Friday, November 30, 2007

Courtesy, I thought was Contagious!

As the title says, I have always believed that “Courtesy is Contagious!” I sit back and think how well this adage applies to "courtesy". But I forgot to realize how well the same applies to the lack of it.

This morning, I left for office. Just like usual, I waited for the free shuttle from my apartment (This is my first week at this new location and its too nascent to think about buying a car yet!). I was there at the front desk at 8.20am, though the shuttle is at 8.30am. I was reading news and slowly, people started coming. The shuttle is a 15-seater and only desis take this shuttle, as most of the local people have their own vehicle. The shuttle came on time. In the last 3 years of my stay in US, I have observed people forming Queue, whenever there was a need to - while exiting the movie theatre, exiting the flight, waiting for the bus or even for ordering food in restaurants. But the sad part is there is a big threat to this “Queue”, when there is a desi in the crowd. The problem is desis don’t know that there is such a concept called “Queue”. Being a desi myself, I cant and don’t blame Indians, because India has been like that – Our land has been the perfect example of “Survival of the fittest!” You rush and go first or you won’t have anything left for you!

Coming back to the shuttle story, people were ready to board the shuttle, even before it came and stopped. I’m somehow not too good in stepping forward before others, when it comes to get into crowded buses or trains. That is something I’m not used to and not comfortable at. I always rest on the fact that everybody would get their seat, if things are in order. But today, it proved me wrong. As I courteously allowed a couple of ladies to get in, all the others stormed in too. In a jiffy, I realized I was the last. I got into the shuttle and looked to find that there was no room left for me. I waited for a couple of seconds, if somebody who’s going to the nearby office (which is 10 min’s walk, whereas my workplace is 3 miles) might probably volunteer and give me a seat. But nobody did. Feeling a little embarrassed, I got out of the shuttle. I looked a little stupid to myself. Being the first one to arrive and wait for the shuttle, I was standing there, seeing the shuttle speed past me.

I was a little lost for a moment and then I recuperated myself, called a couple of my other friends and fortunately one guy gave me a ride.

When I think about the whole happening, I realize the mistake was on my side too. I should have got into the shuttle first, even if it takes a little WWF fight there. From monday, I have decided that I’m gonna get into the shuttle and take a place, no matter what. After all, I realize “Lack of Courtesy is Contagious too!”

I’m just giving vent to my silly disappointment this morning. And from Monday, I’ll still wait and say “Courtesy starts from me!” :)


Mahesh said...

Nice one Arun! Dont forget to run on Monday :-). Afterall, "Courtesy on one side can never last long"

Chakra said...

We lack the discipline to be civil in public... don't we? I hav observed this trend (not forming queues etc) at several places in UK too and invariably it would only happen when desis are around. Used to feel ashamed at our guy's attitude.

Chakra said...

btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and my son's.

Sundar said...

is a good lesson

Arun Sundar said...

Mahesh - How contradictory u'r quote and the the title of my blog :) Thanks for stopping by anyways!

Chakra - "Used to feel ashamed at our guy's attitude" or rather You can say "GOT Used to feeling ashamed at our guy's attitude"?? :)

Appa - It is indeed a good lesson...just learning from everything nowadays :)