Thursday, January 10, 2008

President - To join an IT company?

This being the election season in the US, this title might appear as though I'm referring to Mr. President (of USA). But the president I’m talking about here is the Hon’ble President of India. I read in the news today that salaries of the president and the vice-president of India have been hiked. Actually, "salaries hiked" would be an under-statement, for their salary has been amazingly doubled. Our president would now draw a lakh per month (in INR) and our Vice-president 85000 per month (in INR). And president of USA draws around 400,000 USD an year, which is more than 12 times of what Indian president draws. I know this comparison isn't straight, as they both hold their responsibilities and the power at totally different levels.

About the power and responsibility of president of India, I find it a little challenging to understand the whole concept, because India's top governmental position wouldn't stop at the president's level. We have a Prime Minister following closely. Then we have all the cabinet ministers. And Prime minister is the one, who looks like he's really running the country. I have argued many a time with many of my friends and colleagues that whoever is the president of India wouldn't make much of a difference to a civilian. And I naively used to argue that Mr.Abdul Kalam did not make any commendable difference to the country, except for winning the hearts of many youngsters. Indeed, he was a great source of inspiration to many youths of India. But then he could have achieved that, just by continuing as a scientist. And the buzz of Ms.Pratibha Patil being the first lady president of India and all that died down in weeks and her name rarely comes in the headlines these days. I’m sure Ms.Indira Gandhi, being a PM made her presence remarkably felt more than Ms.Pratibha Patil. But I know I’m missing something here.

Thanks to googling, I later understood that the responsibilities of the president lie at a much higher level. Precisely the major responsibility is to uphold the constitution of our country and to be the Supreme Commander of the Armed forces. And in addition to that, president is the one, who appoints the Governor of states, chief justice of High-courts and Supreme court, the Chief election commissioner and the Ambassadors, to list a few. This means the president holds heck a lot of responsibilities and remains a true head of country and "first citizen of India". (In the course of my googling, I also found out that president, in spite of being the head of state can be removed from power through impeachment and for any violation of constitution. But the interesting part is the president would receive no other penalty than impeachment.)

The prime minster, on the other hand appears to be (and is) the most powerful person in our government. He decides the policy of our government and advises the president on all important matters. He appoints the council ministers, who technically run the country. Maybe that's why the prime minister is more visible to people than a president. Well, it is an apparent fact that heading a country is nothing close to an easy job. And that too, heading a country like India, which is replete with corruption and bribery and at the same time, is growing at a tremendous pace in the global front is a mammoth task.

I only wonder how come most folks in IT (especially the top management people) draw more than twice, thrice and even 5 times of the salary of our president. Maybe managing people in IT is complicated than even heading a country. Or maybe facing a customer in IT is difficult than facing foreign delegates. Or maybe swimming thru SDLC is tougher than the five-year ruling term. Or completing an IT project within budget is unmanageable, when compared to managing our country's five-year plans. Phew!

I agree that our country is still poor, still developing and a lot of areas needs concentration, before we compare ourselves to many other countries. But then, the pay to such governmental posts (like president or prime minister) should be better that what it is today. Though I’m sure that people who opt for presidents’ chair wouldn’t care that much for money, I feel they should be paid in much better scales, for more reasons than one.

Well, on a lighter sense, I only hope the president or the prime minister don’t compare themselves with IT project managers. Leave alone their thoughts of getting into IT!


Narayanan said...

I some how felt u would blog on this topic and I was right ! But Iam not sure , whether our president needs a hike - I would reiterate the criteria for the hike - if at all there is any! - In any private sector Or consider a hotel server - he is paid based on his caliber / approach towards customer etc - Similary in any private firm - increment / promotion is directly proportional to the contributions that has been. I still do not see any contributions done by this lady - Instead the tax payers money is now drained into her pocket ! My blood boils .. This lady talks about some god voice in her dreams , has around 4 criminal cases pending against her but happily forgets, being the supreme commander of the armed forces - her troops are one of the worst paid - there has been nothing called worthy promotion for the officers - There is a rampant news of scandals within the armed forces - the guilty are still holding high ranks , The master mind of the parliamentary attack - afzal guru was sentenced to death and he is still having a sun bath in the jail - eating our tax .. becos the presidential pardon is still pending with this lady - I just cant digest that she is able to happily accept this pay hike with hands full of blood - If at all she has some ounce of conscience - she must quit the office and the rashtrabathi bhavan must be occupied by a worthy person or alteast she must face impeachment - I had voiced for Kiran bedi - but that soul could not even become the delhi police chief ! Satyameva Jayathe ??

