Thursday, November 22, 2007

I still love you..Dont I??

It was 11pm. He would have slept by now, otherwise. But this was a different day. Not an ordinary one, nor the kind, he is used to. He missed her. Missed her terribly. As a matter of fact, "missing", he felt was an understatement. He could not eat dinner properly. He could not watch the daily news in TV with attention that day, as he normally does. And now, even after rolling in the bed from side to side for more than an hour, he couldn't sleep. All for one reason. He missed her.

He got up from his bed. He looked at the telephone. "Is it not too late to call her", a sudden thought from inside ran across his mind. And a faint imagination of her reply "Whats wrong with you?? Is everything ok there?? why are you calling me at this unearthly hour" came to his mind. Thats what she would say if he calls her now. He knew her better than anybody else did. But nevertheless, she would be happy to talk to him. He missed her regular "Good Night, Sweet Dreams honey". He cant goto sleep without hearing that. He decided and strongly felt, it's ok, if he disturbs her. After all, she is his wife. He walked slowly towards the telephone. He carefully dialed her number. The phone rang. He waited patiently and hoped that she should pick up the phone. She did.

She : "Hello?"
He : "It's me!"
She : "Whats wrong with you?? Is everything ok there?? why are you calling me at this unearthly hour"
He : " I was just thinking about you. I missed you today. Thought I'd call"
She : "You missed me?? C'mon - you are not a kid. You turned 70 last week. And we have been married for 52 years now! We are not any sort of young-romantic couples anymore"
He : "Yeah, I know all that. But I still love you. And Love doesnt stop with age nor time, does it??"
She : "Ok ok c'mon. I have come here, just to be with our grand-kids for 2 days. I'd be back by saturday. Did you take those tablets??
He : "Yeah, I did." *She was thinking about him. It made him happy*
She : "Now, its getting late. Why dont you go and sleep now?"
He : "Hmmm...I will.."
She : "Good night, Sweet Dreams!"
He : "Good night"

She hung up. He talked with her. It was enough for him. He went and slept in minutes!

[This "little-modified story"is dedicated to my grandfather and grandmother, who have been married for over 50 years and they stayed together as happy couples, till they lived. I just wish I be so too!].

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Vaishali said...

wow!! thats very cute!