these trees know there'll be snow flakes, who would take temporary refuge on them. Maybe that's why they shed in autumn. And the snow flakes in return, cover and dress the trees up - making the whole arrangement picturesque. Makes us forget that these are trees without leaves.

The snow-fall is still steady. Like a baby loving to play with all his toys at the same instant, the snow-fall has laid its foot everywhere - on all the branches of the trees, all the cars in the parking lot, the side-walk and even on the hood of those walking-people with their jacket on. The snow fall, I think is the perfect example of being impartial. I imagine, how nice would it be, if God's blessings are just like snow-fall - A complete impartial Grace for everybody in this world! I keep looking at the snow-fall. The city slowly turns white. No birds in the sky. Light vanishes as softly as evaporating water. The nights arrive, but not the stars in the sky. Clouds form huddle barricading the stars. Everything comes to rest, but for the snowfall. It is still falling, slowly but steadily. I reach home. I retire to my bed. No dreams today. Casio wakes me. A dull morning. Sun turns up late. He doesn’t like this white town. I know he would simply wish to call it an early day. I look thru my windows. Nothing has changed from last night. The place has only grown whiter. Or purer, as white, they say, is the color of purity.

I take a walk. The snow fall trickle on me, like thousand babies trying to touch me. When I try to reciprocate, they vanish. I walk, my jacket hugging me, giving me the warmth. The warmth, I get to feel only when the temperature drips this low. Wow! How good does it feel to feel cold and to feel warm!

I had to wait through scorching afternoons, storming rains, the color-changing trees, shedding leaves, shrinking daylight, plummeting temperature, raging winds and finally, an army of miniscule, confused white-particles appear all around, that we call snow! I don’t want to let them go now, just like that!

I only wish I save some snow, for myself!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mafia - Impact!

Another one...

The telephone at the Cop's house rang.
He was busy thinking about the mafia case.
He picked up the receiver, which exploded and split his brain.
The brain stopped thinking.

[I'm reading the book "The Godfather" and the effect of it I guess!]


Another one of my 4-liners:

He thought he saw an UFO speed past above him.
He wondered and took pictures.
The UFO exploded, killing him instantly and the camera.
"Oh my God!", his sleep-scream woke his wife up.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Four-Line Stories...

I have read here and here about 55-word stories. The concept of writing short stories with exactly 55 words. I was kind of attracted towards that idea. But two things stopped me - firstly, I did not want to copy the same idea and secondly, I'm too impatient to count the words of my stories to be 55 words exactly! So, I thought about writing stories in exactly 4 lines. This is my first attempt in writing such short stories and I'm planning to write a few more, atleast till I find this idea boring(for you and for me!).

Here we go - my first one:

Confused IT guy:

He waited to go onsite.
He was sent on a short trip.
He spent the first day, missed home food, friends and family.
He waited to go offshore.

My second one:
Confused IT guy - 2nd part:

He waited to go offshore.
He was sent back.
He spent the first day, missed the cool climate, easy commute and the work culture.
He waited to go onsite.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Story a Day!!

I came across this blog, which is hosted by one Mr.Ankur Shanker. Ankur is an Engineering graduate, aspiring to do his Master's in LSE(London School of Economics), but he is falling short of 55k pounds required for the tuition, boarding and lodging. He is now planning to take up his Masters in 2008, with the support from fellow-bloggers and from fellow-browsers! Yes, he has started a blogspot and he is planning to earn the tuition fees, thru the Adsense. To have people visiting his blog, he is planning to write one short story a day for 180 days.

I dont know if it is the smartest way to plan for your tuition fees, but sure it takes a lot of have such a 'thought'. Thats what I would call Determination. This guy has the right spirit and I went thru his stories. He is doing a decent job. I wish him success and and just thought i'll write a post for him and spread the words. !

Check his blogspot at

Friday, November 30, 2007

Courtesy, I thought was Contagious!

As the title says, I have always believed that “Courtesy is Contagious!” I sit back and think how well this adage applies to "courtesy". But I forgot to realize how well the same applies to the lack of it.

This morning, I left for office. Just like usual, I waited for the free shuttle from my apartment (This is my first week at this new location and its too nascent to think about buying a car yet!). I was there at the front desk at 8.20am, though the shuttle is at 8.30am. I was reading news and slowly, people started coming. The shuttle is a 15-seater and only desis take this shuttle, as most of the local people have their own vehicle. The shuttle came on time. In the last 3 years of my stay in US, I have observed people forming Queue, whenever there was a need to - while exiting the movie theatre, exiting the flight, waiting for the bus or even for ordering food in restaurants. But the sad part is there is a big threat to this “Queue”, when there is a desi in the crowd. The problem is desis don’t know that there is such a concept called “Queue”. Being a desi myself, I cant and don’t blame Indians, because India has been like that – Our land has been the perfect example of “Survival of the fittest!” You rush and go first or you won’t have anything left for you!

