Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I hate...

...those who lock their photos and scrapbook in Orkut. It hinders my research work.

Why should they upload their photos and still hide it?? I dont get it.


Amar said...

Because, they don't want you see those *special photos*. THOSE PICS ARE NOT SIMPLY MEANT FOR YOU.....

Anonymous said...

YOU DUMB ASS!!!!!!! They are Hiding to avoid nasty researchers like you!!!!!!!!!

Guru said...

^ anon - Repost the same comment with your name bud.

@Arun: two reasons.

1. what if someone takes their pics and does 'morphing', and sticks their face to a pornstar's body ? - And i've seen a few guys say the same thing. ( they're scared someone will pshop their pic with someelse else in a not so nice position).

2. when an option is available, you need to use it. Human sycologee..

Guru said...

Hey BTW Arun, thanks for having me on your blogroll.

I think it is my first one from outside the little network we have. Great..

Arun Sundar said...

Only because those are *special* photos, I would want to see them.

Anonymous (a) Melwin,
lol...but this world needs more of nasty researchers.

If they are so scared, why get into public community like orkut at all?? (If somebody wants to mis-use the photos, they can as well hack the 'locked' photos!)

All those are confused jerks, wanting both Orkut and Security!

Amar said...

Special photos are not meant for you but for somebody else. BTW you can unlock those photos for someone special (that special one is not just YOU !!!)

Forget about Public community concept of Orkut. You are also living in Public. That doesn't mean that you have to reveal everything to every T,D & H

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru...The option of posting as anonymous is available and i am using it. HUMAN SYCOLOGEE :-)

sundar said...

good one :))

CoNfUsEd said...

research-a?? hmmm..

Guru said...

Hey anon,

I never asked you why you were posting anonymous. I just asked you to repost the same comment with a name. That way we can all thank you for that wonderful comment.

Still, good one . ;-)

Ankur said...

photos like diaries r very personal... its ok if somebody wants to restrict their access to only close friends.

Venkat said...

Even I hate it...But taking into consideration that people do fiddle with the photos and do misuse it they can bring in some other form of security wherein we won't be able to save a pic without the concerened person's approval...That way we can have our share of fun and enjoy ORKUT PROFILE FISHING... ;)

Arun Sundar said...

Its just that "inquisitive" me, who wouldn't get what you say, even if u make sense ;)

yov Melwin,
Good timing :) U'r comment made ROTFL.

Confused(are u really?),
Research dhaan - why else do u think they have these public communitites?

I agree that it is ok to restrict. But I just hate it!

One soul who understands me!

ela said...

may be u should try to use ur charm to unlock all those pictures!
chumma pictures a paathu research panratha vida ithu oramba adventurous a irukkum!

Arun Sundar said...


Dilip said...

because porn mongers are everywhere, you dont wanna mess with them.

secondly people like you who may hinder with the privacy of people in your own personal pursuits such as research. all of us do just like you at some point, its natural.

thirdly orkut is not just an open for all public network. most people rather use it as a private internal means between family/friends whom you dont have contacts with on a regular basis. for these reasons i use orkut too, i dont add every damn person and have 1456 contacts on my friends list.

fourthly, its my picture and i own the copyright to it. i decides who can see it and who can have it. nobody has a say on it.

Dhanya said...

Hmmm....juz doing the kinda research ya do and keeping it to urself is perfectly fine by me!! I know many of my guy frds do it and i have absolutely no probs with that. But consider this. A perfect stranger has juz visited ur profile and scraps ya. The scrap reads 'Hi dear...i like ur lips...they r beautiful'...or some crappy stuff like that..(Yeah mite say its juz a compliment, but i dun feel comfy taking compliments from rank outsiders) not exactly wht ya call near perfect thts reason enuff for to ya feel uncomfy...not stopping here...ya r so intrigued by this stranger who 'admires' ur lips and visit his profile only to find out tht his profile is filled wid R rated communities...ya will surely find it totally revolting to think juz exactly wht he mite have thot when he typed wht he typed...Sheesh!! So see...thts why!! :)

And sorry abt this deluge of comments from me's been totally vetti..and ur blog is sure a great time-killer!!!

Arun Sundar said...

Yaa, good reasons u give. But who cares if u hide u'r photo or not? U dont get it, I say.

One would imagine so much on seeing such a creepy comment anonymously? Ivlo imagination kooodaathu aanaalum!

Maybe i'd recommend a read-only access to orkut scrapbooks.

Dilip said...

Arun: Sorry but that's you who does not get it. Peoples pictures are their private property. Simply because they're in public space does not mean anyone can use it. How would you feel if someone grabs your sister or friend in an inappropriate way on the road and say that she was attractive and was in public space and try justify it? Sounds dumb, doesn't it? The same logic applies to orkut/facebook pictures.

You can do your research, no one bothers with it. If people like to share their images with you they will but some of them dont want which is why they restrict access.

You may ask why then put it on a public space. Like i said before there is a private space to every induvidual in public space. Like you reserve the right no one can come step on your foot when you walk on the road or no one can crash into you car when you are driving. Same with images and people, its called "intellectual property" or copyrighting. Everyone does it, including you. For example i cannot have access to private images of you hosting a bachelor party for a friend, but then if you decide to post one or two images out of it that have no relevance then its fine. Why, because you reserve the right to.

Again simply because you put it does not mean i can sell it on stock. That needs a model license form and u need to sign it? Get my point now?

Dhanya said...

Trust me!! We women are gifted wid the capability of such wild imagination. :)...Juz as much as guys are capable of spinning yarns when they dun end up doing wht they r expected to do!!

Arun Sundar said...

Ada....blogpost'a chumma lighter sense'la eduthukonga baa. Ivlo "blood boiling" edhukku?