Wednesday, August 6, 2008


..I hate them. Mostly impertinent. And Silly.

Who the hell would get a dream in which one is a school kid and there is a gurkha in the city who abducts kids off for work? And the sequence gets interesting when one gets abducted(almost) by the gurkha. One hides under the bed and the mom lies to the gurkha that no kid exists in the house, but the plot twists when the villainous gurkha spots the kid. The kid sees the gurkha too, gets shit-scared and thinks frantically for an escape. Finding no way to break away, the intensity of tension reaches the apex. And apparently wakes one up and kills the dream altogether. The realisation that one is not a school kid, but a fully grown up 25-year old sinks in. The dufus, that I am took a while to realise the whole happening. All this at 7am. Moments later, one gets a phone call from offshore.

One truly feels gurkha was much better.


Amar said...

I often get dreams of my vertical test manager chasing me asking me to update Project Plan. Haha.

maxdavinci said...

grandmas used to scare lil perstering kids that the gurkha or some other guy will take them away! Boochandi types.

btw didya watch nepali last nite? I'm just tryin to figure out what may have caused it!

Preeti said...

LOL@ max! I thought of the
p(b)oochandi thing too when i read it :D

Anyway, nalla dream...maybe it's an indication from above that you have to quite the offshore-onshore crap and get into direction??? Inna solreengo 'na??? ;)

Prashanth said...

I do not remember most of my dreams... they are more complex than K.Balachandar's portrayal of characters!

And BTW, mother lying to gurkha that there is no kid was funny when I imagined the sequence!! LOL

Rayees Ahamed said...


i remember my child hood days, when me and my elder bro used to hide beneath cot/behind the door being damn scared of "Big pottu kaari karuvaadu women" ...

Idling in Top Gear said...

I had a weird dream several months ago about me discovering a superpower to swim (not fly) through air. It was the greatest dream ever!

Ela said...

u r 25 year old and u r dreaming of a gurkha?! r u telling us the truth or what?

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Though I'm inclined to agree with Max. My question, especially, considering your recent preoccupation - Was the Gurkha a woman- hot, Jolie-like, wearing those tight clothes that most other women cannot fit into, and was she trying ot save the world? Mebbe the kid was gifted, you know? And we need him(!)to save the world?

Arun Sundar said...

Believe me - thats one of the worst dreams one can get. If the reality sucks, so can't the dream!

I'm trying to figure out too. Out of no where this Gurkha came. Bugger.

Movie direction? I have been thinking about it too. You know anybody in the film industry who is recruiting Asst directors? ;)

My mom is capable of more than that - believe me! :)

Arun Sundar said...

Yaa, karuvaadu women are a tad scary.

U'll soon get a dream where you'd fly (not swim) thru water, one reckons :)

I dont like lies. Not even white ones.

If the gurkha was a hot woman (jolie-like), you think I'd have hid myself under the bed? I might have been a kid in the dream, but not without aspirations :) I'd have been lying to the gurkha that there is no mom in the house and I'm ready to be abducted!

And btw, did you see 'wanted' recently?

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