Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya

After watching the movie, I remember more lame scenes than sane ones. I remember more lame dialogues than good ones. Simbu absolutely lacked screen presence and his dialogue delivery is pathetic. Script/screenplay looked very 'ungowtham-Menon-like'. Such a 'beaten-to-death' story too. Only good thing about the movie is the music. Though I sort of liked the last 10 minuetes, to sit through 2 hours of what led to it is totally not worth it.

If gowtham menon thinks he is one of the great directors in tamil film industry, its time he rethinks that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shutter Island

The movie begins with thundering bgm giving a erie feeling to the whole initial thought process of the viewer. The lighting and the camera perspective adds to the effect of the island that has the facility for the criminally insane people.

Frame after frame, the movie keeps the viewer guessing and the momemtum continues till the very end. For some people, the guessing might continue even after the end.

A great fitting climax, suspenseful storyline, excellent characterization - all make it a fantastic movie. Go watch!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Series called Life - first episode

Life had been treating him very well. He'd bought himself a Wii console a couple of weeks ago and a whole suite of games too. Amazing how the game brought forth his inner childhood. But like a reality check, his parents had been asking him about his wedding plans very now and then for a few months now, ever since they found out about the girl. He just had to to give them a date for the wedding. They are ready to take off and fly like rockets once he gave the 'Go'. But he wouldn't , not so easily.

About two months ago, he went on a backpacking trip with her to Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon area. They camped alongside a creek, not too far from the turquoise Havasupai falls. They were cozy inside the tent in spite of it being a fairly cold evening. The place was quite dark except for the moonlight shimmering slightly through the tent. After few minutes of chatting and laughing about some random stuff, he casually took a small box out of his pocket and opened it.

With his usual smile, he told her that he loved her more than anything in this world and asked her if she would like to marry him. He had a ring in his hands. She did not expect it. She was surprised, shocked and slowly smiled, only to nod her head and say 'Yes'.

To him, it all seemed very matter of fact, like asking her to go to Burger King and get some fries. More than the very act of asking her, the preparation that went into the whole proposal seemed big to him. He had to surprise her, which meant hiding a lot of information from her. He had to buy the ring, pack it in a way that she wouldn't find it, have it safe in the pockets of his Cargo pants, which he planned to wear for the 10-mile hike to get to the falls. Quite a lot of meticulous planning went into it, he gave himself a pat on his shoulder.

All the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place slowly. He looked at all his single friends and mocked them in his own style. He was almost always seen as a happy person. For a committment phobe like him, getting ready for a serious relationship seemed strange! Very much unlike himself, he thought. And then one fine day, he was bored at work. And blogged the story.

Second episode here.