Saturday, March 15, 2008

FRIENDS and Young ladies...

Invariably, I find all young ladies who fervently watch Friends Sitcom being overly enthusiastic and detestably western!

I wonder if it the sitcom or the ladies...!


Prashanth said...

A post on ladies had to come in at this time! Law of probability wins hands down!

Anonymous said...

Dey thayavu senji unga amma kita solli kalyanam panniko da .... paththu post la onbathu post chennai ponnu, young ladies nu ezhuthu en da thaali arukura ?? :)Yaaravuthu intha payanuku nalla buththi sollunga ayaa ....

The Maverick Blog said...

Very good observation.. I concur.. I realized this only after I got enlightned thru ur blog!!

Guru said...

Hmm .. 'Detestably' western ?

I thought all guys wanted women to be more western .. Right ?

BTW any observations bout' young males who watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?

Arun Sundar said...

Good observation. I beleive there is something spl about the way God has created women. That being the case, you should not be surprised even if all my posts are on ladies. Somehow, I get distracted and write on other things now and then ;)

As goundamani says about the 'Kooda vechirukkaravanaga", Paeru sollaadhavangalukku ellaam explanation kedayaathu.

the maverick,
I believe if u meant it. Thanks :)

Who wants 'desi' women who turn western? That'll only leave the guy confused! And no observations for guys who watch Friends baa.

Prashanth said...

Yeah.. why do we ever want to observe men? Jeez!

I hope there would be a day when u would forgive God's (mis??)adventure with creating women and get on with it!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with your views.. :D I like this term 'detestably western'.

I will classify those young men watching prison break and shouting along with those long haired wierdos in front of a mike under this category too :D

Venkatesvaran Pandiyan said...

Dei Thambi.. nee over-a ponnu, kadhal, kalyanam pathi analysis panre.. Koncham unnai pathi yosi..

Anonymous said...

Thambi naan thaan antha anonymous ....comment la irunthu yaaru aalu nu therinjika thevai illa ya ??

- VJ

Arun Sundar said...

mis-adventure??? Innaa baa!!

The victorious,
Yaa those long haired wierdos. We should deport them ;)

Enna saar neenga, dont u know Life circles around women? Too many things to think about - no time for myself.

I knew it was you - just wanted to make sure. And I'll write such posts even after my wedding. And even after I have kids. And even after I have grand-kids. So, talking to mom doesn't help. And btw, my wedding is in 2011. Do come :)

PREETI said... gna HAVE to refute...bein a lady...AND bein a friendz watcher...thrz nothin 'western' in watchin a sitcom...! so naa miniskirt and !@@#! pottu 'arasi' patha, i become 'likeably indian' is it?

i agree with anonymous/vjz 1st comment...funny :)

sab said... 2 early for you da...better target 2020....t yr our Kalam want to INDIA to be among valarasu nadu [;)]...b/w even lot of gentle man are crazy about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show....why are so concern just about young ladies???????[;)]

Ela said...

'I wonder if it the sitcom or the ladies...!'

It is b'coz of great kabali!

Arun Sundar said...

Who said watching FRIENDS is western? I called those people as 'detestably western', who watch the serial and completely behave like they are Rachel or Phoebe when they are actually not. And "!@@#!"na ennanga? ;)

If I'm concerned about young men, wouldn't the world call me something else? ;)

Adhu seri. I just notice these people...and wonder!

sab said...

athu ennamo seri than...unna solli kutham ella.....onnum panna mudiyathu ellam un vayasu than karanam ;-)

PREETI said...

pretty much the same thing arun...neither the people watchin them nor the watchin itself is western...i agree thr r those who kinda rombave try to imitate n all n tat getz irritatin bt generalization is konjam...nt rite illa?

bt i guess tatz hw u feel n look at it...cuz i wud hv the same to say abt the wannabe men who go "how u doin" joey style! ;)

n anda !@@#! chumma pechukunga...neenga ada pathi yoskiavendanga ;) hehe...

PREETI said...

* i mean yosika vendanga

Arun Sundar said...

Aamaanga periyavarey!

The pattern I find is making me generalize. And my sample size is decent.

PREETI said...

hmmm...statistical aa pesiteenga...nw wat do i say? to each his/her own!

Passing Stranger said...

A very acute observation :) I live in a country with a multi-racial mix, and take it from a woman who did not think much of the sitcom - when Friends was still famous and was aired, 'Rachel and Monica wannabes' were found in almost every household - even in households where no one spoke English (thanks to the wonders of subtitling):). That's not to say the guys here did not literally worship the characters either...they did too. But they could not be Rachel wannabes now, could they? (well at least not the straight ones) :)

Arun Sundar said...

U watch a lot of FRIENDS too ? ;)

Passing stranger,
Well... I agree :)