Monday, June 9, 2008

Kabali's research..

Kabali wonders what would be the terminal velocity of one's piddle. Considering the fact that the pee in itself has got no velocity, it obviously lacks self-driving-momentum and falls to the ground solely due to gravity. And for the same reason, one's pee doesn't have a horizontal trajectory, but a half-parabolic one(mostly), aimed towards the ground. It's only the pressure that one gives that drives the pee. When pee'd with control, a drop of pee would reach the ground slower than the flow. It's like opening a tap faster or slower to let water into a kitchen sink.

Calculating the velocity may not be the toughest process, but the experiment itself might be. For eg., We can have X pee from the top of a 10-storied building and calculate the time taken for the first droplet to hit the ground. But not that straight forward. We should also consider the stock X is left with, X's urge to pee, the pressure X exerts and ofcourse, the environmental influence.

Complicated calculation, kabali reckons!


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Here are two links that you might like reading, considering what you've written about!

There you go! How can you men think of only some things all the time? :P

Supergirl said...

What are you doing, sharing such knowledge with commoners like us? Go big! This deserves a Ph.D or something..

And I second, i'm a big fan!

Absconding said...

You must account for air resistance as well. If there's wind, the procedure could not work as well..and it could nasty (especially if anyone else is outside or are watching TV with the window open).

"horizontal trajectory" must be taken into u said.. because it's a parabolic motion!

Since you have to account for a lot of things, I say you do this whole experiment in vacuum!!

Calculation is not as complicated as u may think!!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Apparently kabalistien researches only bout men eh?

Boy, am I glad.

Boyy, am I having my doubts bout.. erm, never mind.


Priya Iyer said...

no comments. btw, do you do tags?

Okie Dokie said...

I don't follow. From what I figured out it is simply a parabolic trajectory that is completely described by the elevation of the point (no pun intended) of release and the horizontal velocity. It is a straightforward projectile calculation.

P.S. It is a good JEE problem:)

maxdavinci said...

adding to OK

and with some assistance from wiki.

its projectile motion from a raised height with an angle of inclination of 0deg.

so the distance becomes

where V is the velocity, but sice the angle is zero we can simplify it to

D=V*ROOT(2*h/g), and that gives you the velocity as V= D*root(g/2h).

Here h is the height of your you-know-wat from the ground and D becomes the distance between your feet and the potty.

Now these calculations are neglecting air resistence for that takes things into a diff dimension!

Also I'm assuming you pee in one breath and hence all the drops except the last few must posses the (almost)same velocity.

Arun Sundar said...

I read'em. Quite funny, though not directly similar! And btw, what makes you assume "all the time"?

hee, heee...I notice if sarcasm overflows you see...

Yaaa, air resistence and wind is what I mentioned by 'Environmental Influence'. I only wonder how can we make X pee in perfect vaccuum. Vacuum means 'absence of pressure' and in that case, maybe X's pee will experience triple point or something.

Arun Sundar said...

I research on what I think I know a bit about(or to be more obvious, I research on what I think I have seen already) ;)

If I were a Doctor, I would cure this tag fever. No offense intended - but tags dont fascinate me all that much, as yet.

"Straight forward projectile calculation" might be correct. But I guess the final value might differ everytime, depending on various factors. I wish they ask something like this in JEE.

Good! And I applied this formula from the readings during one of my sessions in the restroom at my workplace and (ofcourse, with some assumptions) I ended up with a approx velocity of about 2.47 m/sec. Not too bad, huh?!

Kavitha said...

oye..have tagged u..ozhunga tag ezhudhi mudi :P

Preeti said...

Anna, unga kaala kameenga plz??

Illana paravala, kai kameenga..Kaiya kaala nenachikren!

Epadi epadi i say?

Idla people have given u answers vera...! :P

rahman said...
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rahman said...

Dude, you badly need a vacation!

Vijai said...

innuma da intha ulagam unna nambittu iruku? :)

Coconut Chutney said...

arpudam arpudam. Ungalukku Ekambaram Einstein endra pattathai naan soodigiren.

Ah, ellaarum jorra kai thattunga!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

@Arun: Precisely why most of the male commentators on this blog have tried to solve this problem and my cousin and husband got excited after this blogpost and discussed it avidly.

Aanaaloon, Coconut Chutney sonna maadri kai thattine. So no worries there no? :D

Ela said...

Newton apple a vachu famous aana maathiri u r trying to become famous overnight by such a research haaah? aasai dosai appalam vadi!

Arun Sundar said...

Tag ellaam ezhudha mudiyaadhu. Kelambu kaathu varattum.

I'm thinking of presenting a white paper on 'Scientific research of pee velocity'

Yup. I'm taking one. From next friday :)

Idhu naana setha koottam illa thambi, anbaala thaana serndha koottam!

Arun Sundar said...

appadiyae oru ponnaadayum pothi irukkalaam.

That shows our interest. To science, I mean :) And I had a discussion with one of my friends yday and he was explaining about using Bernoulli's fluid mechanics calculation would give the velocity than the Newtonian calculations. Too much that a pee invokes. Seriously.

lol..Newton wasn't smart enough - else he would have noticed the effect on gravity in his pee too. Poor fellow, had to wait till he noticed the apple.

wt said...



Prashanth said...

Kali muthi pochu!

Kavitha said...

ada paavi..un pechi kaa :(

Arun Sundar said...

Are you?? Thought this is nothing new...

This would have happened in Satya, Treta or Dvapara too. Just that there was no blogger then to bring out such researches. Kali is cool you see...

Enna ada paavi? bore adikkalayaa indha tag concept? Seri 'kaaa' if you say so.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to good old meaningful thought provoking blogs!

glad they are alive!

Preeti said...
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Preeti said...

Research paper...Enna ezhavo ;) hehe...

Kaiya thatanuma vendama ne terila! ;)

Preeti Sharma said...

ahaha hilarious - what about the possibilities of peeing in space - I would have said food for thought, but in this case - pee for thought?

Arun Sundar said...

Appreciation or criticism? ;)

Blog'ey total Ezhavu wonly.

Preeti sharma,
'pee for thought' sounds good, trying to 'quench' one's thirst for knowledge ;) Peeing in space should be super cool, coz of lack of gravity there would be minimal or no momemtum. One can pee and try to fly/float backwards thereby drawing 'pee patterns' in space! Nice.

Friendly Stranger said...

Good research.....
You made it a research topic....for us, it's just a routine task....

rantravereflect said...

trajectile motion of piddle n pee- mannn, i found tat interesting. \i guess that's how the velocity of life is as well, sooo many factors influencing it- n it mostly has to do with the guy who is living it- his stock left ,his urge, his control, his luck, his fate to make/break it..

as for women's pee, the distance n the time taken to hit the latrine is lesser.. ;)