Coming back to the shuttle story, people were ready to board the shuttle, even before it came and stopped. I’m somehow not too good in stepping forward before others, when it comes to get into crowded buses or trains. That is something I’m not used to and not comfortable at. I always rest on the fact that everybody would get their seat, if things are in order. But today, it proved me wrong. As I courteously allowed a couple of ladies to get in, all the others stormed in too. In a jiffy, I realized I was the last. I got into the shuttle and looked to find that there was no room left for me. I waited for a couple of seconds, if somebody who’s going to the nearby office (which is 10 min’s walk, whereas my workplace is 3 miles) might probably volunteer and give me a seat. But nobody did. Feeling a little embarrassed, I got out of the shuttle. I looked a little stupid to myself. Being the first one to arrive and wait for the shuttle, I was standing there, seeing the shuttle speed past me.

I was a little lost for a moment and then I recuperated myself, called a couple of my other friends and fortunately one guy gave me a ride.

When I think about the whole happening, I realize the mistake was on my side too. I should have got into the shuttle first, even if it takes a little WWF fight there. From monday, I have decided that I’m gonna get into the shuttle and take a place, no matter what. After all, I realize “Lack of Courtesy is Contagious too!”

I’m just giving vent to my silly disappointment this morning. And from Monday, I’ll still wait and say “Courtesy starts from me!” :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Letting go!!

That look was just enough. Thoughts raced deep within. At that very moment, if somebody heard my heart, this is what they would have said: "Oops…You are too young for such a thought! You silly brat!” Or something close to that. I wouldn't have cared anyways. I just kept looking at her. She looked at me. I can never forget that look. I played the prince. She played the princess. I couldn't turn away from her. My teacher hushed from the side of the stage and showed me signs to look at the audience. I kept looking at the princess. The lengthy dialog ends with me saying, "I'd fight anybody in this world. Would you marry me?" She blushed, smiled and ran away to the back stage. That instant act of hers was not because of shyness, but that’s what the script said. Our teacher had asked her to. She did as our teacher asked her. She was always so. She was the class-topper. I never spoke a word to her, other than this dialog from the English play. This play was a forced attempt of my English teacher, complaining that something has to be done from 5th standard class. I have always liked Sandhya and I very much wanted to be with her. But I neither had the courage nor the thought-process to materialize my precocious thoughts. We had our annual exams and next year, she shifted school. Her parents wanted her to study in a better school. I thought my first love (more of a crush, if u say so) ended right there.

Years passed by. There I was waiting at the transit airport for my next flight, which was delayed. I got a coffee, opened my laptop. Somebody asked "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" I looked up, to see a guy, neatly dressed, wearing specs and standing, with a bag in his hands. I moved my backpack from my next seat to the floor. He said "Thank you". I smiled back. He didn't notice my smile. Rather he was busy, looking around and then waved his hands towards somebody. A nice-looking lady, with a baby-stroller was walking towards him. After she came, he said to the lady "You sit here, let me go and check out the duty-free shop. Uncle loves perfumes!” She sat down. I sighed and continued with what I was trying to do. I didn't think about looking at the lady. 5 minutes went by. Then I slowly turned towards the baby and the lady looked at me. A familiar face. She recognized me and smiled very slowly. That look of her, the same look of the princess. I was shocked. I took my time and smiled.

She: "Hey, You are.......sorry, i don’t remember your name".
I: "I'm Ramji".
She: "Oh yaa yaa, I remember now. How have you been?".
I: "I’m doing well. I didn't expect to see you, leave alone remembering!".
She: "That is true. At times, I sit back and wonder how small is this world "
*I have thought about Sandhya many a time, but I never dreamed that I would meet her, yet another time in my life!*
I: "The baby is so cute."
She: "Thanks. His name is Shanswik. So, what do you do Ramji? Back in school, I remember you used to rank second in the class, next to me".
*She winked*
I: "I am into software"
She: "Oh good, So is Prakash"
*she looked towards the duty-free shop. Prakash must be her husband. Damn that lucky guy!*
I: "Oh, good to know that. So, where are you headed towards?"
She: "To my uncle's place, he lives in Chicago. How about you"
I: "New York. I'm on a business trip"
*I made conscious effort, not to show any of my emotions*
She: "Oh good, so u married?"
I: "Yaa, last year"
*I was instantaneous. She lost the brightness in her face, all of a sudden*
She: "Oh ok. Congrats by the way"
*Just then, the guy with the specs came*
She: "Hey Ramji, meet Prakash - my elder brother. He did his schooling in Delhi. So, you wouldn't have seen him before"
*Shucks! How can I think assume things like that. How silly of myself? I hated myself for a second. *
I: "And Shanswik??"
She: "He is my brother's son. My sister-in-law is coming by tomorrow's flight"
I: "So, you are not married yet?"
*I was as blunt as any idiot can ever be*
She: "No Ramji. Only if you are not married....”
*I was completely taken back. She looked at me. The same look of the princess.*
I: "what?"
She: "I was just kidding, maybe this year I'll get married"
*I was about to say something and the flight announcement took over, without mercy.*
She: "Ok Ramji, it's time for my flight. Nice talking to you"
I: "Ok, you take care"
*She did not ask my contact details. She somehow did not want to keep in touch*

