Friday, April 11, 2008

Title keetle!

Caution: Heavy usage of Tamil words and sentences in this post.

Dont look at the title like that. Thats how some thamizhians speak. They utter a word and closely follow it with another word, which absolutely rhymes with the first word, but never makes any sense. For eg., one might say "Kavidha Gividha ezhudhariyaa??" The second word in this sentence gives no meaning either in the sentence or stand-alone. But people still say it. There are many such examples - "love'vu givv'vu pannida poraa!" and then "phone gheene panna vendiyadhu dhaaney?!" and then "MBA Gim'BA padikkalaam'la?". I wonder if there would be an explanation for such a behaviour.

In English when people speak they might use something called as fillers in the sentences. Words such as "like", "You know" go as right examples. One might say "I was driving last night and there was know.....a small robin on the road". Such fillers are used to fill the time-gap between the brain finding out the right word and uttering it. It is something like a "Sorry for the Interruption" message that used to appear in Doordarshan TV channel those days, before "Over to Delhi" message. These fillers in english language can also be thought of as an avenue to buy some time before the brain finds the right word to utter in the right place. I think a similar filler logic would have caused this rhyming-nonsensical words in thamizh too.

On a different note, Thamizhians in those days used to converse using poems and songs. A dude would say "Kanne shaanthaa, Un idai azhagum, kayal vizhiyum ennai kavargirathu. Vaa, ennodu. Selvom veru naadu" And shaantha would reply "Naadha, thangal sitham en bhagyam. Selvom. Velvom". One would obviously notice the rhyming words that props up in the sentences every now and then. As years passed, the dialects slowly changed. People slowly brought in colloquial usage of words. They got rid of "Naadha, Kanne, sitham, bhagyam", etc., They resorted to more of what we are used to these days. Today, a guy would say something like "Hey, sooper'a irukka nee. Odi polaam variyaa?" and Shaantha would reply "Unakku ok'na enakkum ok dhaan. Polaam". This can be considered normal and contemporary. But there are some folks who could not get over those kavidhai-kalandha thamizh. They somehow wanted to sneek rhyming words in between. And such folks would exchange conversations(in the same context as before) like "Hey, azhagaa irukka. Odi Geedi polaama'nu thonudhu!!" and Shaantha would reply "Poi gei sollaliyae nee? Seri polaam vaa". They actually don't care if the rhyming word makes any sense.

Coming back to the title, the rhyming-nonsensical words shuld have originated either from the fillers in other languages or from "kavidhai" usage in our own langauge. Forgetting the root cause(who cares after all!), the idea of this analysis came to me during one of the meetings yesterday. My Delivery Manager was discussing about one of the super-smart client employees and how careful one needs to be with him. As he was talking he said "We have to make sure he doesn't go and say something to Cindy Guindy!". Cindy is the director here, but I dont know who that Guindy was. I later found out that the delivery manager is a thamizhian too and he is so used to rhyming-nonsensical words that he cant refrain from uttering them while speaking in English too. I sort of tried very hard to control myself and not to laugh on his face in the meeting, as the word "Guindy" kept repeating itself in my mind. Funny fellow! He wasn't even aware that he uttered such a non-sense and kept speaking strategy so seriously.

A great philosopher once said,
"Every single person in this world is a joker in themselves. One has to look at them with the right perspective to laugh at!"


wickedtaurus said...

cindy guindy had me in splits :)

engala vachhi joke'u gik'u pannaliye? :P

rahman said...

comedy keemady panlayay?

Absolutely loved this post dude!
Rock on!

Gayatri said...

paavam cindy :D

Anonymous said...

ha ha haaa!!!nalla analysis.. :D chance e illa.. :D
'MBA Gim BA'...

ThanaMoi said...

haha... this post totally got me lauging.... my qn is..
how to you think like this man??...haha

Anonymous said...

comment kemant adikiren read pannunga. A small situation made u to make research and write this much. I njoyed it.. really nice n cool post.

Prashanth said...

Koopta odanae ok sonna andha Shanthaa yaaru ba? sattu buttunu sollu ba.

Anonymous said...

kabali mari yaaru naalayum think panna mudiyathu :)

Arun Sundar said...

