Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and my weekend...

What a weekend had this been?? My activities in a nutshell:

1. Paid a visit to New York City - Realized I still love my home away from home
2. Watched National Treasure – Understood treasure hunting is a little better than software industry!
3. Watched Mamma Mia Broadway show – Best thing that happened to me, of late
4. Met my friend on his bday – Got him a surprise gift, only to be surprised that he got the same gift for himself a day ago!
5. Tried Puerto Rican food – Made me realize I love India
6. Portrait of my face – After 20 mins of motionless stature, I saw the painting to realize I couldn’t recgonise myself. Phew…but one thing became clear: how difficult it would have been for Kate Winslet in the movie ‘Titanic’ (yaa yaa, so for DiCaprio)!
7. Went to Saravana Bhavan – Felt Puerto Rican restaurant was better
8. Watched Final Destination 3 and Poseidon – TV is the best invention in this world!
9. Watched 'Oram Po'(tamil movie) – Chennai Auto-rickshaws in street-racing! Enjoyed watching it.
10. Drove to Pittsburg on Christmas day – Had a darshan of Lord Balaji and lots of desis. No traffic in the freeway :)
11. Sad part - Did not watch even a single episode of Everybody Loves Raymond these 4 days :(

1 comment:

Amar said...

Sorry about your surprise gift :-)
But it still made me happy (your disapointment)