Monday, September 8, 2008

On being busy…

One finds the subject of being busy, as a matter of fact, very immanent. But in the general notion, the definition pertains to one's work. The work, which pays for the bread and butter, which in turn leads to the want of more bread and butter. And when one is occupied with heaps of work, everything else seems to shift to lower gears. The frequency of hectic days spilled with strenuous schedules in crescendo turns one to be habituated to the same.

The journey of 'work for home' to 'work from home' seems fluid. The occasional scream of the US open applauses amidst rallies on the TV does not seem to bother, strangely. The saga of such feverish days makes one a little upstage from an otherwise social life. One finds it difficult to fit the tasks of writing stories or tweeting, in the always-less-than-sufficient 24 hours. Needless to say, the whole befalling leads one to hope for a serene weekend.

Oddly, the thirstily anticipated weekend ends up less placid than the weekdays. And the weekend radar is replete with variegations of flashing laziness by idling away comfortably in the couch, watching TV aimlessly, staring at the clouds from the balcony, listening to music avidly, fiddling with the phone for hours, talking on the phone for minutes and the likes. Some might call exactly this a defined form of relaxation. Yet, one considers doing all these diligently as being busy and absorbed.

However occupied weekends are with aforesaid activities, just to think of Monday morning and the week ahead rapidly throws up a flare of alarm. Life suddenly seems brilliantly mundane. But this seemingly incidental thought is attempted to be hazed under the hoods of being busy.

Yet another week beckons. One teaches oneself the art of being busy.


narendra shenoy said...

I can relate to that!

adi said...

you think way too much, dude!

Anonymous said...

kalyanam panniko da! :) changing diapers will be fun

Anonymous said...

Haha, the comment above this is funny. :)

I guess we're all just too caught up in this rat race. Interesting post.

P.S - Are you a tennis fan? I like how you slipped in the U.S Open there. :)

rahman said...

Perhaps, "being busy" only implies being occupied with something that you have no control over or can't postpone?

In all other senses, we are all busy every minute of our lives...

Arun Sundar said...

Thanks. Atleast one person can relate to that. You saved me from the notions of being a 'weirdo' :)

You think so? I dont think so. Actually I dont think.

Fun it seems. Yaa, I look forward to it VERY much. Adanga maattiyaa nee?

Thanks :)
P.S : Yes mam. I'm a tennis fan. I love tennis more than my hairstyle.

I always think of what you mentioned in 'all other senses' :)

Preeti said...

Im convincin myself im busy :)

Anonymous said...

More than your hairstyle? Interesting comment - I'm going to assume you're obsessed with your hair then? Heh.

I just wrote a post on Roger Federer. Come by and check it out, fellow tennis lover. :)

Rukmani Ram said...

a weekend wasted isn't a wasted weekend.

So what DO you want to do instead of being busy? Going by a certain tamil comedian, doing nothing, is extremely difficult.

maxdavinci said...

Now I know why you dont have time to read blogs or tweet. You are busy thinking so much!

have you found your english lady?

Preeti Sharma said...

Being busy can take on many connotations. I, for example, would love to be busy sleeping...Weeknds are meant to be the anti-thesis to the weekday. So tot hat end, you've pretty much got that right....being busy doing nothing!!