Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being Prodigal - a good deed

I read about the falling US economy in more than one daily. There is not a single news channel that does not mention the job losses and the "financial down-spiral" in the US, as the experts call it. As much as I wish for people's happiness, there is pretty much nothing I can do to save the economy.

Knowing me, from the day I started earning I have been excessively extravagant. As a matter of fact, a stronger adjective than 'excessive' would fit the above sentence better. I always say to myself "There is only one life - I might as well live it the way I like it!" And saying so, I try to master the art of spending and strive to become the 'Lavish Lord of Philadelphia'.

Having said that, I revisit the first paragraph to say "As much as I wish for people's happiness, there must be something I can do to save the economy." That's right.

I spend more and attempt to save the economy.

By virtue of expending more, I'm left with not just a bank balance that's hitting the floor, but also a great mental satisfaction of uplifting the economy (?!). I can explain. The much-needed cash is put into churning the economy. I travel more, I gas up my car more, I buy a lot of clothes, I watch many movies, I buy a lot of electronics. You think I'm doing all these for myself? Not one bit!

All for the economy.

I tell people they should travel more often than they normally do. They should travel by flight and avoid buses and trains. I ask people to periodically change their mobile phones to the latest and expensive ones. I ask people to upgrade their laptops every year. I ask people to stop cooking at home and eat out everyday. I ask them to stop walking and take cabs, even for short commutes.

And by indulging in such activities, people spend more. Because of more money being put to use, more services are needed in turn. More people are employed. More job opportunities. More cash inflow. Increased spending. Increased Rate of exchange. Higher GDP. Saved economy.

My dad always tells my mom "Your son is unbelievably prodigal. He should be more calculative." My mom expectantly replies "Not so true. He is always right. If he does something, there would be some good in it!" I smile.

Being prodigal is indeed a good deed!


Absconding said...


Quite a philanthropist you are, Sir!!

One question...how do you go about advising those people who actually do not have the money to spend?! Enlighten the ignorant souls, will ya?

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Good start.

Maybe you wanna take it to the next level and start spending for other people too? :D

I've quite a large list of stuff I'd like to have..

Gradwolf said...

machi, onnaku ponnunga line nikkum. iniki solren. jamai. paathu choose pannu aana... :p

narendra shenoy said...

Hahaha! Ingenious!
I have an excellent theory, constructed along similar lines, about how it is not only good but imperative that I drink more beer. Somehow, it has not found much acceptance in our little household. My major beverage is still tea.

Narayanan said...

I would rate this as one of your best blogs..so far.
Truly said, the US economy deserves to fall and disappear... for the good of the world.. till date , the so called'citizens'of US spent at the cost of millions of people of other nations... we saved, so that they could spend ! and now the country which preached 'Management" to the rest of the world.. is still gaping to find they have something right in their left [ trial balance!]. I would strongly urge u to spend... in INDIA

Preeti said...

Et tu? High-five!Hahaha... I've always considered my shopaholic sis n i to be angelic souls who r every shopkeeper's dream...we buy what we need and what we want, what we dont need and what we dont want! ;)

Seconding ur policy, i urge everyone to shop too, to improve the economy cuz afterall, united we stand, divided we fall ;)

aru4912 said...

Nice blog dude ...I second what Absconding said - how unemployed folks would be able to spend in this economy ? any valuable suggestions ??..credits from bank for spending is not an option though :-)

Rayees Ahamed said...

Rombo nalladhu,

spending within their earning is ok, but economy is affected only when spending exceeds earning (loans :), or when you save money and invest.

I would also urge you please spend/invest in India.

Arun Sundar said...

Thank you. Actually you see, people who do not have money to spend need to worry more about themselves than the economy. I have a different philosophy for them - but this enlightment is enough I guess for the ignorant souls :)

You really want to end what I started, dont you?!

lol..I laughed heartily after reading your comment. Dude, you are funny!!

Thanks. For now, I got no household to wait for acceptance. So, trying so hard to save the economy! :)

Arun Sundar said...

Thank you! And I understood the pun behind "in INDIA"! :) Varein varein....!

Appadi podu! Looks like I really need your company! :)

Unemployed folks'kku economny should be the last of worries. Dont you think? Now stop reading blogs and search for a job ;)

Economy will never be affected when one spends more than what one earns. And thanks for your suggestion : when Indian Economy is recessed, I shall save it.

Jegu said...

It's time for you to switch to 3G and throw the 1G to me and the same applies to your car too. I heard that Europeans are also in crisis so go for your dream one BMW... :-)

Rayees Ahamed said...

Recent Recession/ slowdown - "Period of reduced economic activity" , bankruptcy of Lehman brothers etc., were reportedly also due to "loans to people on low incomes or with poor credit histories"

Take loan, spend on property or a new car more than earning ability has been one of the reason for the recent economic slowdown.

I believe that If every one spends more than his production , in other words imports should increase and GDP should necessarily decrease by a big margin.

or may be i am wrong.

ref: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/sep/15/lehmanbrothers.creditcrunch

buddy said...

hahaha..nice nice
y not start spending for others too?

aru4912 said...

nattamai ... theerpai mathi sollu

Arun Sundar said...

BMW.... sounds awesome. 3G....no so much.

But I did not talk about loans!

Am spending for economy. Cant be more altruistic than that!

Innum Theerpey sollala da Venna! :)

A wo(a)ndering mind said...

hahaha!!! again.. ivlo nallavara neenga?!! :)

"By virtue of expending more, I'm left with not just a bank balance that's hitting the floor"- it actually rhymes..:)

SRK said...

visiting ur blog from RukmaniRam's...

din comment on the one-line posts since i am no good with brevity, and I dint want the comments to be longer than the posts :)

u underestimate the power of economics though... read this to understand how complex its functioning is ;)


*sorry for the shameless self promotion, kindly adjust*