Monday, June 2, 2008


One finds it agonizingly distressing to refrain from willingly yielding to the worldly enticement. In spite of all the topical luxury, one incessantly languishes for the deficient. Then tardily tries to distract the desire and the mind, attempting to convince oneself that the current content exceeds the need. Nevertheless, one expectedly fails. And yields to the enticement. And gets the iPhone.

Life is just beautiful!


maxdavinci said...

wow congrats! I have a few more purchases before i get mine...

Coconut Chutney said...

congrats, from one iPhoner to another ;)

It is the most sooper piece of tech, ever. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats :) You are living life king size...Keep going...

Guru said...

Congrats man ..

You saved up for this so soon ? I thought you used up most of your savings for that cam you bought..

So, what do with old phone then ?

Arun Sundar said...

Postpone other stuffs. Jump into the 'I' world. It's cool :)

Aama machi.

Sure mam. Smallest things make one's life a lot better!!

I hv always been prodigal when it comes to travel and gadgets. Being single and earning a 'Kai neraya salary' maybe the reason. And My old phone is my fav. I'm planning to use that as well interchangeably.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Worth all the build up! I had to look up few of the words!

Anonymous said...

I haven't understood a single word. Doing a second pass now ...

The Maverick Blog said...

Arun - The Man of Adjectives :P

I used the dictionary many times to understand ur post..

And congrats!! :)

Preeti said...

Sooper! See, i told u, u were a Show off :D ;)

Ela said...

kalaku machi kalakku!

rahman said...

The profound use of excessive tenacious lexis amid convoluted expressions consequents in the creation of stressfully non-comprehendible literary works
In other words, I didn’t understand your post…till I got to that last word

iPhone rules dude…rock on!

Arun Sundar said...

The phone is worth the build-up too! One wants to hail steve Jobs! :)

Ok. whatever...

Summa appadiyae adichu vuttein...

What is blogging if not for show-off?

Thanksu machi thanksu!

I didn't understand your comment...till I got to the last sentence...he hee....thanks dude!

Prashanth said...

I generally don't luk up to dictionaries for I always know that the last line in italics is the real crux of the post! So I scroll down to the italics first.

And rock on with the IPhone. Viral vithai like Simbhu!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

You've been at God's gifts-givin-away counter for too long. Go away now!

(alphabetical order, hmph)

Preeti said...

It's also to make friends who give gifts...or atleast chocolates...June end u say? ;)

Arun Sundar said...

So there is a trend now in the posts! Well..

U'r comment indeed made me smile. A lot.

Ohh...Appadi variyaa nee!! June 22nd :)

Confounded-Lady said...

I got mine last sure does rock doesnt it? :D


Arun Sundar said...

A big Hi-five!! (or would it be hi-ten if done with both the hands?!)

Preeti said...

Yaaay! 17 days to go :D

rantravereflect said...

heeeeeeeeee :) iphonee!!:)

sooo send me one too :) cos i know of a lotta guys in the 'us'' who have teh money power to do tat :):) geeeeee..

i'm stills tuck wyd nokia!! :(;)