Tuesday, November 13, 2007


For quite sometime now, my favorite activity has been browsing thru blogs. I’m pretty sure a lot of us do so. After burning all my leisure time for online news, mails, messengers, my books and orkut, I still feel my day wouldn’t be complete without blogsing (blogs + browsing). I fumble for words, when I think about how much does the blogs inspire me or rather blogspire (blogs + inspire) me! There are a few blogs that I visit regularly (most of these bloggers are out into the caves sleeping somewhere, but I can mention a couple of my favorite blogspots – http://rja.blogspot.com/ & http://nous-reigns.blogspot.com). As I read thru blogs like this, there is only an unstoppable desire to read thru more blogs. And that desire soon turns out into an unstoppable itch. That kind of itch, which gives me more pleasure, the more I scratch.

And when I reach a pointless point(?), where I can no-longer scratch, this itch turns out into a whole-new inspiration. Yes, an inspiration to write. The same inspiration felt by movie directors or music directors or even authors of books inspired by the ideas of other authors. IMHO, the very word ‘inspiration’ itself is closely similar to ‘Innovation’, but in a slightly different form. No human innovation can happen without being inspired. Hence I’m announcing here that I’m a BIG inspirer of blogs and books. Also, I’m inventing (re-inventing?) the word ‘Blogspiring’, the meaning of which can be thought of as ‘being inspired from other blogs and still coming out with ideas of our own’. And you may not be surprised, if I write stories/posts/articles, after being inspired the books I may read or even from other blogs that I may come across. After all, humans never learn many things by themselves. Just a thought, before I start blobering (blog+blabber?) in my own style.

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