Saturday, November 24, 2007

Change - That's the only thing that doesnt Change!

I just took this photograph(in my mobile) outside my apartment on Friday, 23rd Nov'07 :

And the very next day(Saturday 24th Nov'07), I took this photograph under similar conditions :

Just the number of leaves that had fallen off in a day made me think. I know its just the seasonal change, but somehow it appeared to me that there is a much-stronger inference than that! Can you identify with me here??


Anonymous said...

I am wondering how come two days (friday and saturday) can have the same date!!!!!!!!!!!

Arun Sundar said...

Thats a good catch, will change it....thats a silly typo :(

And it'll be nice if people can disclose their identity than being Anonymous!

Khyati said...

yes change only thing that is constant and the more we resist it, the more difficult it becomes, its inevitable , we all evolve in our lives !!!!!!!!!!!!
thats the way to go Embrace change