Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are you with me?

He : "Its ok, lets go for it."

She: "C'mon, I am not with you. I know where you are heading towards?"

He : "Oh, you don't have to be bothered."

She: "Are you nuts?

He : "Hey, there's nothing to be scared of. This is what people do!”

She: “I know. Guys are always like this” *sighs*

He : “Hey dear, please…”

She: “You don’t have to beg like this. Just think about it once”

He : “Yaa, I did think. It is perfectly fine"

She: "Did u even forget that I'm elder to you?"

He: "I'm sure its ok"

She: "How can it be ok?? What would the world talk about it? That too on the christmas eve"

He : "Why do you have to think about the world. It always talks"

She: "No way, I am not doing it"

He : "Hey, I'm sure it'll remain a secret between us"

She: "Secret. How come? Somebody in the house would definitely see us"

He : "Nope. I'll make sure that nobody sees. You don't have to think this much"

She: "How can I not think?"

He : "Just look at me once. It is me who's asking"

She: "That’s what is making me think"

He : "Please…"

She: "Are u sure it'll be only once?"

He : "I swear to God, it'll be only once"

She: "You sure we'll not get into any trouble later?

He : "No, not at all. I'll even forget that we did something like this"

She: "Ok then. Just this once. Lets do it"

He : "Yes!!!"

And the kids arranged the stool and started stealing the christmas candies from atop the fridge.

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Raz said...

:) nan kuda vera yetho ninachen..