Friday, August 14, 2009


I was at one of those otherwise dull meetings at work this morning. Today, unusually, the whole environment was sort of active. People were smiling and talks about baseball and what not! There was a lighter conversation and I said something that was slightly funny. The lady next to me churned an explosive laughter that rocked the whole room. I was almost thrown out of my chair.

She continued nevertheless. And more I said anything, she only laughed more. I wasn't sure if she was mocking, but I didn't drill into that thought-process, for obvious selfish reasons. She was definitely LOUD. The other people in the room joined, some cracking more jokes, some laughing uncontrollably and at one point, I even doubted if there was laughing gas being sprayed from the AC vent.

I was almost sure that some people were laughing by just looking at other people laugh. When I come to think about it, it is indeed funny to just look at some people laugh.

I have a friend who starts to sing when she laughs. She'll laugh to her heart's content and then when she is done (when her brain no longer sends the signal to laugh), she'll try to prolong that laughing sound, as if she wouldn't want to stop. It'll seem like she's singing the final verses of a song without knowing the lyrics, yet with high enthusiasm.

One of my friends in college used to look fairly skinny, but when you make her laugh, you'll be surprised at how such a high frequency laughter could come out of such a small body. At times, I wonder if her high-pitched laughter would make one regret cracking a joke in the first place.

Some people burst the first laughter out and then continue it silently, as if they were almost slightly embarrassed of the burst. Some people laugh which might sound as if they sneezed.

In general, I have an unclear feeling that there is a stronger association between fat people and noisy laughter. The other day, I was watching an episode of 'Deal or No deal' (a TV game show) in NBC and a hyper-actively-enthusiastic-cant-control-her-emotions participant (a fat lady) got excited for every single box she opened that the host of the show almost had to close his ears (mockingly of course). I had to lower the TV volume atleast 10 times during the show.

As much as its exciting to get the the joke, at times, one can just look at people who already got the joke and still laugh their heart out.

Laughter, well...I'm telling itself is funny!


maxdavinci said...

so wat was the joke?

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I snort when I laugh. And literally roll on the floor. And people start laughing at that and so it continues :)

narendra shenoy said...

I have a friend who sounds exactly like a truck trying to start in cold weather -gnhh gnhh gnhh gaahhhhh ahahahaha Very disconcerting. He has been known to cause people to fall off bicycles. And toddlers surrying off into their mothers' arms. Oh, I miss him. Lives in LA now, and is the primary cause of road accidents in West Hollywood or wherever it is that he lives

Idling in Top Gear said...

A friend of mine has perfected the Madanbop technique - crack a sappa joke and LOL for so long that others join him in laughter. Sample joke:
Him: "Dude, what did the rocket say to the sparrow?"
Me: "Dunno, dude. Tell me"
Him: "Behenki, if your ass was on fire, you'd be flying as fast as I am too....wahahahahhahah ahahhahaha hahahaha hahahahha hahahah ahahaha hahhah.

He once had a group of 4 rolling for 10 mins for this joke(?)!

Arun Sundar said...


I'm working on a kadi project these days and in the meeting, someone said that they gotta skip the next meeting due to a dental appointment, I casually remarked 'hey! good for you!'. He said 'I'm gonna have my tooth drilled and it might be painful'. I murmured 'I still envy you! its better than sitting thru these meetings!'. The guy was a little perplexed and the lady next to me started.

roll on the floor? you are kidding right?

Lol...i know such people!!

Madanbop!! that guy is awesome! I laugh everytime I see him on tv. And the 4 of your friends who laughed for that rocket-ass joke? what age were they?!