Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Legend!

I am of the type, who can't enjoy Fiction movies . But "I am Legend" is one movie, which gives you the edge-of-the-seat excitement, almost thru-out the 2 hours of the movie. And Will Smith, as an actor has done an exquisite job. If this movie turns out to be a success, 80% of the credit should goto this man. I would compare his performance to Tom Hanks' in "Cast Away", for the role of Will Smith in this movie is a little complicated, taking into account the expression of fear and the survival traits he shows. He has meticulously handled a lot of close-up shots and some for prolonged durations, posing the perfect expressions. He is for sure maturing as an actor, movie by movie. If his performance in "Pursuit of Happyness" was good, "I am Legend" it is very good. He gets a 9 on 10 for sure. For most part of the movie, Will Smith and his sole-comrade, German shepherd run the show. Dr.Robert Neville(Will Smith), being the sole human survivor in New York City, after an incurable virus attacks the world, tries to survive and find a cure too.

The graphics in the movie is impeccable and I have not seen New York city in such a dilapidated shape in my dreams too. My eyes fell for it. But the only thing I don't understand is why wild Animals get into New York city, when the city becomes devoid of humans for 3 years(because of a virus attack). Other than that, I found every aspect of this movie captivating. The movie has got a clean logical story line, threatening sound effects and the right screenplay to be called a horror-fiction entertainer. Now I want to read the book written by Richard Matheson, on which this movie is based.

"I am Legend" is for sure, worth a watch. My rating : 8 on 10.


I said...

Uh? idhellam oru padama? adha vera aaha oho nu build-up/

Arun Sundar said...

I, Neenga ellaam andha kaalathu Manushaa...ungalukku indha kaalathu padam ellaam puriyaathu(or pudikkaathu)..