Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shutter Island

The movie begins with thundering bgm giving a erie feeling to the whole initial thought process of the viewer. The lighting and the camera perspective adds to the effect of the island that has the facility for the criminally insane people.

Frame after frame, the movie keeps the viewer guessing and the momemtum continues till the very end. For some people, the guessing might continue even after the end.

A great fitting climax, suspenseful storyline, excellent characterization - all make it a fantastic movie. Go watch!


Jayaprakash said...

Yup ..a good one . Unfortunately I cracked the mystery in the middle after Dicarpio meets Haley in the prison.Blame it on all the schizoprenic movies I have seen.But still I was hooked till the end, by the way the narrative unfolded.Keeping the possibility of two parallel narratives till the end is quite ingenious.Couldn't resist remembering 15 Park Avenue by Aparna Sen which is another schizoprenic movie blurring the line between reality and imagination.

SK said...

Ya me toooo!!! The scenes were tooo disturbing. Once I figured it out, I just waited for the movie to play through.
Coming out of the theater, looks like many more figured too.