Sunday, November 25, 2007

College Reminiscences - Part I

I have a lot of sweet memories of my college life and I'm just making an effort here to recollect the events, I think were important(to me atleast!).

The Notorious trip!:

This happened during my second year of college. Just like normal group of students, most of my classmates were very much for tours/trips. And whatever happened in our class, it happened by/because of a clique of 5 guys (Myself, Vijai, Bharath, Hari and Sree). We were the ones, who stepped forward (irrespective of the invite!) for anything and everything in our class. We were the ones, who never missed an opportunity to participate in inter-college fests and bag prizes like no others did(I'll reserve a separate post for that!). We were the ones, who brought many ideas to our college, most of which were completely new, back then. A simple one day trip was one such idea. And this trip was planned to a place called Mahabalipuram. We planned it on a saturday and we booked a bus to be on our own for a day.

On the d-day, I woke up at 6am and was getting myself ready for the trip. Just then, my phone rang. I picked up “Yeah”, the voice in the other end said, “Hey Arun, its me Geetha. Are we still on with the Mahabs plan?”. I was a little bemused. Such a right question, but at the wrong time! I asked “Why, what’s the matter? We are very much ON”. Then she said, “Our College Principal called our parents and enquired about the tour it seems”. That’s when I realized that our college officials were not aware of our trip. Of course, at that point, it didn’t really matter to me. I said “Its ok yaar, don’t worry about that. It’s too late to call off the trip now and that too, for such a phone call, which we aren’t even sure if it’s not a hoax. Now, get ready and let’s meet at the agreed place at 9am”.

We all met at a place called Guindy as agreed. There’ll always be delays when just 2 or 3 people meet up. But this was a crowd of 35+. As expected, we had delays. (That I asked a couple of my classmates to wait at a place to meet up and go together and I missed them there and came to Guindy is altogether a different story. I had to cut a sorry face to both the girls, for many more days for that!) After we all met up and got into the bus, we slowly got to know that our principal had not only called Geetha, but a lot other girls. That kinda puzzled me. C’mon, would anybody believe that the principal of a college would call second year students, that too about a one-day trip? I couldn’t simply believe that. “Give me a break guys!”, came the words from many of our mouths, especially from the organizers(Yaa, the same 5 guys!). So, we set off, without looking back.

We had an excellent time. Music, Dance, Fun and what not? We went to a beach. Played like kids, ate like pigs! It was one day we all got to know each other better, outside our regular classroom faces. After all, that’s what tours are meant for. After a terrific three hours at the beach, we travelled to Mahabalipuram and that’s where disaster, in the form of a red van, struck. No, No, it’s not an accident! Vice principal of our college comes in a red van and we saw the same one there at Mahabalipuram, as if waiting for us. One of my classmates(I don’t exactly remember who it was), who alighted first off the bus, at the parking lot, came rushing back to the bus screaming “VP! VP!!”. Somebody sneaked out of one of the bus windows, saw the VP and shut the screens immediately, with the same reaction as the first guy. Our VP was watching all these patiently. With all these chaos, we decided not to get off at Mahabalipuram and rather move to our next destination, a boat club. We had a filmy road-chase (of course, without actions) by the red van. Once our bus stopped at the boat club, the red van was ready, even before us. There’s no point in hiding away. He anyways has seen us. Thinking so, we all got off the bus and walked towards the boats, as the red van sped behind us. We resumed our enjoyment, forgetting all about the red van and our VP. We all had a fantastic day overall. We thought the fun ended right there, but we dint know the real fun is when we get back to college, on Monday.

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