I watched her going. She faded slowly. And then she disappeared. It appeared to me on the second thought, as if she was still following the script of the same play, as we did in school. I simply cursed myself and my assumption about her wedding. And one assumption led me to a spur of thoughts. And some lack of it too! I wondered how the spur of thoughts made me lie to her that I got married. I lost her, yet another time in my life.

I heard the announcement for my flight. Time to keep moving...I moved on, for my flight and in my life.
To be!

I wonder...

Is Reverence, a Derivative of Predicament or Integral of Rapture, I wonder...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

College Reminiscences - Part II

The After Effects - Notorious Tour:

Read this to know from where the following continues:
The following Monday was more exciting for us, than the ''Tour-day' Saturday. Very first hour, our HOD (Head of Department, Computer Science) came to our class. I have always felt she is fond of advising people than doing her duty, I mean teaching. And since I love advices, I like her classes too. After all, advices are much interesting, when you know you don’t have to follow them ;) She started, “Where did you all go on Saturday?” What a question to start the day, I thought to myself. Nobody replied. Then she remained silent for a few moments. She knew our class was one of the hard nut-classes to crack (Not because our class was filled with Nuts!). Then she said that our college management is fully aware of our trip and that we have committed the biggest sin of our lifetime, by arranging for such a trip. She then asked, “Who arranged for this tour?”. The whole class was silent again. There started her advice waterfall. We all were bathing in it, not concerned about the attempt she made to make it serious. Half hour of vain advice. she knew she had to follow a different strategy.

She pointed out people and asked the same question. Still the same response. At least, I was happy with the “Upfront” togetherness of our class (Though “behind the screen” story was a little different). The same afternoon, she brought our VP to our class and we all had our afternoon bath in the same advice waterfall. This time, the advices were flowing with added-force of a waterfall, but nobody seemed to be bothered. After all, the very thought that “This is college and tour is not a crime!” was our strong and silent argument! Then our HOD followed her third strategy. She started with face-face interrogations of a selected few of our classmates. And somehow, she got the required names of those “suspects” or in our words “organizers”.

Things were smooth for the next three days. Everything got back to normalcy and we told to ourselves that this whole tour incident was just another “Scary-movie” attempt by our college! We would have even thought about our next trip, if the Friday evening was normal. We had a seminar at the conference room that evening. Hari and myself took a break from the seminar and strolled around in the campus. As we walked along the corridor and crossed Principal’s office, I saw one of my other classmates “JP”. And he was there with his parents waiting to meet our principal. As we were wondering what brings “reported-sick-on-that-day” JP to college, JP came towards us and told “Its all gone! Our college management has sent a registered post to my home, asking my parents to come and collect the TC (Transfer Certificate). The reason being, me involved in anti-curricular activities!” Oh my, I thought. Hyper-enthu Hari started “Machaa, that’s it da, we are screwed! If it happens to the “nice-guy” JP, imagine our plight! Am sure we’ll have to say good bye to our college. Oh my God, what do we do now?”. As we were discussing, Hari’s parents arrived, with a letter in their hands. Hari looked at me. I looked at him. We knew what was there in the letter. And I looked up and imagined my plight at home. Not only mine, Vijai’s, Bharath’s and Sree’s. And who else?

I rushed home and everything was normal at home, much to my surprise. I was expecting a little tsunami though. That evening, as I sat with my family for dinner, my dad started slowly, “Arun, how are things at college?”. I knew where he is headed towards. Just like a river out of the dam, I told my parents, the entire story (They knew that I had gone on a tour though!). My dad immediately said, “It is Saturday and you guys did not use college name anywhere in the tour. Why is the college bothering you then? You are not kids!” I felt relieved. He also added, “Don’t worry; I’ll come to your college tomorrow. I’ll talk to them. You’ll not have any trouble whatsoever!”

