Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kabali poetry services...

All you readers (ok, most of you readers) am sure would have found the secret of falling in love and winning it. At least the falling part of it. And for some, the highly prestigious attempt of "proposing" to the opposite sex might seem like its a little delicate endeavor. Coz that's more of a decider of one's life. Though one can be optimistic and keep trying, it would be nothing like getting it right the first time. Imagine a guy proposing a girl by giving something like a diamond ring that she has been wishing for. Or a girl proposing to the guy gifting him an iphone. Such things can call for 70-30 possibility. But how many times would one encounter such easy-go-win scenario? So, let me reiterate an already known fact. Winning somebody, devoid of some 'insults or assaults or slippers' is a little complicated process than it sounds. But ensuring one gets one of these Insults or Assaults or Slippers for sure is fairly easy though.

I have an idea. One should write poetry. Yup. Pure, unadulterated poetry. If written and communicated in the right notch, it'd be a sure hit. By hit, I meant one of these : insults or assaults or slippers. After all, an attempted failure in deliberation sounds like fun too! And, at times depending on the ‘quality’ of the poetry, it might result in some heavy calamity too. Or for that matter, such poetries are powerful enough to even screw an already good relationship. So, one should write poetry. Or if one can’t, they should lease a poem from Kabali. Kabali has an enriched database of lot of such poems and the charge would be nominal, based on a case-to-case basis. But I know as customers, one wouldn't really want to lease a poem, without sampling. So, here we go for all of you, a sample from 'Kabali Poetry Services'. The below is considering a guy proposing to a girl:

"I'm lean, not lanky
Moody, but not cranky

I'm smart, not cupid
Graceful, but not stupid

I'm tech-inclined, not tech-savvy
Interesting, but not that-weary

I'm selective, not choosy
Energetic, but not boozy

I'm pretty much this, not too complicated
Lets look at you, the most coveted

You are cute, not too hot
sweet, but not too soft

You talk, not maunder
I admire, its no wonder

Your angel-smile, not fake
I fall, its no sudden brake

You pass a single-look, not a stare
I heat up, completely in a flare

Alongside me, you casually jive
Inside myself, I jump and sky-dive

Enough of us, not worth it
Boring, if I dont stop it

Don't tell me this is funny
Really, I love you so much honey!"


Prashanth said...

Kabali... yaen indha vilambaram? Andha cinema kaarangha dhaan ippadinna neengalumaa??

Finishing punch line arumaiyya!

Narayanan said...

kabali .... touching touching maa....

u can crown urself as "kabalimuthu"

PREETI said...

"Alongside me, you casually jive
Inside myself, I jump and sky-dive"

Hahahaha! That was my favourite...

Btw, indha advice a vida, u could also tell us which ones u used and the respective results...U conveniently left that out ;)

Anywayz, I'm gonna add my own:

1. Love is what i have for u
Without u, i dono what id do
I promise to make u smile
And push away the frown by a mile!

2. The first time we met
My mind flew like a jet
This is love i thought
And now it has me caught!

Romba mokkaiyo??? Seri viduren...And plz, if anyone uses these, then im gonna have to get the payment :P

Gayatri said...

Thalaiva un kaala kaatu :D

Anonymous said...

You're so full of crass I sincerely wish I could oust you from the blogging world. And when you refer to the dictionary to find the meaning of oust, turn to the k section, find knife under it, look at the illustration- find such cutlery and plunge it into your gutless stomach.
Have a good day.

Priya said...

I liked the last line! :)

The Maverick Blog said...

(Like Kamal) aah.... Kavidhai kavidhai... Paattave padichidava? Superabbu... Ennai pola mokai kavingyargal ulla indha ulagathil, oru genuine kavingyar :D

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

(to be rapped, okay?)
when I met you,
I didn't fall in love with you,
I rose high, high and higher.
give me your hand,
let me pull you up to where i am,
and yes you got it right,
i'm proposing.

lol. okay lame. :|


PREETI said...

Arun, do u the anonymous here??? Cuz if not, thangachi ku kovam varudu! X-(

Rayees Ahamed said...

Nalla business :D ...


I guess u might earn back those 600 $

Vijai said...

Machi intha Kavithai yoda UL arththam ennaku mattum thaan theriyum... nee nadaththu maama.... ethavuthu workout aachina do update me :)eagerly waiting for that "Palaar" sounds. uhuhuhuhhhhahahahaha

Arun Sundar said...

Kabali is working towards 'Arun Relief fund'! :)

Aaaahhh...nandri. Perhaps, we should Vairamuthu's name to match Kabali's. Something like Vairali ;)

Ok. Send your resume. Kabali Poetry services would recruit you. And I dont know who that anonymous is. But idhellaam sagajam wonly.

lol..Nee thirundhavey maata!

Arun Sundar said...



