Thursday, August 21, 2008


Carl did not want to go on a vacation. He preferred staying at home, when kids of his age were perfectly relishing the summer by playing around, visiting places, more than all, forgetting totally about school. Carl secretly wished the school starts soon. He hated stepping outside and playing in the park. He would love if he is never asked to go out in the sun. But if he said this to someone, they would confirm him to be crazy. He would rather stay home and play piano all day- the only activity that gave him perfect solace. He wasn't sure if he really is a different kid, as others claim him to be. But he was beyond being bothered by what other kids say.

One afternoon, his mom told him he has to go visit his aunt in Cleveland. Arrangements were already made and his elder sister Rachel is to accompany. His parents called it vacation. Carl hated the very term. He hated Cleveland as much as any place in this world. And he hated his aunt too. And her big house. But he could never refuse to his mom. He looked at the Piano, the only companion he might miss for the next 3 weeks. The kids were about to leave the next morning.

Amtrak left the station at 6.10am sharp. Carl was sitting by the window and Rachel in the aisle. Carl kept staring outside, as the train picked up speed. Rachel sank in to a whole different world her iPod created for her. Carl took his PSP and started playing 'Silent hill origins'. He imbibed himself in the game and before he could realize, they were nearing Cleveland. Carl looked out thru the window and the land was so beautifully covered with snow. Carl has never seen anything even remotely beautiful like this white spread of snow. His attention wholly shifted from the game to the snowfield. The sight made him happy and the very experience of happiness was something he felt for the first time. As he was delighting the sight, he saw a hazy white figure traveling alongside the train.

Unable to figure out what it must be, he was about to ask Rachel, but she was already fast asleep. He looked outside again and the figure started gaining a definitive shape slowly. For a moment, it appeared to him like a flying refrigerator and seconds later, it seemed like a swimming crocodile. In moments, it hazed up again. Carl wasn’t sure if he should continue looking. He was confused, scared and thrilled all at the same time. As he kept looking at the figure, something like eyes appeared in the figure. Carl's heartbeat paced up and suddenly, the figure opened its eyes and looked directly at Carl.

Uncontrollably, Carl almost twitched and that woke Rachel up. She asked if everything is ok. Carl looked outside and the figure wasn't there anymore. He was hesitant to tell Rachel anything, as he was scared that she might think of him as an abnormal kid like everybody else too. He recomposed himself and seemed as if everything is normal. For the rest of the train journey, Carl tried to sit in a skewed position and not to look outside the window. His curiosity still made him look outside every while and then. But he found nothing but vast land of snow-laden meadows.

The train arrived at Cleveland. Their aunt Natasha was already at the station. She received them flaunting her happiness and drove them for an hour to reach her house. Carl did not speak a single sentence in the car journey and he restricted himself to one-word answers to all his aunt's enquiring questions. When they reached the house, the sun was nowhere to be seen. Aunt Natasha's house was an otherwise beautiful one, but the harsh weather and the foggy daylight made it look a little eerie. Or at least Carl felt so. After dinner, Aunt Natasha tucked Carl in and left for her room after a good night kiss.
Carl was too tired to sleep. He was a little scared too. His already existent hatred to vacations was increasing manifold. He got out of the bed and slowly walked to Rachel’s room. He has to pass thru the hallway to reach Rachel’s room.

As he walked, he suddenly heard noise of glass crackling from one of the windows. He stopped to look back, only to find all the windows intact. He waited for a second before proceeding. Uneasy silence prevailed. He started walking and he heard the noise again, this time a couple of notches louder. He stopped. He was sweating already. He looked back and the hallway was as dark as before. No change in the windows or the drapes. The eerie silence continued. He turned and continued walking faster towards Rachel’s room. He thought he saw something moving at the last moment, but he was too scared to turn back and he started running. Suddenly, something held his legs and he tripped...

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Rayees Ahamed said...

i can feel like balaiyya of the movie kadhalikka neramillai , dhigil story by nagesh.

I remember child hood days, ellorum senthu video kadaila irundhu vangitu vandhu deck poduvanga "dhigil" movies, Evil dead, My Dear Lisa, Naalai manithan etc., yebba enna bayamma irukkum da :D ...

Anonymous said...

edhayadhu paathu bayandhu poitiya?

Jegu said...

I'm expecting more thriller tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

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maxdavinci said...

Inda rambhai kodumai thangala pa! ella blog le orrey viral advertising!

Hmm so writing a new genre? nice nice...WHy do I feel that there is a super bulb that awaits us all in the next part?

tweety said...

I thought u write only love stories.. But ur attempted horror is also good.. waiting for ur next post :)

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I feel this is going to be like M.Night shyamalan ending. And this ray man is irritating!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I haven't read this as yet, but happened to see the line "he took out his PSP". Made me go, "NOT AGAIN! GUUUUYS. PSP! UGH". :|

Will come back to read this fully.

Preeti said...

There u go again...the 'contd' thing...seekram sollungo!

Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. good blog u ve!

n a gripping story.. awaiting next part..

rahman said...

Good story...better than anything I ever tried to come up with.

And I don't know why but somehow the names Carl and Rachel don't go together. Guess its a "FRIENDS" thing....

Anonymous said...

has this been inspired by Phoonk?? :D and @mayur, we await a bulb in the next part cos its Arun :)

Arun Sundar said...

bhalaiyya build up ellaam over.

Naanaa? cha. Edhuvum enna paathu bayapadaama irundhaa seri.


Yup, trying a new genre. No bulb thoughts till now. After your comments, slight'a yosikkrein...

Love and horror at times go hand in, trying horror now.

'Night shyamalan should buy this story' appadi'nu label vekkalaam'nu nenachein for this story. Appram over'a irukkum'nu vittuttein.

Arun Sundar said...

Games are for guys, as cosmetics/jewelry for girls.


Thanks. As soon as I get the idea ;)

Thanks. And I like the names Rachel and Natasha(after Dark knight, it only increased). Carl chumma on the fly'la yosichathu.

Phoonk? thu only.

Preeti Sharma said...

From love adventures and movie reviews to thrillers...good going :)

N.V.Prashanth said...

Start music!

Ranjani said...

I just stumbled onto your blog, and I'm glad I did...! You're very writting and a breeze to read:)
Waiting on part 2 now...!