Monday, December 10, 2007

AI - Artificial Intelligence or Apprehension Imminent!

As I had nothing to do this Saturday, I sat down in front of the TV and was browsing thru the channels. I heard somebody ringing the calling bell. Since my room-mates were out, I opened the door. Two handsome men (in their mid 40’s) dressed up in suits and nice coolers were standing there. They then asked me if I’m Neo, the software programmer. I nodded and they handcuffed me and took me with them. In less than a minute, it all happened. I was completely flabbergasted by their actions, as they neither did answer my questions nor did they treat me like a human. Since they looked more powerful, I didn’t resist. As we neared the parking lot, a lady in black attire approached in a fast-bike and even before I could see her completely, she shot the two men down and they died instantly. She then aimed the gun at me. I was sh*t-scared for a second and after all, I wasn’t prepared to die at that moment. I closed my eyes-tight and she pulled the trigger, without any mercy. The bullet tore up the shackles and knocked off my handcuff. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She came near me and told in my ears “Hey Neo, I’m Trinity. We both have to save this world together. Those two men are not humans, they are AI machines!” My eyes went wide open. I enthusiastically said “Oh, I’ll be happy to save this world!. So, what is our next plan of action” I waited for her reply. “Oh! You want to save the world now? Wake up and have some coffee you dumbo! After all, you have started speaking in your sleep too nowadays! Are you Keanu Reeves??” this was my room-mate. Pppppuuffff, it was all a dream!!

I had my coffee and I was thinking about the movie “The matrix”, I watched this noon. Though I had seen it twice already, this third time somehow made me think. And it made me believe that something like that is quite sure to happen to this world and to humans. I just couldn’t digest the fact that I may not get a chance to see the world, as late as 2199. That gave me a weird feeling and an urge to imagine that world today. Maybe that’s what caused my dream. Looking at the way the technology grows in today’s world, we may not be surprised if Artificial Intelligence rules the world, much before 2199. Movies like iRobot, Island, Matrix etc, make me look like a believer in all these concepts. It would certainly be nice, if we have machines living with us/helping us. But just when these movies show how the world goes astray, with over-utilization of technology, a chill runs down my spine. Involuntarily, I start worrying about my grand-kids and their grand-kids. It is for sure they’ll undergo all that they show in these movies, yet uncertain as to how and when. As much as I love Technology, I tend to hate it.

The calling bell rang again. I went to get it and I saw two men in suits, not very handsome this time. I still prepared myself to say "No", in case they asked me, if I'm a computer programmer. Of course, dreams play that kind of a trivial role in my mind all the time. They introduced themselves as the new security folks for our apartment building. I smiled and thought to myself that it is no era of Artificial Intelligence yet! I'm so happy that I live with humans!

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