Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom... action movie for kids in the age group 6-15 years.

For others, its The Focussed Boredom!


Amar said...

And you have proved it.

Hari Vishnu said...

6-15 years? I wonder how kiddy this movie will get..

Pan's Labnyrinth was supposed to be a children's movie, but it had so much gross violence that it was banned or cleanly censored in several countries (Canada?).. its a nice movie, by the way..

PREETI said...

Hahahaha, yea???! :D

But please, even if someone gives u a million bucks, dont watch Yaaradi nee mohini...anda madri kodumai unumeeee illa...I shouldve known, but damn my sis! :(

Arun Sundar said...

lol. I wanted to see such movies and warn before ppl go and see. U see my 'good' intention there?

Jacki chan sounded lame whenever he tried being funny. I haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth.

If someone gives me a million bucks, I actually might ;)

Ela said...

Seri Thaatha...Thanks for the review but don't u dare to call Jacky chan's comedy as a lame one!

PREETI said...

Take my word...U'd give bak the million bucks half the way thru the movie...oops, tat is IF u survive half of it!

mimo said...

I like children's movie specially animated movies

Arun Sundar said...

Chinna ponnu ma nee. Thaatha talks out of experience. Unakku puriyaadhu.

You are under-estimating Kabali.

I like such movies too. This Amar is a loser - he doesn't know.

Amar said...

Grow up kids !!!

PREETI said...

Ok, now u juz HAVE to watch the movie and gimme ur's a dare! ;)

Vijai said...

YNM ke intha build up pa? Kudaikul Mazhai, Dreams, Azhwar nu or list of movies sa paarthutu silent ta irukom la inga ...

Preeti - Engala pathi saatharanama edai potuteenga ... naangalaam entha padama irunthalum paarpom .... :)

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Arun Sundar said...

U must have read Vijai's comment by now. That pretty much says it all. Back then When I was in chennai, we(myself, vijai and a few others) had it almost as a civic responsibility to pay a duly visit to Koyambedu theatre on friday nights. Every friday night for almost 6 months. No matter what movie plays, no matter whats the starcast, no matter what language the movie is, We would be there. Best way to cool off and kick start the weekend that was.



PREETI said...

@Arun and Vijai: Sorry for offending ur movie Sense & Sensibilities...Hehe...Neenga inda level of movie-watchers aa irupeenga nu naa konjam kooda edhir pakala! :D

Neenga ivalo BraveHeart aa irupeenga nu teriyila...Hats off to u both and ur gang! :D Extreme endurance :)

But I guess there really is nothing as fun and relaxin as watchin a movie...And when u go with the right gang, kodumaiyana padam would also become fun :)

Arun Sundar said...

Exactly. Maybe the gang made it 'fun-filled'. Irundhaalum YNM paathuttu solrein. Have the million bucks read to be wired ;)

SLOGGER said...

Hey come on now, Any movie with Jackie Chan or Will Smith is always good. Action and Comedy always a good mix for a movie. Rajni uses this combination and looks where is he in Tamilnadu now !!!! :)