Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wait..why so happy?

I find it insanely funny when most people, once every year, scream their lungs out for something so trivial that happens every day. Strike of the clock at midnight! I was watching CNN this morning and amazed myself for the umpteenth time, at the amount of hulla-gulla thats being created for the imminent new year celebrations. In the simplest of perspectives, it's just another day. Yet, people jump around as if the earth would come to a stop if they dont. 

I would have received a minimum of 50 emails in the last 2 days wishing for New Year - I wonder how many of those people really wish I have a PROSPEROUS new year. 

On a different note, life of humans thrive in this planet just because of plain vanilla belief on various things. People believe without thinking, because if they do, they would clearly know its just a make-belief. People make themselves believe that a party is a mandatory activity for new year. They never wonder if the movement of the calendar (invented by ancient humans) to the next cycle become a good enough reason to shed some dollars and drink/dance the night away. 

And even if its just the calendar movement, New year for most countries does not fall on January 1st. Yet people celebrate on Jan 1st. Maybe people just need excuses to get away from mundanity. 

We do things just because everybody does, don't we?! 

I'm amazed by us!


narendra shenoy said...

I just HAVE to tell you this story. The priest in our temple had an unfortunate condition called hydrocele which meant that his nuts, instead of being the size of demure walnuts, were cantaloupe class. Ergo, when he performed 'aarti', he would drag his cantaloupes on the floor as he slid towards the deity. So far, no problem.

Now, one day he passed away and the mantle was passed on to his son. A most capable lad, his son had the normal, demure walnut sized nuts, which in no way detracted from his religious duties. But he thought that dragging them on the floor was part of the ritual and went through considerable contortions to do so. And drag them he did. Every single day.

Moral - As you correctly and decorously pointed out, most of us feel compelled to drag our nuts.

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Boy I'm sure glad at least someone's seeing things the way they're supposed to be.
I'm fed up with this stupid whole new year jazz too.

And speaking of CNN, they were just saying "good riddance" to 2008 which brought all the financial crisis and stuff and hoped 2009 "brings a better year".

Yeah if the date's got anything to do with the problem; it was these morons who made the year a bad one!

Gradwolf said...

machi happy new year!!! enna plans!!?

aru4912 said...

Arun, wish u a prosperous new year :-)

Arun Sundar said...

Lol...Nutcases, to say in a nutshell :)

Rightly said!!

Yaaaa happy new year. No plans dude. Sit at home and watch TV to witness all those maniacs jumping around as if their birth's purpose is met :)

Adinnggggg....Seri ok, maybe you mean it. Happy New year you too :) And good luck to find the right 'date' in 2009!

Khyati said...

I think Arun you did not get invited to any party this time haha

Coconut Chutney said...

i know, i mean dude, we're getting older w/ every year, whats the celebration for?!

issam said...

Couldn't agree more arun. Its like that mob mentality. they do it so i do it...

confounded-lady said...

Oh ditch it. Happy new year..and a prosperous one too...I mean it :D :D

Yayathy said...

Same Pinch. You stole my thought on New year celebrations

Arun Sundar said...

Shut up. I hate parties ;)

Maybe thats exactly why they are celebrating. Getting closer to heaven.

Yup yup..

Dho da. Seri ok, you too :)

I actually forgot what should be said if 'Same pinch' is being said to one. So...

Preeti said...

When someone is happy, why ask why? Edho sandoshama irukanga - doin what makes them adha pathu neeyum sandosham aa iru ok aa? :P

And yea, happy new year ;)Have a great year ahead*

* I mean it...really... :P

Anonymous said...

hehe.. i agree with you.

But Chutney, you just think you're getting old ma, Arun really is. Chinna ponnu kitta poi closer to heaven nu, nallave illa da, nonsense :P

Ela said...

I's the conspiracy by the aliens to enslave the earthlings.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Happy New Year, Macha! May you watch more movies, take more pics ;) So, it is prosperous for you!

N.V.Prashanth said...

Idhukku ippadi oru retrospection aa? If we want to detach from things and think logic... I believe we would find no reason to celebrate at all!

Celebration is an expression! Celebrate!

Arun Sundar said...

Ok paati :) Appy new year!

I know you'd agree! And Nobody is a chinna ponna in the web world.

Abdiyaa?? I'll write a sci-fi.

Ellaam unga aaseervadham dhaan!

Maybe this is how celebrate ;)

Rayees Ahamed said...

Good one !

A chance for the humans, when their assault against nature earth and the ecosystem is at peak, as if a privilege for today to spread nano metal particles, toxic chemicals and especially broken bear bottles right in the middle of road ...

Preeti said...

ahem...paati aa? neenga romba youth o? ;)