Arun Sundar said...

Well!! Emotions, patriotism and true thoughts....!!

and this line of u'rs made me smile : "I just cant digest that she is able to happily accept this pay hike with hands full of blood "

I agree with you completely, but when I said pay hike should be thought about, I meant the president and ofcourse, all her reportees.(which includes armed forces). I know people in defense are paid peanuts. My friends from college who went into Armed forces are getting 1/5th of what I'm drawing now. And this is not the case with many countries. When we compare our country with other countries in all aspects, why ignore this remuneration factor of governmental services??

And I also strongly feel if the people in governmental services(ministers, cops, etc.,) are paid well, corruption/bribery might come down as well. (I assume people with good salaries dont ask for bribe.)

Chakra said...

>> And Prime minister is the one, who looks like he's really running the country

- In theory, Yes. But, I am sure you are not talking abt our current PM. Manmohan Singh would strongly condemn the above stmt.

I agree with Narayanan on his views abt that Pratibha female. She is a shame on the nation.

Reg. Afzal Guru, Pratibha is not sitting on his mercy petition. It is the home ministry who is sitting on top of it ever since Abdul Kalam fwd.ed to them seeking the advice of the cabinet. My few cents.

ela said...

Thanks for the civics lesson.....schoola padichathu...maranthu pochu....

i think i am not wrong... it was Mr.K.R.Narayanan when he was the president told in a meeting that he also thought that the post of president of India is like a rubber stamp but then he later realised that quite a lot of good things can be done if the person donning the post wishes is indeed a powerful post but my opinion is that since to be elected as a president, one needs the support of a political party and that ultimatley makes the post of president of India a joke... I mean, all our wonderful politicians they even made Dr. Kalam look like a joker, isn´t?

As for as the IT guys drawing hugh salaries, don´t even compare them to the president of India...i don´t have anything against the IT guys but i think it is little bit too much these days...even if they are not managers...last time when i was home, there was this consumer exhibition and in their adv. it was given `Entrance free for IT people´ i am sure if the president decides to visit the exhibition he/she would have got an free entry but still it was not mentioned in the adv.

ela said...

Ohh one more thing....i don´t think we are a poor is just that we are utterly mismanaging our resources....added to that we have highly indifferent and blissfully ignorant we have always been running short of leaders with vision and our education system only aims at churning out people who can fill some job position, earn some money for their livelihood....and our society never allows any one to grow to be an different individual....just be like others so u are safe.....

P.S. I am not an terrorist neither do plan to become one in future!

Arun Sundar said...

My post has dug one out one thing for sure - how many people hate Pratibha. I got a few responses thru e-mail too conceding the same.

I agree with all u'r viewpoints.
Onnu clear'a theriyudhunga. IT'na romba pidikkum polarikku?!

ela said...

IT'na pidikkum...IT'la alambal pannikittu alayaravangkalathan pidikathu...
I am a person who is by heart close to Technology!

Arun Sundar said...


Kavi said...

Can a corprorate executive have an airport built in his backyard, on public land so as to save a 3 hour drive from a nearby airport, with PUBLIC MONEY ?

Well, a President can do that. As the current one is.

If you look at Cost To Company ( CTC) it adds up. Dont you think ?

Arun Sundar said...

Corprorate executive?? Aircraft?? Not anybody in India that I know(but googling spits out a lot of American executives owning private aircrafts).

Btw, it is news for me that Pratibha has a private jet(and that too is she running in public land)!

Guru said...

The focus has completely shifted from ' The President' to ' Pratibha Patil'. So i guess i'll just sway with the crowd.

PP sucks. Not cos' of all the aforementioned reasons, but simply cos' she is a puppet. And i really don't think the post of ' The President of India' is for a woman from a political party ( i'm not a male chauvinist). I say this cos' i feel all women associated with politics have become sicker than men.

And about the airport issue, we'll if she needs to travel to her hometown she could always take a copter or something else we could always place a mannequin in her seat and maybe she could spend all her time at home, getting a multi-million dollar airport for her hometown is just crap cos' what happens to the project after her term ?

I could go on here, but then i chose to curb my natural instincts and end my rant here.


Arun Sundar said...
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Arun Sundar said...

"what happens to the multi-million dolar airport project after her term ?"

If it is Tamilnadu, it will be converted into Uzhavar Sandhai. And maybe a multi-plex inside.