I'm elated ;)

Ha haa - good one. Lot of good poets these days. I gotta recruit you too. And To be rapped or to be raped? ;)

Hopefully! ;)

hey, oru UL arthamum illa da. "Palaaar" sound ellaam varaadhu. Vaaya vechuttu moodittu iru.

PREETI said...

Excuse me Mr.Anonymous:

"I guess you lack the guts
Compared to even mutts
Cuz if you did u wouldnt be anonymous
Ud give ur name like everyone does!

Noone asked u to come here
Doesn't matter even if ur Richard Gere
So instead of arun, you could find the knife
And spare everyone, by taking your life!!!"

@Arun: Pardon, couldn't resist...Please also consider the above to be my resume...Do i get the job?

maxdavinci said...

ah kabali has enemies!

could be the yaaru-yessu-yessu or anyohter morality outfit. Neenge idpi louw services offer panna it will irk them.

I have a business proposition for you, kabali and baba bangali can work together by sending their clients to each other!

good job....

Ela said...

Nesamaavae nidhi thiratura velayila erankiyaacha?

Aana onnu....seriyaana dabba partingalukku poem eludhi kuduthu ponnunga life la velayaada vendam....

Rayees Ahamed said...


baba bengali entha ashramthula irukkaru ?

Absconding said...

I thought that the poem was HILARIOUS!!!! Egh!

Shiv said...

sooper sooper...ivlo kashtapadurathuku bathilaa thaan en hero just one line la propose pannan...en story la

Coconut Chutney said...

Dhoni adicha sixer-u
Onga poem, top-tucker-u

Pah, any girl will odane fall apdiye into pakkathu theru sakkadai for a guy who's capable of such intense poetry

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that you are
Beyond desperate, way too far.
If you do like Arun so much
Why just comment, why not touch?

Both of you can write poems long
And sing more pathetic a song
You've already massacred meter and rhyme
Spare the world, shut it: learn to mime.

On a friendlier note, I can't stand you Arun. And now this Preethi dearest too.

Arun Sundar said...

What are you? an idiot? Learn some public manners and be cultured. Just to coin something to rhyme, u dont have to besmirch. And yaa, Fuck off.

Am sorry for this son of a bitch.

Absconding said...

I love how our anonymous dearest is conveying everything through poetery. You've got to give it to the's quite creative!!

Arun Sundar said...

You are already appointed.

Yaa. Enemies are fun :) Only RSS I know is the blog's. And am ok with your business proposition. Whats the deal? ;)

If one buys my poem, he'd by default be a dabba party. But he might win, for nobody has read women completely.

he is in :)


I told you - not all people are lucky enough :)

Coconut chutney,
Unakku molaga chutney'nu paeru vechu irukkalaam.

Anonymous said...

yebbaa... Peter TR ! ;)

Prashanth said...

Saidhai Kabali thaakka pattaar... aiyyo thudikkiradhu meesai!

Arun - Podhu vaazhkai nu vandhutta idhellam irukkaradhu dhaan! Idhellam paadamaa varum.5th class pasangha ellam padipaangha!

Guru said...

I am very worssht at poetry, can't rhyme even two lines.

So, for me all poetry is good poetry.

This one was interesting cos this would exactly be my way of writing if i learned to rhyme someday. Love, Girl, Praise etc. mathiri words vechu oru general direction la poitu irukku this poem.

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

oops, btw.. add the "in love with you" after the rose high blah blah.


in my excitement to post the comment, i missed that one out. :D

n ohmigod, i suck major at spellings. unrapP-able!


Arun Sundar said...

TR can write in english too. U dont know'va?

If Kabali takes Aruvaal, he wont remember what he studied in 5th std. Too long back you see...

Adhu actual'a poem'ey illa. If u read my description correctly, its aimed at getting 'hit'.

Yaa. As if that makes it complete. Neways, would you like to join Kabali Poetry services? :)

PREETI said...

@Anon: Cant stand a lil criticism, Mr.Cheapster??? Anywayz, to hell with you...

@Arun: A bunch of loose-motion mouthed freaks wouldnt affect me...

SK said...

hahah! How do you come up with such stuff?! This sounds like Vivek or Vadivel comedy. :--P

PREETI said...

Oh and u dont have to be sorry, i am...i shudv shut up....

Anywayz, im hired...? So, i cn quit my job here??? ;) :)

Arun Sundar said...

Thanks :)

On a second thought, it occured to me that Anon shouldn't have been considered a guy when I dont know. For that matter, I shouldn't have said 'Son of a bitch'. I should have included 'Daughter of a bitch' too! whatever...And you go ahead and quit the job. I'll give u a top position in KPS.

PREETI said...

Haha! Thanks! Beats my monday mornin blues! :D

And yea, after i pressed enter after typing in the 'Mr.', even i wondered, but juz didnt bother changin it! :)