Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Story a Day!!

I came across this blog, which is hosted by one Mr.Ankur Shanker. Ankur is an Engineering graduate, aspiring to do his Master's in LSE(London School of Economics), but he is falling short of 55k pounds required for the tuition, boarding and lodging. He is now planning to take up his Masters in 2008, with the support from fellow-bloggers and from fellow-browsers! Yes, he has started a blogspot and he is planning to earn the tuition fees, thru the Adsense. To have people visiting his blog, he is planning to write one short story a day for 180 days.

I dont know if it is the smartest way to plan for your tuition fees, but sure it takes a lot of have such a 'thought'. Thats what I would call Determination. This guy has the right spirit and I went thru his stories. He is doing a decent job. I wish him success and and just thought i'll write a post for him and spread the words. !

Check his blogspot at


Chakra said...

hope you have heard abt Alex Tew as well..

Arun Sundar said...

I havent heard about Alex, but went thru his site - makes me sit back and think, if even sky is the limit for earning money(ofcourse in the right way!)...and am surprised to see articles about his page in wikipedia and in several online news portals....commendable thought!