The next day, when I went to college, I came to know that only our “Famous-Five” guys plus “Innocent JP” received this kind of a letter (It must be the last name of JP, which is Prakash that got him to trouble, as Bharath and Sree share the same last name!). The day was pretty dull. Everybody’s parents had to come to college and the difference for our parents is they had a finer letter, with word "TC" mentioned. Finally, our college did not make it bigger than that and our parents had to give an apology letter and an assurance letter, saying that their kids would not involve in any such activity hereon.

Wow!! How much of pleasure do I get to think of it now? All these Nataks, just for a simple one-day tour. I wonder, till date if such an incident would have happened in any other college, around the world! I have always wanted to crib-aloud about this happening, but for some reason, I only end up laughing to myself, when I think of those “Crazy-headed” VP, “left-brain-absented” HOD and the way the whole management handled this tour issue. Such silly folks!! Thanks to them, to have made such a big fuss out of a simple incident, thereby making it a good incident to recollect and a subject to post in my blog!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

College Reminiscences - Part I

I have a lot of sweet memories of my college life and I'm just making an effort here to recollect the events, I think were important(to me atleast!).

The Notorious trip!:

This happened during my second year of college. Just like normal group of students, most of my classmates were very much for tours/trips. And whatever happened in our class, it happened by/because of a clique of 5 guys (Myself, Vijai, Bharath, Hari and Sree). We were the ones, who stepped forward (irrespective of the invite!) for anything and everything in our class. We were the ones, who never missed an opportunity to participate in inter-college fests and bag prizes like no others did(I'll reserve a separate post for that!). We were the ones, who brought many ideas to our college, most of which were completely new, back then. A simple one day trip was one such idea. And this trip was planned to a place called Mahabalipuram. We planned it on a saturday and we booked a bus to be on our own for a day.

On the d-day, I woke up at 6am and was getting myself ready for the trip. Just then, my phone rang. I picked up “Yeah”, the voice in the other end said, “Hey Arun, its me Geetha. Are we still on with the Mahabs plan?”. I was a little bemused. Such a right question, but at the wrong time! I asked “Why, what’s the matter? We are very much ON”. Then she said, “Our College Principal called our parents and enquired about the tour it seems”. That’s when I realized that our college officials were not aware of our trip. Of course, at that point, it didn’t really matter to me. I said “Its ok yaar, don’t worry about that. It’s too late to call off the trip now and that too, for such a phone call, which we aren’t even sure if it’s not a hoax. Now, get ready and let’s meet at the agreed place at 9am”.

We all met at a place called Guindy as agreed. There’ll always be delays when just 2 or 3 people meet up. But this was a crowd of 35+. As expected, we had delays. (That I asked a couple of my classmates to wait at a place to meet up and go together and I missed them there and came to Guindy is altogether a different story. I had to cut a sorry face to both the girls, for many more days for that!) After we all met up and got into the bus, we slowly got to know that our principal had not only called Geetha, but a lot other girls. That kinda puzzled me. C’mon, would anybody believe that the principal of a college would call second year students, that too about a one-day trip? I couldn’t simply believe that. “Give me a break guys!”, came the words from many of our mouths, especially from the organizers(Yaa, the same 5 guys!). So, we set off, without looking back.

We had an excellent time. Music, Dance, Fun and what not? We went to a beach. Played like kids, ate like pigs! It was one day we all got to know each other better, outside our regular classroom faces. After all, that’s what tours are meant for. After a terrific three hours at the beach, we travelled to Mahabalipuram and that’s where disaster, in the form of a red van, struck. No, No, it’s not an accident! Vice principal of our college comes in a red van and we saw the same one there at Mahabalipuram, as if waiting for us. One of my classmates(I don’t exactly remember who it was), who alighted first off the bus, at the parking lot, came rushing back to the bus screaming “VP! VP!!”. Somebody sneaked out of one of the bus windows, saw the VP and shut the screens immediately, with the same reaction as the first guy. Our VP was watching all these patiently. With all these chaos, we decided not to get off at Mahabalipuram and rather move to our next destination, a boat club. We had a filmy road-chase (of course, without actions) by the red van. Once our bus stopped at the boat club, the red van was ready, even before us. There’s no point in hiding away. He anyways has seen us. Thinking so, we all got off the bus and walked towards the boats, as the red van sped behind us. We resumed our enjoyment, forgetting all about the red van and our VP. We all had a fantastic day overall. We thought the fun ended right there, but we dint know the real fun is when we get back to college, on Monday.

