Thursday, May 15, 2008


Why was it not called SWEN, SEWN, WENS, EWNS for these can be pronounced too?

Even by folk etymology, North always has to come before South.

One Sighs!


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

North is forward. Forward is optimistic. Hence, priority to north.

SWEN-similar to swan. hence, ruled out.
sewn-err, we dont want another homophone now, do we? so ruled out.
wens-too un-english sounding. ruled out.
ewns-un-pronouncable. ruled out.

what's left now? NEWS.
so that tis!


5 am in the morning and this is all i can think of. :-\

Prashanth said...

Between North pole and the South pole ( I haven't read any where abt East pole and west pole) comes the directions east and west... hence insert Eand W between N and S... NEWS! Did the reasoning sound objective?

Coconut Chutney said...

Summava sonnaaru bharathiyar - First-la yaaru irukkangardhu mukkiyam illa. Aana last-la yaaru first vandhu nikkarangardhu dhaan mukkiyam.

Maybe not bharathiyar, but I'm pretty sure you get my point. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Prashanth's reasoning sounds cool!

btw, if 'north' is considered forward, one has too come to north madras. :P

Anonymous said...

*one has to*

Narayanan said...

NEtWork Stations ???

Ela said...

Now this is what known as an young mind?! questioning the age old traditions!

Guru said...

They wrote all combinations of S,N,W,E on different sheets of paper and picked one.

'NEWS' came up.

Shiv said...

too much yosichings

Arun Sundar said...

At 5am, that was quite good. And a time like 5am would leave one in confusion whether u woke up just then or u were up till then!

U utilising the fact that Earth is flat. Accepted. But my topic was south being degraded in front of north. These Indhi pasanga....

Adha simbu sollala??

Exactly. And one has to go north beyond Gummudipundi.


Ok Ms.Ouvvayaar.

Adhaan baa solrein. South yaen baa last?? south Indians'a saadhaaranama nenachuttaanga. Sigh.

I'm from south.

SLOGGER said...

Sometimes Arun Sundar thinks too much ;)

Gayatri said...

lol @slogger! i think i agree with him :)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I was awake till then, :-\

rantravereflect said...

why were you arun?
n not naru,runa, unar?

hop tat answers ya ques :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Suweet nayme! (goundamani style)

Coconut Chutney said...

Suweet nayme! (goundamani style)

rahman said...
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rahman said...

Whoever said NEWS stood for North-East-West-South anyway?

Maybe they had a list of wacky words and just picked one so that people could have fun guessing what it stood for.

Jayaprakash said...

Originally the word meant new things ,which we are not aware's like pluaral form of "New"....then it started getting used to denote NEWS as in today's sense - current happenings around the world...the abbreviation of NEWS is just an after-thought , hence I believe there is no bias behind this word....

PREETI said...

Cha! I dont have any witty answer to give! Maybe they r giving out all new stuff, so plural la NEWs...maybe??? :-/

Rayees Ahamed said...

N E W S = Naaasamaaga Ezhuthum Wetti Sangam

Absconding said...

It's got to do with magnetic field lines and electric charges, I bet!!! So since these 'originate' from the North, 'N' must be given the first priority in the acronym (it's more like a mnemonic).

So these lines end up in South, right? you'd think that South would be given the next priority or the next SEAT. It was!

But then, they both produced two children - East and West- twins (a boy and a girl). Since we have a tradition of putting children in between the parents, East and West were put in appropriate places.

Ofcourse, E comes before W and there is no question a bout it. ... and..Voila..


SWEN is used by those who are advocates of South. But those are people from the South, mainly!

Any other combination is screaming out a dysfunctional family..since both parents are in opposite ends and children must be in the middle!!

Arun Sundar said...

Yaaa. People get old. And they become so :)

Ayye thu!

Very good. Keep it up, for '6 or 7 is 'up'per than 5 :)

Hey! smart!! And I used to call myself so when I was bk in 3rd std. Later I came to know my name was formed, not just by jumbling letters. But by folk etymology(source:wikipedia), 'news' is formed so. And I did not have a problem with that. Just that I asked why does South have to come behind North in this.

Arun Sundar said...

I know. Its indeed a suweet nayme like 'Mandaaghini'.

My history mam told me long ago. Stupid her.

Correct. I did some google, before posting too :) But what the heck? Still they shouldn't have called it an acronym. South paavam.

You are actually right. And as jyotika says in 'dum dum dum', its not that if one blabbers, everybody has to blabber :)

Arun Sundar said...

Cool expansion. But media ppl would hunt u down and kill you :)

The award for the 'most sensible comment to the most silly post' goes to you :) Very good, with the kids in between the parents and all!

Absconding said...

:D I'm honored and ecstatic! :D Yippee!