Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day-Night Conversations...

Daily, as I watch the sun go down and as the night sky cover, I get a strong feeling that Day and Night are just like passionate lovers. I sincerely feel that they share a special relationship among themselves. But everyday, they get only two chances to meet up with each other, once during dusk and once during dawn. And that’s precisely less than hour. Do they really get to talk during that one hour? If they do, what would they converse?? Right from my childhood, I’ve been wondering if the Day and Night get to interact during the twilight. And if they did, maybe this is what would happen.

(Note: Please make a conscious effort not to let your knowledge of science take over, as this is my complete imagination!)

One evening,

Day: Hey, whats up?

Night: Things are good, how bout u?

Day: Yaa, am fine too. But its been a long day for me..

Night: Oh yaa, I know – this is summer. No wonder! Days are supposed to be longer..

Day: Hmmm….So, u all set for u’r turn of work?

Night: Yaa, am all fresh and ready.

Day: Good. Have a great time!

And the Night continues to maintain the darkness to the world for over 9 hours and then by dawn, gets to meet the Day once again.

Day: Hey, Howz u??

Night: I’m good.

Day: How was u’r work?

Night: Not too bad. The world slept. I watched.

Day: I bet you had a good night!

Night: So, u ready for u’r day?

Day: Oh yaa. Am waiting to shower light!

Night: Ok, u have a great time! Its time I go..

Day: Sure, see ya in the evening.

Night: Bye.

So, this way Day and night continued their schedule for millions of years. But they never got a chance to meet for more than an hour and express themselves, until one dusk..

Day: Hey, you are a bit early today.

Night: I know, its winter and days are supposed to be shorter.

Day: You are right and its good for me!

Night: I’m tired. But this meeting of ours makes me feel good.

Day: I feel the same too.

Night: I spend all my night, waiting to see you in the morning. And I wait again to see you in the evening. I can’t imagine what would happen, if we don’t meet up one day.

Day: Ohh, I can’t even think about it.

Night: Maybe this world would come to a stand still.

Day: Very true. Whatever, I’m sure this world wouldn’t take that.

Night: We hafta meet each other daily and that’s how we are made to be.

Day: Yaa, I like this though!.

Night: And am sure, we both are absolutely made for each other.

Day: I agree.

Night: Ok, its high time you go.

Day: Bye.

The next day morning,

Night: You are baaacckkkk!!

Day: Good to see you.

Night: So, how are things?

Day: I couldn’t get sleep. I have been thinking about you.

Night: Oh really?

Day: We weren’t like this before.

Night: Maybe, we like each other a lot more than we thought we did!

Day: Yaa, I think I like you a lot. You are my only relief after every long day.

Night: And I love you..

Day: What?? You love me? Oh, you are fast!

Night: C’mon – its been eons, we have been meeting this way, doing nothing.

Day: What do you expect us to do?

Night: Can we kiss?

Day: Oh my God! You have gone absolutely crazy!

Night: No, I’m not.

Day: You better be going. My brother SUN is out and if he knows, he’s gonna scorch you out.

Night: Yaa, I can see that you are getting brighter...

Day: You better leave then.

Night: Ok, Cya in the evening..

Day : B’bye.

The same evening,

Day: You are coming earlier nowadays.

Night: yaa, I wanna meet you.

Day: Don’t try to flatter me.

Night: No really.

Day: So, how long do we have today?

Night: Not long. So, how did things go?

Day: Kind of ok. Your thoughts again!

Night: And that’s it! You are in love for sure.

Day: Don’t be stupid.

Night: No, I’m sure this is it! This is love..

Day: How are you so sure?

Night: I know about love better than you do.

Day: How can you say that?

Night: I’m destined to be. That’s why most of this world think about love in the nights, when I’m up.

Day: Oh no, you can’t be right.

Night: Yes, I am.

Day: How??

Night: All things related to Love are meant to happen in the nights – Romantic dinner, Dreams, Parties and of course, Sex.

Day: Ohh yaa, maybe you are right!

Night: So, can we kiss now?

Day: Are you kidding?

Night: I’m really serious. Please.

Day: Don’t be silly! Your sister Moon is already out there in the corner, watching us.

Night: Oh, not again. She is the most impatient celestial creation I’ve ever seen.

Day: Don’t blame your sister. She’s just doing her job.

Night: Hell with her job! Who asked her to come so early?

Day: And don’t forget those birds returning to their nests and animals, returning to their home and humans too, returning from work. They all are watching us. We can’t kiss like this in public!

Night: Oh my! So, can I never kiss you?

Day: Maybe, there’ll be a day, where it’ll be only you and me. I shall kiss you then!

Night: Are you sure such a moment would come?

Day: I am very sure.

Night: Now the same question to you. How can you be so sure?

Day: The same answer. Because I’m destined to be smarter than you.

Night: Oh no, stop this!

Day: You wouldn’t believe, would you? The whole world is active only in the days, when I’m up.

Night: Does that make you any smarter than I am?

Day: It sure does. And don’t forget more than 90% of humans work in days, 95% of Animals hunt in the days and people don’t do “Sleep Talking” in days. That means most of the world is smart in the days. Aint it?

Night: Ok, I agree. You are smarter! Can we kiss now?

Day: Did you forget that I just told you about that special day? We shall kiss for sure then!

Night: So, what till then?? I have to sit back and wait?

Day: Absolutely! Night: hmmmm…..let me think...but whats so special about that special day??…

Day: Ohh, I can explain that! On that special day, there’ll be no humans or no living creatures, watching us. No Sun or No moon. No stars either. And no disturbances via Airplanes. No rain, no thunder, no wind too. Its gonna be you and me. Just you and me!. It’ll just be one moment and that’ll suffice, wouldn’t it??

