Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend - OB

My latest cacoethes is this: I cannot pass even a single day, without watching, at the least one episode of "Everybody loves Raymond". I simply love Debra! Only if I get a wife like her...Hmmm.....Well, I might probably be the 135, 367th person to think so! And what a weekend, without watching atleast one tamil movie. And I saw two this weekend :

1.Evano Oruvan: Story of yet another tamil brahmin, turning into a terrorist in an attempt to cleanse the society and screw his own life up royally! I don't know why the film directors target brahmins for such roles(In the lines of Gentleman, Anniyan, etc.). Maybe to prove some stupid point like "Saadhu Mirandaal, Kaaadu thaangaathu" or something. Whatever...but not worth writing a big review. Still Sangeetha, as Maddy's wife and a middle-aged aunty was ccuuuuuutttte :)

2. Kalloori: It took me a while, to find out who the hero of the movie was. But a natural movie, characterizations were apt and the story, as the name says is of a group of college students. The movie, I think is taken as a dedication to the poor college students at Dharmapuri(in South India), who were burnt alive, during one of the political riots, a couple of years ago. Heroine, like a lone flower in a garden was pleasant to watch and this movie is recommended for "Nothing_Else_To_Do" saturday noons. I anyways hate tragedies :(


Narayanan said...

nice review . Brahmins are always chewed wildly not only in movies but in all forms of media . Reason? it is proclaimed that they are submissive and never voice out ! :(

Arun Sundar said...

Thats very true N.Anna. And at times, brahmins become object of ridicule too in movies..That is another thing, which I cant take as funny.

But thats wat media is all about, aint it?