Tuesday, November 27, 2007

College Reminiscences - Part II

The After Effects - Notorious Tour:

Read this to know from where the following continues:
The following Monday was more exciting for us, than the ''Tour-day' Saturday. Very first hour, our HOD (Head of Department, Computer Science) came to our class. I have always felt she is fond of advising people than doing her duty, I mean teaching. And since I love advices, I like her classes too. After all, advices are much interesting, when you know you don’t have to follow them ;) She started, “Where did you all go on Saturday?” What a question to start the day, I thought to myself. Nobody replied. Then she remained silent for a few moments. She knew our class was one of the hard nut-classes to crack (Not because our class was filled with Nuts!). Then she said that our college management is fully aware of our trip and that we have committed the biggest sin of our lifetime, by arranging for such a trip. She then asked, “Who arranged for this tour?”. The whole class was silent again. There started her advice waterfall. We all were bathing in it, not concerned about the attempt she made to make it serious. Half hour of vain advice. she knew she had to follow a different strategy.

She pointed out people and asked the same question. Still the same response. At least, I was happy with the “Upfront” togetherness of our class (Though “behind the screen” story was a little different). The same afternoon, she brought our VP to our class and we all had our afternoon bath in the same advice waterfall. This time, the advices were flowing with added-force of a waterfall, but nobody seemed to be bothered. After all, the very thought that “This is college and tour is not a crime!” was our strong and silent argument! Then our HOD followed her third strategy. She started with face-face interrogations of a selected few of our classmates. And somehow, she got the required names of those “suspects” or in our words “organizers”.

Things were smooth for the next three days. Everything got back to normalcy and we told to ourselves that this whole tour incident was just another “Scary-movie” attempt by our college! We would have even thought about our next trip, if the Friday evening was normal. We had a seminar at the conference room that evening. Hari and myself took a break from the seminar and strolled around in the campus. As we walked along the corridor and crossed Principal’s office, I saw one of my other classmates “JP”. And he was there with his parents waiting to meet our principal. As we were wondering what brings “reported-sick-on-that-day” JP to college, JP came towards us and told “Its all gone! Our college management has sent a registered post to my home, asking my parents to come and collect the TC (Transfer Certificate). The reason being, me involved in anti-curricular activities!” Oh my, I thought. Hyper-enthu Hari started “Machaa, that’s it da, we are screwed! If it happens to the “nice-guy” JP, imagine our plight! Am sure we’ll have to say good bye to our college. Oh my God, what do we do now?”. As we were discussing, Hari’s parents arrived, with a letter in their hands. Hari looked at me. I looked at him. We knew what was there in the letter. And I looked up and imagined my plight at home. Not only mine, Vijai’s, Bharath’s and Sree’s. And who else?

I rushed home and everything was normal at home, much to my surprise. I was expecting a little tsunami though. That evening, as I sat with my family for dinner, my dad started slowly, “Arun, how are things at college?”. I knew where he is headed towards. Just like a river out of the dam, I told my parents, the entire story (They knew that I had gone on a tour though!). My dad immediately said, “It is Saturday and you guys did not use college name anywhere in the tour. Why is the college bothering you then? You are not kids!” I felt relieved. He also added, “Don’t worry; I’ll come to your college tomorrow. I’ll talk to them. You’ll not have any trouble whatsoever!”

The next day, when I went to college, I came to know that only our “Famous-Five” guys plus “Innocent JP” received this kind of a letter (It must be the last name of JP, which is Prakash that got him to trouble, as Bharath and Sree share the same last name!). The day was pretty dull. Everybody’s parents had to come to college and the difference for our parents is they had a finer letter, with word "TC" mentioned. Finally, our college did not make it bigger than that and our parents had to give an apology letter and an assurance letter, saying that their kids would not involve in any such activity hereon.

Wow!! How much of pleasure do I get to think of it now? All these Nataks, just for a simple one-day tour. I wonder, till date if such an incident would have happened in any other college, around the world! I have always wanted to crib-aloud about this happening, but for some reason, I only end up laughing to myself, when I think of those “Crazy-headed” VP, “left-brain-absented” HOD and the way the whole management handled this tour issue. Such silly folks!! Thanks to them, to have made such a big fuss out of a simple incident, thereby making it a good incident to recollect and a subject to post in my blog!

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