Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I wish I save some snow...

I peek out of my office window. It snows in a gentle, smooth fashion. Some drops fall onto the tarmac. They disappear at the blink of an eye. Some drops rest on the branches of the trees. Those must be the happiest. They sit tight, hoping the weather doesn’t get any warmer and wishing they live forever. They know pretty well that it’s only matter of hours before they die away. The trees, devoid of all their leaves still feel the energy deep within. Seems to me they these trees know there'll be snow flakes, who would take temporary refuge on them. Maybe that's why they shed in autumn. And the snow flakes in return, cover and dress the trees up - making the whole arrangement picturesque. Makes us forget that these are trees without leaves.

The snow-fall is still steady. Like a baby loving to play with all his toys at the same instant, the snow-fall has laid its foot everywhere - on all the branches of the trees, all the cars in the parking lot, the side-walk and even on the hood of those walking-people with their jacket on. The snow fall, I think is the perfect example of being impartial. I imagine, how nice would it be, if God's blessings are just like snow-fall - A complete impartial Grace for everybody in this world! I keep looking at the snow-fall. The city slowly turns white. No birds in the sky. Light vanishes as softly as evaporating water. The nights arrive, but not the stars in the sky. Clouds form huddle barricading the stars. Everything comes to rest, but for the snowfall. It is still falling, slowly but steadily. I reach home. I retire to my bed. No dreams today. Casio wakes me. A dull morning. Sun turns up late. He doesn’t like this white town. I know he would simply wish to call it an early day. I look thru my windows. Nothing has changed from last night. The place has only grown whiter. Or purer, as white, they say, is the color of purity.

I take a walk. The snow fall trickle on me, like thousand babies trying to touch me. When I try to reciprocate, they vanish. I walk, my jacket hugging me, giving me the warmth. The warmth, I get to feel only when the temperature drips this low. Wow! How good does it feel to feel cold and to feel warm!

I had to wait through scorching afternoons, storming rains, the color-changing trees, shedding leaves, shrinking daylight, plummeting temperature, raging winds and finally, an army of miniscule, confused white-particles appear all around, that we call snow! I don’t want to let them go now, just like that!

I only wish I save some snow, for myself!


JP said...

WOnderful !!!!!!!!!!!

Arun Sundar said...

Thanks JP...after all, I saved some snow only in my blogspot ;)