Thanks. :)

Thanks dude.

Cindy doesn't know Guindy story.

The victorious,
Hmmm, thanks.

Ukkaandhu gikkaandhu yosikka vendiyadhu dhaan ;)


Hypothetical examples'kku explanation kaekka koodaadhu :)

Oooo...thanks :)

Vinni said...

the last line just about summed it up. :) we rock at such language dont we?

PREETI said...

hilarious! seriously, iv alwayzzzzzzzzz laughed when ppl say such stuff...especiaally luv givu wich my mum uses often too...but i think they have it in all the punjabis have their happy shappi n all...! :)

Arun Sundar said...

Thanks. And that philosopher was me ;)

dint know abt punjabi ginjabi :)

sundar said...

good observation!

its not only common in tamizhians, its also common in northies.. they simply associate a 'v' before a word and rhyme it just for the sake of rhyming. such as..
batting vatting karna hai yaar..
chai vai peena hai kya?

I think all these comes with a flow.. apdiyey ulla irundhu varudhu ;)

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe.. i know this phenomenon.. its prevalent among north indians too.. 'phone shone karo naa' etc etc.. it has me in splits too.. i openly imitate such ppl sometimes wen they do it unconsciously..

lol @ cindy guindy.. hehe..

OK said...

:) That was actuallly very funny:). Like SEINFELD STAND-UP.

PREETI said...

i think the rest of the comments aftr mine reiterate it too! :D

Ela said...

Velai paakaama Delivery Manager a kindal pannikittu---ellam koluppu thaan!

Arun Sundar said...

Yaaa, something indigenous to us Indians I reckon!

Yaa, imitating openly sounds like fun. But one needs to be in a college environment to do such things :)

SEINFELD'aa?? Orey the Uchi kulurndhufied for me...You are indeed generous :)

yesu yesu.

velai paakamayaa?? Too much of assumptions....hmph!

Priya said...

nice hilarious one!
On a serious note, i thnk its very common in all languages, i have noticed ppl use it in tamil, hindi and malayalam equally.. but yea doing something like that i a meeting and being totally unaware is like heights!
good entertainment thou! :P

VIDYA said...

indey Blogu glogu nalairuku!

Arun Sundar said...



Kavi said...

First time here. First comment here. It had me in slits. I mean splits !!

Nice narrative style !

sabari said...

good one dude.....enna than comedy-ya aramichalam oru punch vechu mudichi irukka paru...anga nikura...i thought of asking the name of the gr8 philo....but later came to knw abt tht from ur comments ....romba...romba feel panninean....mudiyala kabali... b/w when i think of kabali as gr8 striked my mind that "thangachikku kalyanam thangachi-ikku kalyanam" scene...not sure why ;) ;) ;)

Arun Sundar said...

Thank you.

I was sort of thinking abt u this morning wonly. I was actually wondering where you went off. But here u come the same day! And wats with that 'thangachi'kku kalyaanam' story?

Anonymous said...

this is not a tamizh problem, but Indian.
Its common in hindi to say Roti-Voti khalo!
Punjabis would say the same as Roti-Shoti Khalo!
Bengalis would say...
Na.. the list is long! :)

Talking Silence said...

Well...... I couldn't understand most tamil sentences, got an Idea about this post. [I know only the 'one must know'Tamil, ie, Vanakkam,Saukhyamaa...,ukkarungo,Thanni, sappadu, vaango, pongo, Mannichidungo, & the most imp 'ithukku mele enakku tamil varaath'. Thanks to the book 'Learn Tamil in a week' I purchased long before (may be 1 year back) from railway station.]

I don't think its common only in Tamil. Hindi mein bhi hai. Keen observation.

Talking Silence said...

Sorry 4gt to add. THe quote was superb & very true.

RukmaniRam said...

haiiya! ore fun post. ipdi ellam ezhuthratha vittu, why do twitter type review give you?

Anonymous said...

Found your hopping....had to get up and walk away from my computer so that I wouldn't be caught laughing my head off at my desk :D

Made me wonder if cindy was infact fat ....wld have made it all the more hilarious.