Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull...


Steven Spielberg gets younger by every movie. And so does Harrison Ford.


Coconut Chutney said...

Yay! Me loves Indiana Jones. Especially that whip-swish. Will defntly watch then! :)

Preeti said...

Friday release inga...WAITINGGGGG to go first day first show!!!

rahman said...

Oh man...badly wanna see it

1conoclast said...

THAT good huh???

Vijai said...

Machi "SuperExcellelinglyEntertainmentoFantastic!" laam romba over da .... Ok va iruku .... un review paarthuthu udane poi paarthen avalavu super laam illa da ....

Nee vazhakam pola thuppu da athu thaan correct ta iruku :)

Anonymous said...

That is a concise review, I must say. Thanks for getting to the point, and not risking 'Lost Readers'.

Arun Sundar said...

U'd love this one too.

Friday office bunk'a? ;)

Its released there too, aint it?

Good entertainer it is. One should be ready to buy Spielberg's imaginative thoughts though :)

The movie takes one for a good long adventurous ride in a neat storyline, where the hero wins nice and easy. I liked it. And moreover, the mix of graphics and reality was awesome - eg., the jeep chase scene in the jungle, the monkey clan et al makes it a entertaining flick da. I cant 'thu' this. Btw, unakku edhukku 'english' movies? ;)

Thanks :)

Preeti said...

Enaku eppome bunk dan :D

Vanilla Vats said...

I have now got a new URL:
Just t let you know.