Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Not even a single TV channel is spared from this lady vs gent election campaign.

Tamilnadu Thaatha and Amma are slightly better!


Sabari said...

yeah true.....these ppl are making too much hype of things out here :) :) :)......namma tamilnadu-la atleast 3-4 masam munadi irunthu than intha pracharam ellam aramikkum...but inga oru 10 masam munadiye aramichu...namma usura edukuranga.....same dirty politics every where :( :( :(

rahman said...

Sorry dude, but I doubt it.
As much as I am tired of seeing the American Campaign at all hours of the day...these guys can't compare to the half-witted morons that make up our political circle.

When was the last time Thaata and the gang appeared on a fun TV show? Or had a public debate?

Politics maybe dirty everywhere but at least the Americans make a day of it and have fun while at it.

While we just stick to shouting slogans and blocking the roads

amar said...

oh god no. No debates in TN. We are not willing to watch Vastrapaharanam scene on Live TV. :-)

Arun Sundar said...

Ellaa TV channel'layum campaign.

Public debate is out of question. Public debacle is what our guys are used to ;)

Vastrapaharanam?? Is that something like......no, mY mind is so silly. U better tell.

Gayatri said...

Arun, Vastrapaharanam means, veshti ya uruvi, mike aala adikardhu.. Like they do in the assembly

PREETI said...

Hahahaha! YEA! I wouldn't go as far as to say amma and thatha are better, but it's all the same everywhere...I guess publicity and personal gain is what everyone is craving more than the power itself...

Arun Sundar said...

I sort of guessed it with 'Vastra' and all that, but since my post involved 'Amma' as well, I didn't wanted to take any guesses ;)

Right! Vote for Kabali when you get a chance ;)

PREETI said...

Aama kudumbame election la irukum...Amma, thatha, Anna ;)

Anda madri plans irunda solidu, i will definitely do the necessary!!

Talking Silence said...

:) ya.. too much hype.