Saturday, November 17, 2007

Florida....Thats wat my mind thinks of now!

This is holiday season. Thanks giving is approaching. That means I hafta plan something. And thanks to my new clients, I have 4 days of leave this upcoming weekend. My mind automatically starts to think of the only state in East coast of US thats been inviting me for long - FLORIDA!! There are quite enough reasons for me to have chosen Florida :

1. If I visit Florida, I would cover full of East coast, as a tourist.
2. This is one of the few holidays, where I get 4 days, which would be sufficient to visit FL by drive from Pennsylvania.
3. This is the right season to visit (would neither be too hot nor too cold).
4. This trip would increase the number of US states I have visited to 25.

Whatever reasons I think, I just wanna visit the southern-most tip of US in the east coast. And this is how I have planned : Four days - 43 hours of driving - 19 hours of sightseeing- 40 hours of rest - infinite fun and memories. I shall write a travelogue, once I'm back. Keep watching this space :)

And by the way, this is the first post from my mobile phone!

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arun said...

Happy trip to Florida !!