Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doppelgänger - II

Continued from here.

Carl thought he saw something moving at the last moment, but he was too scared to turn back. Instead, he started running. Suddenly, something held his legs and he tripped. He fell flat on the floor. His nose hurt. He couldn't breathe with ease. With the heart rate refusing to go below 120 bpm, he looked back at what made him trip and fall.

The carpet edges were worn off and were folded up. Could the carpet have tripped him? He wasn't sure. He quickly got to his foot and raced towards Rachel's room. He switched on the lights and almost called her out, but only to find she wasn't there in the bed. Puzzled and confused, he looked around in the big room. The room was silent and untroubled - he was not sure what he is to do next.

Rachel must have gone to the restroom, he said to himself. Someone touched him at his shoulder. He jerked heavily and almost screamed. But out of reflex, he turned back. Deep inside, he was expecting Rachel. But he was aghast at the sight he saw. It wasn’t her. He choked for a moment and his body started shivering tremendously. What he saw made him gasp for breath. He saw was his own image staring right at him, quite diabolically. He couldn’t believe he is seeing himself standing right in front of him.

He cried out for help, but words wouldn’t come out. He was trembling and the tears were already rolling out of his eyes. He couldn’t process any thoughts. As he was shaking, he felt one more touch at his shoulder from behind. He turned back and this time, it was Rachel. Carl turned back once again, but the image was gone. Rachel asked "Carl, what are you doing here? I thought you were asleep. And why are you crying?" with all concern and mild panic. Carl talked for the first time in the last couple of hours. He said "I'm scared Rach…"

Rachel was about to say something and Aunt Natasha came. "Aren't you kids supposed to be sleeping now? Carl, what happened? Why do you look so pale?" Rachel pitched in "No Aunt Natasha, he was going to the restroom and he tripped. I heard the noise and came to see him. He is ok". Aunt Natasha wasn't convinced, she looked at Carl, who was still trembling "Carl, are you alright?" "I...I should be ok", Carl said. "Ok kids, go back to sleep. This is close to midnight and it’s not healthy to be up!" After Aunt Natasha went, Rachel looked inquiringly yet empathetically at Carl. Carl slowly asked "Can I sleep in your room today?" Rachel nodded without second thought.

Rachel had the reading lights on. Carl could not sleep. He could not understand. Fear was more apparent than anything else. In about 20 minutes, Rachel dozed off. Carl still couldn't sleep. As much as he tried to shut the thought of the image out, he couldn't. He still heard the crackling of the glass windows. He rolled over to lie on his chest, his face buried tight inside the pillows. He heard nothing for 10 seconds. Silence. This is better, he thought.

Suddenly, he felt someone jerking his legs in one fast motion.

He quickly turned over to saw all the lights switched on. Windows and doors were wide open. Not being able to understand a single bit of what's happening, he turned his face to Rachel. Rachel was lying in a pool of blood with her neck split open. There was not a sign of motion. There was no sound. His heart stopped for a moment. He felt like screaming at the top of his voice, but his senses did not cooperate. He felt numb.

He shook and got up from the bed to run towards Aunt Natasha's room. The image appeared behind him, smiled and followed.

Carl did not know it was going to be the longest night he has ever had in his life.

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maxdavinci said...

damn! i was expecctin a bulb and sort of stuff. Muder, image ok this stuff is serious..

dude, but another part? is that the last or are there more? Whens that? march i suppose!

Gradwolf said...

lol super! but no, not march!

buddy said...

part 3 soon?
besh besh

buddy said...

the amtrak was a nice touch!

Narayanan said...

put this on to sun TV... u will have royalty even after your retirement !- 60000000 episodes guaranteed sir.. :)

Arun Sundar said...

Lol...March sounds a little too late though! :)


Thank you. I took an amtrak the other day and saw a kid there. Thats the inspiration infact :)

Ha haa!! 60000000 episodes?!! Like Chandrakanta in DD?! :)

Preeti said...

Thank God u agreed march is too much! :P it better be mid december...

like max said, even i expected some bulbish thing...but then that wudv made it predictable rite? ;)

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Ayyo, why 'to be continued?' Ippo toonga mudiyadhu!

Anonymous said...

unga rousu thaangala! aduthadhu enna pongal special-a? :P

Ela said...

Dho paarra...Kabali annathae soopera bhayamuruthuraru! intha Rach, Carl ellam inna bhaa? soopera kannamma, Muniyandi inu koopudlam illae...nee va kuppam pakkam...unku irukku!

Arun Sundar said...

Adhey dhaan! Unna yaemaathavey mudiyaadhu po!!

Insomnia'ku ippadi oru reason'a?!

Aama. Sakkara ponga special.

Kandukkaadha ma. Namma night shyaamalan annaatha inspiration dhaan.