Night: Yaa, when I imagine, I understand it. It is so nice. But how are you so sure that’d happen?

Day: I know it’d happen. Maybe in a year, a decade or even more than that. But it’d happen for sure. Don’t you love me so much to wait?

Night: Of course, I do.

Day: Then lets wait. Night: Ok.

Day: It’s getting late. Shouldn’t I be going by now?

Night: Yaa, take care and I’ll wait till morning to see you.

Day: Sure. And don’t forget about that special day! Night: I will not. I’ll forget only if I don’t think about it and I cant stop thinking about it.

Day: Ok, b’bye.

Night: Love u.

Day: Love u too!

The Night never stopped thinking about that special day and hence he never forgot.

The Day joined the Night, in their wait.

From that day on, Day and Night have been waiting for that special day.

And they are still waiting, I imagine!


Prashanth said...

You made characters out of day and night?? I thought Sun and Moon are the characters tht brings upon day and night. But adhayae character a pottu neengha Bharathiraja va minjiteengha!

SK said...

Wow! Very creative!! :--)Liked it :--))

Guru said...

Is there a deeper meaning that i'm missing here .. Cos' to me this sounded like a 'normal' conversation to me.

Can you please give a lil' hint for the not-so-bright people like me ..

Or.. Or..

Did you actually forget to add the twist in the end, eh ?

Arun Sundar said...

I told u not to let u'r knowledge of science take over...And bharathiraja??! u could have scolded me directly! ;)

Thank u :)

It is a 'normal' conversation wonly. No twist and all that. I should have brought some solar eclipse or something to add twist! As a matter of fact, I wrote this story an year ago to post in one of my friend's website. That site is revamped now and I wanted to have it in my blogspot, as this is one of my fav stories. Though the flow of story appeared a little naive to myself now, I refrained from tweaking it.

Shiv said...

wow...awesome conversation
really so creative in ur imaginations

Vinoth Jayachandran said...

I am not sure whether Day and Night can have a relationship. If they do have one its good for them.

But then, don't you think that relationship sounds a bit gay...

Prashanth said...

@ Arun

Characterization like Bharathiraja was supposed to be a compliment unless it talks abt any thing remotely related to the looks!

Gayatri said...

nalla thaan kadha ezhudharinga.. I liked the flow of thoughts.. but like you said the narrative was a tad naive!

PREETI said...

engayo poiteenga! plz made this a thodar kadhai...n let us knw wat happenz next ;)

PREETI said...

i mean 'make' this...

ThanaMoi said...

its a nice story.. i liked it.. made me wanna read more.... sweet...

The Maverick Blog said...

Awesome! Thats all I can say :).. Super creativity :)

With ur permission, I wish to use this concept (love in nature) for my next post.. :)

Arun Sundar said...

Thank you.

Yaa I do. Gay or No gay, relationship is a relationship. Gotta respect it!

Oh appadi! Rightu baa!

Arun Sundar said...

"nalla thaan kadha ezhudharinga" - Andha mariyaadha irukkattum!

I hv been thinking about making this a sequel..Lets see. All depends on how much u people are ready to be fooled around by fiction ;)

Thank u.

Thanks. And go ahead.

PREETI said...

oh...fiction anyday!do think abt it :)

rahman said...

Woah dude!
Your imagination is Outrageous!!

Mystery said...

great imagination...eppdi ithu ellam?? :)

Ela said...

Kabali..munna pinna love pannunathu kedayaatha? konjam love logic ellam thappa keethae bhaa?

Anonymous said...

What a crap ....

Arun Sundar said...



Appadiyae varradhu dhaan.

Raa-Pagalaa yosichu, raa-pagal love story ezhudhina logic thappaa irukku'nu solreenga?

Anon (A) Amar,
Control puttar control!!

gunj said...

great imagination!
infact how u start is awesome!:)

Anonymous said...

birathare... migavum nandraga eludhiyullirgal aiya.. :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Sooper post.

Coconut Chutney said...

neenga idha namma thalaivar TR-kku submit panni oru padam aakalam. :)

It will have sooper dialogs, sooper music, Namma sun-kku anna sentiment, Night-kku thangachi sentiment, apram mumtaj oru item number.

Chandramukhi records ellaam veesidum.


Arun Sundar said...

Thank u.

The victorious,
Mikka nandri.

coconut chutney,
Though the thangachi senti would work with that TR loser, I would rather have this not taken as a movie than giving it to him. Anyways thanks :)

Tara said...

Thank you sir for your generosity. It was really encouraging to see my blog say "1 comment". You perhaps know the excitement of an amateur blogger to receive the first comment. Thanks so much sir, it means a lot to me :)


Anonymous said...

nice one :)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Make the special day come. ;) :D

Anonymous said...

gr8 one man......enna oru kadhal kaviyam........i remember i hav gone thru' a poem on dusk & dawn...but this is t better quick there any specific reason u made night as "He"????


Confounded-Lady said...

Thats a story I can tell my kid sometime.

Arun Sundar said...

Yup ma'm. I understand.


God should make that happen ;) Fictionally, I shall soon.

I wanted one character to be more fast and open. To think about kiss(maybe sex!) and all that. Thot Night suited it better. And that character gotta be a 'he'. Day was smarter - so a 'she' ;)

Confounded lady,
A bedtime story maybe. As long as u'r kid doesn't ask too many questions on 'you-know-what' :)

Venkatesvaran Pandiyan said...

Is this natures' greatest love (failure) story? ;-)

Arun Sundar said...

Be aware that no love story in this world is a failure. Its just the perception which makes it appear so ;)

Aparna said...

Good one :-)