Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ou Langua....

"Thee tit ee perplexi? Yeah, fa me too. An my bla ee goo"...Or in our language, " This title is perplexing? Yeah, for me too. And my blog is good". Still perplexed? This modified english is what myself and Amar(my friend) have been talking, for almost an year. Just like how u'r eye-brows went up and wrinkled on reading the title and the first few lines, so will everybody's, when they heard(or perhaps over-heard) us talking. That was kinda funny and it gave us an inexplicable "feel-good" factor and we continued. Now that, we have been talking in that language for quite some time and reached a comfortable level, I thot i'll write a blog on it as well. After all, every language evolves this way over time and I reckon ours will too ;) Anyways, this language is pretty easy. The name "The Langua", as I call it, is nothing but word "The Language", with the last part removed. In fact, that's how we started this whole language. When u speak English words after you divide it into multiple pronunciable parts and remove the last part, you are actually talking Langua. So, wha do yo thi? Coo? :)

I can see you saying, "What??!!Stop being a jerk". Yaaa, I hear you saying that. But you gotta agree that nobody in this world would get such a crazy idea of inventing (kind of) a new language and that too continue it for more than an year. Just that, am trying to expand it now! So, Now u know what the title reads, don't u?

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Arun Sundar said...

Made some slight changes, based on comments from JP, the Language man! :)

He (re)defined the word 'Syllable' for me!!