[For the Real fun Contd, click here]

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ou Langua....

"Thee tit ee perplexi? Yeah, fa me too. An my bla ee goo"...Or in our language, " This title is perplexing? Yeah, for me too. And my blog is good". Still perplexed? This modified english is what myself and Amar(my friend) have been talking, for almost an year. Just like how u'r eye-brows went up and wrinkled on reading the title and the first few lines, so will everybody's, when they heard(or perhaps over-heard) us talking. That was kinda funny and it gave us an inexplicable "feel-good" factor and we continued. Now that, we have been talking in that language for quite some time and reached a comfortable level, I thot i'll write a blog on it as well. After all, every language evolves this way over time and I reckon ours will too ;) Anyways, this language is pretty easy. The name "The Langua", as I call it, is nothing but word "The Language", with the last part removed. In fact, that's how we started this whole language. When u speak English words after you divide it into multiple pronunciable parts and remove the last part, you are actually talking Langua. So, wha do yo thi? Coo? :)

I can see you saying, "What??!!Stop being a jerk". Yaaa, I hear you saying that. But you gotta agree that nobody in this world would get such a crazy idea of inventing (kind of) a new language and that too continue it for more than an year. Just that, am trying to expand it now! So, Now u know what the title reads, don't u?

Change - That's the only thing that doesnt Change!

I just took this photograph(in my mobile) outside my apartment on Friday, 23rd Nov'07 :

And the very next day(Saturday 24th Nov'07), I took this photograph under similar conditions :

Just the number of leaves that had fallen off in a day made me think. I know its just the seasonal change, but somehow it appeared to me that there is a much-stronger inference than that! Can you identify with me here??

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I still love you..Dont I??

It was 11pm. He would have slept by now, otherwise. But this was a different day. Not an ordinary one, nor the kind, he is used to. He missed her. Missed her terribly. As a matter of fact, "missing", he felt was an understatement. He could not eat dinner properly. He could not watch the daily news in TV with attention that day, as he normally does. And now, even after rolling in the bed from side to side for more than an hour, he couldn't sleep. All for one reason. He missed her.

He got up from his bed. He looked at the telephone. "Is it not too late to call her", a sudden thought from inside ran across his mind. And a faint imagination of her reply "Whats wrong with you?? Is everything ok there?? why are you calling me at this unearthly hour" came to his mind. Thats what she would say if he calls her now. He knew her better than anybody else did. But nevertheless, she would be happy to talk to him. He missed her regular "Good Night, Sweet Dreams honey". He cant goto sleep without hearing that. He decided and strongly felt, it's ok, if he disturbs her. After all, she is his wife. He walked slowly towards the telephone. He carefully dialed her number. The phone rang. He waited patiently and hoped that she should pick up the phone. She did.

She : "Hello?"
He : "It's me!"
She : "Whats wrong with you?? Is everything ok there?? why are you calling me at this unearthly hour"
He : " I was just thinking about you. I missed you today. Thought I'd call"
She : "You missed me?? C'mon - you are not a kid. You turned 70 last week. And we have been married for 52 years now! We are not any sort of young-romantic couples anymore"
He : "Yeah, I know all that. But I still love you. And Love doesnt stop with age nor time, does it??"
She : "Ok ok c'mon. I have come here, just to be with our grand-kids for 2 days. I'd be back by saturday. Did you take those tablets??
He : "Yeah, I did." *She was thinking about him. It made him happy*
She : "Now, its getting late. Why dont you go and sleep now?"
He : "Hmmm...I will.."
She : "Good night, Sweet Dreams!"
He : "Good night"

She hung up. He talked with her. It was enough for him. He went and slept in minutes!

[This "little-modified story"is dedicated to my grandfather and grandmother, who have been married for over 50 years and they stayed together as happy couples, till they lived. I just wish I be so too!].

Consolidating my thoughts...My Stories..

I mentioned in my first post that I have been writing posts and stories in other sites' too. One such site is hosted by Amar(, who has been mine close buddy, for more than 3 years now. A thought just occurred to me, that I should consolidate all the posts/stories I have written so far, into one place or at least give a quick link for readers. So, here we go : For all the stories, click here. For all my posts, click here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have been trying my hands at poetry for a few months now, but this was my first , wrote a few months ago...

I'm not too good at literary translations, but the the below is how I could translate the same in English:

Wringing-wet in New York rain
Trying to see me dry
Realized in pain
How lonely am I...!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Free....hurrah!!

