Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Finally....my own blog!

After so much of thoughts and fear of hibernation, I'm prepared to give it a shot here in this blorld!( I mean Blog World). I was just pondering, why I should create a blog after all? Just to have a web page for myself (and hoping silently that if somebody googles out my name, this might turn out?) Or maybe, just to tell people that I have a blog spot for myself too? Or maybe to keep myself engaged in writing, as thoughts drip into my mind? Or maybe to write more short- stories?? Or maybe to look back and see how I used to think, after a decade or two? Or maybe not....Whatever is the reason, I have my own blogspot now. All of the above questions maybe the reason for my own blogspot or not even one! Many a time, I have played trivial roles as author of other blogspots, but this is my first baby step in my whole blog world. I just want to keep writing things, that comes to my mind and this is my whole new own world. And yaa before i stop, there is a final disclaimer(for myself though!) - Spur of interests in me has always been short-lived and so shall not be this blogspot!

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