Monday, November 19, 2007

O-R-K-U-T....A blessing??....Else??

Orkut - I'm sure it has become a routine(more of a mandatory) activity for many people on a day-to-day basis. I'm an ardent fan of Orkut myself. It makes me pass a great deal of time, whenever I'm completely bored/out of mood to read blogs. I have been thinking to write about Orkut for quite sometime and now that I have a blogspot for myself, I thought I would as well write about it. Maybe a quick analysis. As I think patiently analysing Orkut, the following occured to me:

1. Orkut got me in touch with most of my lost-friends(Most of them, I thought I lost years ago!).

2. Orkut keeps me in touch with almost all the people, whom i consider as either Friends or acquaintances. It keeps me updated about the happenings in their life!(For best of buddies, You always have better ways than orkut)

3. Whenever I get to meet with a "stranger-might-become-a-friend" sort of people, the first thing I'm asked for is my Orkut ID and no problems from then-on, keeping in touch with them.

4. I dont have to remember any of my friend's phone number or their e-mail ID. To touch base with them, all I gotta do is scribble(huh?) on their scrapbook!

5. I have read at many places that it has helped people in their studies, their business networking and even love affairs. So, it does help people!!

6. The testimonials you receive makes you feel better, when you feel low on self!

On the contrary,

7. There's no limit to the extent that orkut can be misused(Evident from the results that turned out, when i googled "Orkut Misuse")

8. Orkut is surprisingly candid for an application. Its wholly up to the user to discriminate what to communicate thru orkut or what not to!(Hey, people are always watching u'r scrapbook!)

9. And you gotta bear with people, who just bragg about themselves thru such a community. Most of them are just there for that!!

10. U gotta deal with annoying Friend Request from anonymous anomalies!

Most of you readers would have thought about all these, one way or the other. Any application or a tool is such - it will have good stuffs to be happy about and irritating features to get rid of, at the same time. And orkut no exception!

- Sincerely,
Just another guy, caught with Orkut Fever !

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