I jumped out of joy! Nobody could stop me now. I feel complete. I feel triumphant. I don’t have anymore commitments for some more days. I’m not bound by anybody. I can do what I want to do, anytime of the day, hereon. I feel the real meaning of freedom and independence. I pity those animals in the zoos, those birds in the cages, those criminals in the jails, for I was feeling like one among them till date. It’s very difficult to live, devoid of freedom/own will. But not anymore. I’m free. I’m the King. I’m the subject. I plan my day. I dictate my doings. I rule myself. I feel good. The coming days are exactly what I have been looking forward for long. I’ll redefine the word “Fun”. I’ll play till my body wears out and aches for rest. I’ll read till my eyes plead for sleep. I’ll sleep till my organs pant for food. I’ll eat till my stomach appeals for rest. I’ll rest till I feel the urge to play. I’ll play my body wears out and aches for rest. These were the thoughts that stormed my mind, in those few moments till I reached home. Every single thought was like happy birds, flying out over Sun rise, in search of food.

I’m just trying to recollect my feelings, as I came out of the Exam hall after my 6th standard Annual Exams and as the summer holidays were beckoning - almost 14 years ago.

Monday, November 19, 2007

O-R-K-U-T....A blessing??....Else??

Orkut - I'm sure it has become a routine(more of a mandatory) activity for many people on a day-to-day basis. I'm an ardent fan of Orkut myself. It makes me pass a great deal of time, whenever I'm completely bored/out of mood to read blogs. I have been thinking to write about Orkut for quite sometime and now that I have a blogspot for myself, I thought I would as well write about it. Maybe a quick analysis. As I think patiently analysing Orkut, the following occured to me:

1. Orkut got me in touch with most of my lost-friends(Most of them, I thought I lost years ago!).

2. Orkut keeps me in touch with almost all the people, whom i consider as either Friends or acquaintances. It keeps me updated about the happenings in their life!(For best of buddies, You always have better ways than orkut)

3. Whenever I get to meet with a "stranger-might-become-a-friend" sort of people, the first thing I'm asked for is my Orkut ID and no problems from then-on, keeping in touch with them.

4. I dont have to remember any of my friend's phone number or their e-mail ID. To touch base with them, all I gotta do is scribble(huh?) on their scrapbook!

5. I have read at many places that it has helped people in their studies, their business networking and even love affairs. So, it does help people!!

6. The testimonials you receive makes you feel better, when you feel low on self!

On the contrary,

7. There's no limit to the extent that orkut can be misused(Evident from the results that turned out, when i googled "Orkut Misuse")

8. Orkut is surprisingly candid for an application. Its wholly up to the user to discriminate what to communicate thru orkut or what not to!(Hey, people are always watching u'r scrapbook!)

9. And you gotta bear with people, who just bragg about themselves thru such a community. Most of them are just there for that!!

10. U gotta deal with annoying Friend Request from anonymous anomalies!

Most of you readers would have thought about all these, one way or the other. Any application or a tool is such - it will have good stuffs to be happy about and irritating features to get rid of, at the same time. And orkut no exception!

- Sincerely,
Just another guy, caught with Orkut Fever !

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Florida....Thats wat my mind thinks of now!

This is holiday season. Thanks giving is approaching. That means I hafta plan something. And thanks to my new clients, I have 4 days of leave this upcoming weekend. My mind automatically starts to think of the only state in East coast of US thats been inviting me for long - FLORIDA!! There are quite enough reasons for me to have chosen Florida :

1. If I visit Florida, I would cover full of East coast, as a tourist.
2. This is one of the few holidays, where I get 4 days, which would be sufficient to visit FL by drive from Pennsylvania.
3. This is the right season to visit (would neither be too hot nor too cold).
4. This trip would increase the number of US states I have visited to 25.

Whatever reasons I think, I just wanna visit the southern-most tip of US in the east coast. And this is how I have planned : Four days - 43 hours of driving - 19 hours of sightseeing- 40 hours of rest - infinite fun and memories. I shall write a travelogue, once I'm back. Keep watching this space :)

And by the way, this is the first post from my mobile phone!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just a Test Drive...My hands on Honda Civic!

Yesterday evening, I went to a Honda showroom nearby to inquire the features/price of 2008 Honda Fit and 2008 Honda Civic. And i test drove both the cars. I have nothing much to write about the Fit, as it was more like a Santro/Getz in India. Very less legroom, minimal engine pickup and a poor visibility from the driver's view point. I tried my hands in the Civic next. Wow!! was my first expression. I felt more like sitting in the cockpit of an airplane. The console of the car is the first thing to catch the eye. To my knowledge, it is the only car featuring a digital speed display in its segment. And the fuel and engine temperature displays are also digital, the brightness of all these things being adjustable. It had a pretty decent legroom. I tried the version with automatic transmission and other basic features like ABS, side airbags, AC, etc., It did not have a moon-roof, which would have made the interiors perfect! Overall, I felt quite amused, at the interior design aspect of this car.

