Monday, February 4, 2008


Inspite of all the reverence, one finds the hyper-enthusiastic crowd of maniacs and the Business strategy of "Stagnate and increase the Queue/Crowd/Income" ridiculously unbearable!


Gayatri said...

we once went to tirupati and didn't get any accommodation for the night. So we parked our car under some tree and slept in the car!! This kinda adventure is not for me :P

ela said...

yeah....but Lord Govinda has to maintain his status and everything is fair in the game!!!!

Sabarivasen K said...

you are correct Arun.....with name of our venki...lot of people are making money.......worshipping god has become so pitiable condition that if have money as well as influence then only u can have a scheduled meeting with god itself....hmmm.....system hav corrupted to the core…esp. at tirupathi that without help of mediator u have to spend hours together in queue for just 5-10 sec of darshan . It is high time I feel system got to change such a way tht it is fair to every one because at least under purview of god we all are equal human beings.....

Arun Sundar said...

Tirupati is like a adventure wonly. Btw, why did u park the car under the tree?!

Yup. Everything is fair. And thats why, Tirupati is my fav place I've visited till date!

I'd suggest Bungee-jumping as a resolve. Ppl should be dropped from a chopper and in their down-fall, they'd get a glimpse of Lord Balaji and they'd be pulled bk to the chopper. This would be a spl darshan. And free darshan folks wouldn't be pulled back - they'd just be dropped. ;)

Sab said...

ha...ha..ha....kinda of this shud also work....tis solve 2 purpose....u allow ppl to learn bungee jumping & crowd is also diverted thru' air.......u r crazy man...u get all this kinda of idea

Guru said...

@Arun: Bungee darshan = Awesome .. How do you ever come up with stuff like these ?

And bout' tirupati, last time i went there was 12 years back with my parents, the only thing i remember about the place is the crowds, that is cos' i got lost there. Bad times ..

Arun Sundar said...

Sabari and Guru,

U goto Tirupati on a weekend and U'll get all these crazy ideas ;)