Monday, August 17, 2009

Question against advice...

I have always had this question in my mind. How will one not wasting food at one place help hungry people starving in Africa? It would make sense if we cook less food in the first place leading to decreased consumption or even better, donating/contributing food/money to suffering people. Wasting cooked food makes no difference to African people, other than reflecting a poor attitude.

P.s: I hate wasting food myself - this post is not aimed at supporting 'food wastage', but the plain idiocy of comparing it to povery elsewhere.


maxdavinci said...

room podingsu, koschin yosifyingsu...

Gradwolf said...

finally someone agrees!

Gauri said...

Food for thought for sure :)

Ela said...
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Ela said...

I won't kosteen ur smart-ass thinking... but somewhere thinking has to start... whether it is top-down or bottom-up - doesn't matter!

may be after repeated 'don't waste food' people can think of ways of not wasting cooked food (should not be a problem in these days of hi tech storage capabilities - i usually make small portions of my food and freeze them so that i can use it later!) or atleast then start to think of not cooking excess amount. The question is not who is right or who is wrong - only whether something good can be done and also about sharing resources that are becoming limited!

Arun Sundar said...


to what?

Sure :)

Smart-ass thinking! ha!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I think its just a notion we grow up with and they hope we grow out of this notion too after having learned a lesson :)

RukmaniRam said...

I thought that was supposed to mean "Having food is a privilege. Look around you, there are people who have none. So treasure it and don't waste it". Although, I'm myopic, and can't see as far as Africa when I look around.

nayan said...

My two cents to your question...

As Ela said "Somewhere it has to start".
i am not talking about generally cooking at home. i work in a company where we are provided lunch/dinner in the cafeteria. People waste food big time.

Now lets take a scenario, currently the caterer makes food for 500 people everyday and people waste it. The caterer finishes all the food that he had got. Now one fine day, none of the 500 waste their food and take only how much they need. The caterer has got 500 plates, but at the end he is left with 100 plates because people didn't waste!
Now he will be forced to make some recalculations to arrive at a demand-supply optimization. May be he will get food only for 425 people.

Result: 75 food meals saved.

Now if this happens across the country, overall demand in India will reduce. So may be surplus may increase and may be we will export to other countries.. say AFRICA!

i am not saying its a foolproof theory, but at least it looks like there is something positive happening with a small change by EACH PERSON!

What say?