I then started the engine and slowly accelerated the vehicle. It moved as a charm, with minimal noise and pleased me with a very smooth ride. Civic has a 4 cylinder 1.8L engine and 140 hp@ 6300 rpm. I drove over 5 miles and had a 'feel-good' factor falling in my mind slowly. The first 2 miles were as smooth as a butter, as I steered the Civic that way. The next 2 miles, I tried all that I wanted to try. I pressed the metal to the pedal and checked on the engine power. Quite good for a mid-segment car. Not terrific though. I knew Civic is not the car for fast pickups. The steering wheel, seat adjustments, hand rest, power windows and everything around the driver is neatly made, ensuring maximum comfort to the driver. The rear of the car had quite enough legroom as well. As expected, the boot space was quite ample.

Coming to the exterior, almost anybody would not have missed the Civic on the roads. It for sure grabs the attention of an on-looker for a second look. And i found the sleek lines and futuristic style of the exterior fantastic. Overall, its quite an appealing car for around 18K to 20K(USD) range. I'm tempted for sure ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Farmer's suicide every half n hour in India???

I was shocked to see a news with the same headline as the topic of this blog. I read it this morning in Hindu online and it took me a few minutes to digest the fact that its happening in India. One farmer committing suicide every half n hour is not a nice statistical fact like one Apple iphone sold every 6 minutes in the US. This is such a threating figure for a country like India, where agriculture is still one of the prime survival businesses. Suicide is the last thing any human being would want to do and if it happens at this rate, it is indeed mind-swirling. For more info and detailed analysis, click here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


That was an early day for the Arjun. Somebody woke him up. But what that somebody did was so smooth and soft that he did not even realize that his sleep was cut half way thru. As he pondered about that, he strolled towards the dining room to see a steaming cup of coffee, ready for him. Thoughtfully, he took a slow, but a relishing sip. Wow! The sugar quantity was perfect. A dark coffee, the way he always loved it. He blissfully took another sip. Another sip. Another one. He moved with the coffee cup towards the living room. His LCD TV switched ON, sensing him. It had a razor sharp display and it was hung to the wall, in such a way that if switched off, the wall behind it would show up, as if there wasn’t any TV in front of it. Neither it had any projector. They called it some “TransLCD” technology. He felt happy to see the TV. The latest news was scrolling down on it. He wished he saw the result of the last night match between India and Pakistan. Alas! The result scrolled up slowly. India lost. He was jubilant though, not for the match result. His new TV worked, as told. He wished he saw the mid-term elections news and there it scrolled. Cool! He said to himself. Smiling, he took the remote and pressed on a button. The floor carpet besides him unfolded and refolded to a neat recliner and puffed up in front of him. He sat on it and looked around.

Now Arjun realized who woke him up and who made the coffee for him, his way. He called out “MyBo….” And a voice came in return “Yes sir, I’m coming and my ETA is 5.45 seconds”. 4 seconds later, he saw MyBo coming in neat uniform steps, as if he is rehearsing for an army parade. Arjun wanted to ask “Can’t you walk better”, but he refrained, because he knew that’s the way MyBo walks. Coming close to him, MyBo said in his crystal-clear voice “Good morning sir. How can I be of help to you?” Arjun replied, “Hey MyBo, whats up for breakfast?”. As MyBo was about to reply, he thought “Why is he so formal today, he can better talk casually, maybe in tamil”. MyBo said “Enna Venum’nu solllunga sir. Edhu venum’naalum pannalaam” (Tell me what do you want sir, I can make any breakfast for you). Arjun took a second to realize that MyBo is talking this good a tamil. He felt so happy for paying so heftily for him. He suggested a breakfast and turned his head towards the TV.

One of his favorite movies occurred to him and there it already started playing in the TV. As he was engrossed in the movie of human characters (which he thought is very rare nowadays), he heard a quick-buzz and MyBo moved a table with breakfast towards Arjun. MyBo neither touched the table, nor the table the ground. MyBo called it as some magnetic-motion based technology. Once the table was right in front of him, Arjun leaned forward towards the table to make him self comfortable. And before he could do so, the table moved towards him making him all the more comfortable and prepared for a sumptuous breakfast. He smiled and consumed his breakfast. Once he was done, MyBo announced, “Sir, your breakfast had 8 mg Protein, 75 Calories, 0 Carbohydrates and 0 Fat”. Thanking MyBo, Arjun got up towards the balcony. He looked up to see the bevy of Airplanes waiting at one of the traffic lights. The traffic was smooth in the other direction though. Arjun thought he can get to office on time today, if he takes the Express flight. That makes only 2 stops. Government had last week imposed a law that people should not fly in their own flights to work. And the government also informed that if somebody takes the public flights to work continuously for a period of 1 year, they get a vacationing package in Mars.

