Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Free....hurrah!!

I jumped out of joy! Nobody could stop me now. I feel complete. I feel triumphant. I don’t have anymore commitments for some more days. I’m not bound by anybody. I can do what I want to do, anytime of the day, hereon. I feel the real meaning of freedom and independence. I pity those animals in the zoos, those birds in the cages, those criminals in the jails, for I was feeling like one among them till date. It’s very difficult to live, devoid of freedom/own will. But not anymore. I’m free. I’m the King. I’m the subject. I plan my day. I dictate my doings. I rule myself. I feel good. The coming days are exactly what I have been looking forward for long. I’ll redefine the word “Fun”. I’ll play till my body wears out and aches for rest. I’ll read till my eyes plead for sleep. I’ll sleep till my organs pant for food. I’ll eat till my stomach appeals for rest. I’ll rest till I feel the urge to play. I’ll play my body wears out and aches for rest. These were the thoughts that stormed my mind, in those few moments till I reached home. Every single thought was like happy birds, flying out over Sun rise, in search of food.

I’m just trying to recollect my feelings, as I came out of the Exam hall after my 6th standard Annual Exams and as the summer holidays were beckoning - almost 14 years ago.

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