He then looked down to see a train, where passengers alighted at the train station. Both the train as well as the station was hanging on the air. Once all the passengers alighted and walked away, the train shrunk to the size of a miniscule worm and crawled down into the yard. The station quickly disappeared. Arjun wanted to take the train once, but he knew there was a question of affordability. Arjun is decently rich, but trains are not for rich people, he thought. They are for Royal people. Once again, the station formed like an appearing image and a train approached. He saw an old man alight the train. The old man walked slowly, yet confidently. He instantly reminded Arjun of his grandfather.

He slowly thought of the lifestyle, his grand father Arun used to tell him. Those days there never used to be such train stations. All train stations used to fixed in a place. People used to go to a place called ‘Airport’ to take flights. And people drove to work in cars. And they had to be dependent upon centralized satellite agencies to telecast TV programs and they are scheduled too. No Artificial Intelligence in those days. They did not have any MyBo’s back then. Arjun can’t imagine what would happen, if MyBo isn’t with him, even for a single day. But his grandfather has always told him that there were people living together, back then and that’s what makes all the difference. Arjun could only imagine about living with the love and affection of people. All he knew was MyBo and his predecessors. At the back of his mind, though he realized that he is leading nothing more than an automated life, he has got used to his lifestyle too much to just turn back. And he did not want to turn back. His mind slightly got heavy.

As he kept thinking his grandfather’s words, MyBo called for him and said that it is getting late for work. Arjun realized he had his public flight in the next half an hour and in the following hour his house will have to shrink, to make way for peak hour traffic. After all, Arjun knew for today’s population, people can live only with this “SmartShrink” technology. He smiled to himself and walked inside calling “MyBo, what will be my costume for the day?!!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


For quite sometime now, my favorite activity has been browsing thru blogs. I’m pretty sure a lot of us do so. After burning all my leisure time for online news, mails, messengers, my books and orkut, I still feel my day wouldn’t be complete without blogsing (blogs + browsing). I fumble for words, when I think about how much does the blogs inspire me or rather blogspire (blogs + inspire) me! There are a few blogs that I visit regularly (most of these bloggers are out into the caves sleeping somewhere, but I can mention a couple of my favorite blogspots – & As I read thru blogs like this, there is only an unstoppable desire to read thru more blogs. And that desire soon turns out into an unstoppable itch. That kind of itch, which gives me more pleasure, the more I scratch.

And when I reach a pointless point(?), where I can no-longer scratch, this itch turns out into a whole-new inspiration. Yes, an inspiration to write. The same inspiration felt by movie directors or music directors or even authors of books inspired by the ideas of other authors. IMHO, the very word ‘inspiration’ itself is closely similar to ‘Innovation’, but in a slightly different form. No human innovation can happen without being inspired. Hence I’m announcing here that I’m a BIG inspirer of blogs and books. Also, I’m inventing (re-inventing?) the word ‘Blogspiring’, the meaning of which can be thought of as ‘being inspired from other blogs and still coming out with ideas of our own’. And you may not be surprised, if I write stories/posts/articles, after being inspired the books I may read or even from other blogs that I may come across. After all, humans never learn many things by themselves. Just a thought, before I start blobering (blog+blabber?) in my own style. own blog!

After so much of thoughts and fear of hibernation, I'm prepared to give it a shot here in this blorld!( I mean Blog World). I was just pondering, why I should create a blog after all? Just to have a web page for myself (and hoping silently that if somebody googles out my name, this might turn out?) Or maybe, just to tell people that I have a blog spot for myself too? Or maybe to keep myself engaged in writing, as thoughts drip into my mind? Or maybe to write more short- stories?? Or maybe to look back and see how I used to think, after a decade or two? Or maybe not....Whatever is the reason, I have my own blogspot now. All of the above questions maybe the reason for my own blogspot or not even one! Many a time, I have played trivial roles as author of other blogspots, but this is my first baby step in my whole blog world. I just want to keep writing things, that comes to my mind and this is my whole new own world. And yaa before i stop, there is a final disclaimer(for myself though!) - Spur of interests in me has always been short-lived and so shall not be this blogspot!